Greatest rise in heroin use was among white people, study says

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Greatest rise in heroin use was among white people, study says
The numbers are startling – in 2015, 52,404 people died from drug overdoses according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

FDA Approves First Drug to Treat Severe Multiple Sclerosis

New York Times
Jerrie Gullick, 51, was part of the clinical trial for Ocrevus and said the drug had significantly slowed the progression of her primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

Montgomery County Ranked Healthiest County In Maryland
Montgomery County is the healthiest county in Maryland, according to the annual County Health Rankings. By Cameron Luttrell (Patch Staff) – March 30, 2017 8:00 am ET.

The Hidden Risk of Running a Marathon

Running is a great workout, and it comes with all of the heart-strengthening benefits of aerobic exercise. But doing it for long distances—like in a marathon—may come with unintended health consequences.

More older women are drinking hard

CBS News
More older American women than ever are drinking – and drinking hard, a new study shows. Most troubling was the finding that the prevalence of binge drinking among older women is increasing dramatically, far faster than it is among older men, the …

Playing Tetris can reduce onset of PTSD after trauma, study shows

(CNN) After experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, such as a car accident, people are likely to develop anxiety or distress in relation to that event soon after the experience, leading to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Use of prophylactic mastectomy increasing among younger women with early-stage breast cancer

More than one-third of women aged 20 to 44 years who underwent surgery for invasive unilateral breast cancer elected to remove the unaffected breast for preventive reasons, according to a retrospective study published in JAMA Surgery.

Case Western Reserve University Reveals How To Move Paralytic Arm Using The Mind

University Herald
How This Quadriplegic Man Can Feed Himself For The First Time In 8 Years Bill Kochevar, 56, is the first paralytic man to be able to move his arm again after nearly a decade.

Cats Prefer Interacting With People Over Food, Study Finds

CBS Local
The study took both domestic and sheltered cats and gave them different choices of stimuli. The cats could choose between food, toys, scent or humans.

Study shows no long-term cognitive benefit to breastfeeding

(CNN) While the medical benefits of breastfeeding for helping newborns fight infections and helping pre-term infants get stronger are fairly well established, the long-term impact is much less so.

Giraffe watch: ‘Progress,’ no baby yet

HARPURSVILLE, NY (RNN) – In a morning update, keepers and vets at Animal Adventure Park said that April “continues to progress” toward giving birth to her calf.

Organ-On-A-Chip: Scientists Recreate Menstrual Cycle In 3D To Aid In Drug Testing

Tech Times
Researchers developed a 3D model of the female reproductive system using organ-on-a-chip technology. The device called EVATAR replicates the complete menstrual cycle and has managed to even produce hormones and release an egg.

Officials confirm 1st measles case in Michigan this year
LANSING, Mich. (AP) – The Michigan Department of Health and Human services is confirming the first case of measles in the state this year.

Ministry in bid to regulate cigarette use among youth

Yahoo News
THE Health Ministry will crank up its move to stamp out smoking among Malaysians by regulating electronic cigarettes, vaporisers and shishas.

Trump’s Plan to Slash the NIH Budget Won’t Just Hurt Scientists—It Will Hurt Everyone

While the Trump Administration’s plan for massive cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency has caused a veritable national panic, much less discussed has been the proposal to slash the budget of the National Institutes of Health.

Yale University students create what they believe is the ultimate hangover cure

Margaret Morse and Liam McClintock wanted a supplement that would allow them to have fun on a night out, but would not impede on being able to work the next morning.

HPV vaccination during pregnancy shows no ill effects

(Reuters Health) – New evidence from a Danish nationwide study suggests that Sanofi Pasteur’s quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV), marketed as Gardasil, is not dangerous in the unusual case when it is inadvertently given during early …

South Dakota officials work to stop spread of bovine TB

Watertown Public Opinion
PIERRE, S.D. (AP) – South Dakota officials are trying to stop the spread of a strain of bovine tuberculosis discovered in a Harding County cattle herd.

Medical marijuana dispensary set to open near Lewes

The News Journal
After years of delays, Delaware’s second medical marijuana dispensary may be just weeks away from opening outside of Lewes. That’s good news for Mike Touhey, one of the more than 500 licensed patients who live in Sussex County.

Bill: Let people on organ transplant list use medical pot

Bradenton Herald
State lawmakers in Maine are weighing a proposal that would prevent hospitals from removing people from organ transplant wait lists for using medical marijuana.

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