Yes, John Bolton Really Is That Dangerous

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We Want Your Visual Opinion Pieces

New York Times20 hours ago
We will not consider articles that have already been published, in any form, in print or online. Unfortunately, because the number of submissions is so large, we have to decline much material of value and interest, and cannot reply to all submissions. If you do not hear from us within three business days, …
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Yes, John Bolton Really Is That Dangerous

New York TimesMar. 23, 2018
28, he insisted in a Wall Street Journal op-ed article that “it is perfectly legitimate for the United States to respond to the current ‘necessity’ posed by North … In March 2015, he argued in a New York Times Op-Ed opinion article that only military action like Israel’s 1981 attack on Saddam Hussein’s Osirak …
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Donald Trump: Man at War

New York TimesMar. 25, 2018
As Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, tweeted Friday: “@realDonaldTrump is now set for war on 3 fronts: political vs Bob Mueller, economic vs China/others on trade, and actual vs. Iran and/or North Korea. This is the most perilous moment in modern American history — and it …
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It’s not just Facebook. Thousands of companies are spying on you

CNN12 hours ago
But for every article about Facebook’s creepy stalker behavior, thousands of other companies are breathing a collective sigh of relief that it’s Facebook and not them in the spotlight. Because while Facebook is one of the biggest players in this space, there are thousands of other companies that spy on and …
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Petesch: Google gives new hope to traditional news outlets

Standard Online9 hours ago
Google plans to update its search algorithm to boost results from known credible, trustworthy news sites and drop results from sites known to publish fake or misleading articles. This change will help ensure that users are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information possible in order to stay informed …
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OPINION: ‘One day different’ at long last for Cavan

Anglo Celt17 hours ago
“Cavan are like plenty of small counties out there, aching beyond articulation for one day different. Their football is bound up in them, tied with strings of local pride, desperate longing, fierce and genuine partisanship. If you are a Cavan GAA supporter, you see this thing as an extension of you. The hope.
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When a robot writes your news, what happens to democracy?

CNNFeb. 27, 2018
A win-win for marketers, advertisers and readers — but a giant loss for democracy as we know it, because it will take away the core of what makes democracies successful: well-informed citizens, who form opinions not by simply reading articlesthey agree with, but by examining that which they don’t agree …
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Are You Really in Love if It’s Not on Instagram?

New York TimesMar. 24, 2018
“Look at this.” My friend stuck her phone under my nose. On it was a picture on Instagram of a couple we both know, a photo of one of them pursing her lips over a frothy cocktail in a dim bar, flash on. Underneath, the caption said something like, “Weekly Love Post #72: Fancy cocktails with bae …

From Conversation to Policy

Harvard Crimson7 hours ago
Women will not come forward with allegations if they feel they will be abandoned by administrators and faculty members, as happened in the cases brought by Dominguez’s accusers and countless other individuals who have shared their stories with The Crimson (and those who have not). It is paramount …
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The Growing College Graduation Gap

New York TimesMar. 25, 2018
In the coming months, I will be telling some of the unknown success stories in higher education. I’ll also look at campuses that should be doing better. There are few things I find more inspiring than listening to teenagers from difficult backgrounds talk about their future, usually with optimism and ambition.

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