Tornadoes touch down in central Indiana

Desperate search and rescue continues in Louisiana
The water that flooded Baton Rouge has now moved to the town of Maurepas, Louisiana. The state’s National Guard is going door to door, via boat, to check on residents still hunkered down in their homes. Omar Villafranca has more.

Trump shuffles campaign management — again
Donald Trump’s campaign changed management for the second time in three weeks on Wednesday. Steve Bannon, the new man in charge, comes from conservative website Breitbart. Major Garrett has more.

What is the Trump campaign hoping for with latest shake-up?
Donald Trump’s campaign is now being led by a man with no experience running one. CBS News political director and host of “Face the Nation” John Dickerson provides some insight into what exactly is going on in the Trump camp.

Trump campaign chairman listed in big money payouts from Ukraine
Investigators in Ukraine are looking into a ledger that apparently shows millions of dollars of payouts to Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort in the last few years. Manafort’s name is listed in a ledger of payments from the party of former president Viktor Yanukovycht. Manafort has said he didn’t take cash, but Ukraine’s anti-corruption prosecutor says Manafort’s name appears in a secret ledger 12 times. Charlie D’Agata has more.

Questions linger about claimed robbery of U.S. swimmers
A Brazilian judge has ordered the passports of Ryan Lochte and James Feigen seized because of discrepancies in their accounts of a claimed armed robbery. Lochte’s family says he’s already back in the U.S., but Feigen remains in Brazil. Ben Tracy reports.

Texas resident diagnosed with Zika after travel to Miami
Earlier this week, a resident of El Paso, Texas contracted Zika after traveling to the outbreak zone in Miami. Dr. Jon LaPook has more on the spread of the virus.

Sports photographers show the beauty of the human body
A new exhibit of sports photographs at the Brooklyn Museum in New York show the beauty of the human body in motion. Jim Axelrod spoke to one photographer about the art of the job.

Ukraine prosecutor: Paul Manafort’s name appears in secret ledger
Trump campaign chairman says he didn’t take cash from pro-Russian party of the former Ukrainian president; but Ukraine’s anti-corruption prosecutor says Manafort’s name appears in a cash ledger 12 times

Surveillance video shows U.S. swimmers after claimed robbery in Rio
Security camera video shows Ryan Lochte and three members of the U.S. swim team returning to the Athlete’s Village in Rio after alleged robbery

Dickerson: Trump campaign shake-up means “chaos” to GOP
“With this change, Donald Trump is saying, ‘Win or lose, I’m going to be myself’”

The art of sports photography
A new exhibit in New York shows the beauty of the human body in motion — from iconic photos, to ones long forgotten

Texan who picked up Zika in Miami is first for U.S.
The phrase “travel-related Zika” now carries new meaning, says CBS News’ Dr. LaPook

Fast-growing SoCal fire traps firefighters
In less than four hours, a 5-acre fire became a 55-acre monster, trapping firefighters. The blaze shut down the main highway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and sent people running from their homes. Carter Evans has more.

Arson arrest in California wildfire
Law enforcement believes a 40-year-old California man is responsible for starting the Clayton fire and several smaller fires throughout the year. Meanwhile, the governor has declared a state of emergency for the burned out area. Mireya Villarreal has more.

Rain stops, but flooding continues in Louisiana
The flooding death toll rose to 11 in Louisiana on Tuesday. Search and rescue teams are still looking for stranded residents as floodwaters move downstream in Louisiana. Omar Villafranca reports.

FBI hands over notes from Clinton interview to Congress
The FBI has given Congress notes related to its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state. The unusual handover came at the request of Republicans who are accusing Clinton of lying to Congress. Nancy Cordes reports.

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