Netflix willing to pay $4,000 if you are ready to travel and upload Instagram posts

That title is as true as the existence of the sun. No blues like Monday blues, and no boredom like the boredom of work. You know that feeling —dragging yourself to a workplace that you loathe, only because it gives you the money you love at the end of the month. The pain is real, and the saga is common. The world is full of people who hate their jobs but do them anyway. But what if someone told you that there is a job where you will be paid for your Instagram posts? The thought would seem surreal. Well, this is true, as Netflix wants to actually pay you for all your Instagram posts. Your social media fandom just got a legit reason to grow and glorify.


Travel to Europe and the Middle East and click pictures for Netflix originals

This is not a hoax. No matter how unbelievable the possibility of this job may sound, the truth remains. Netflix is looking for people who are willing to travel to Europe and the Middle East. You can check out the official Netflix website for validation and further details. Netflix wants to hire people who can take a two-week trip to the Middle East and Europe and visit the sets of popular shows, movies, and Netflix originals. Simply put, this job is a photographer’s and traveler’s thirst satiated. All you have to do is post these pictures on Instagram.

Yes, your job will be to click pictures and upload them with suitable filters on an Instagram account. The entire package does not even sound like an actual job. And we have not even reached the best part. The entire deal comes with a stunner of a payment. Netflix will pay all these hired individuals a good, hefty amount. They will be paid $2,000 per week in cash. Moreover, all the travelling arrangements and shenanigans will be handled by Netflix only.

Limited-time offer for a lifetime experience

The only sad part is that the job will only last for two weeks. This is one of those jobs that you do not want to quit. What better way to earn than to enhance your photography skills while you travel some of the most beautiful places and see the sights? The procedure to apply is easy. All you need to do is follow Netflix on Instagram and hashtag three photos with #grammasters3 by March 6, 2016. The photos can be random. There is no restriction as to what you click. But make sure they are not another bunch of your selfies. Netflix has said to “choose photos that show off your interests and passions.” That seems like an easy task.

“We’re looking for TV & movie fans with a talent for taking pictures,” explained Netflix on their website. “Choose photos that show off your interests or passions. Grammasters will travel for two weeks, visiting the sets of popular shows, films, and even Netflix originals. Make some money! Earn $2000/week while Netflix handles all travel arrangements.” This sounds like an amazing opportunity and should not be missed. Indulge your wanderlust and gear up.


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