Three women blinded after stem cell injections at clinic

Three women blinded after stem cell injections at clinic

Bradenton Herald
In this 2012 photo, Dr. Thomas Albini, a professor of clinical ophthalmology at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, demonstrates an eye exam used on patients to detect signs of macular degeneration.

Capitol Hill Republicans not on board with Trump budget

Washington Post
Some of President Trump’s best friends in Congress sharply criticized his first budget Thursday, with defense hawks saying the proposed hike in Pentagon spending wasn’t big enough, while rural conservatives and others attacked plans to cut a wide range

Dad’s case of strep throat leads to amputations

(CNN) A Michigan man is feeling grateful after surviving a strep throat infection that led to amputations of parts of his hands and feet and nearly cost his life.

20000 lbs of frozen pizza recalled over listeria fears

(CNN) More than 21,000 pounds of frozen pizzas are being recalled due to possible listeria contamination, the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Wednesday.

Climate, not just genetics, shaped your nose, study says

(CNN) Though you undoubtedly inherited your distinctive nose from your parents, its shape was sculpted over time by adaptations to your ancestors’ local climate, suggests a study published in the journal PLOS Genetics on Thursday.

Fighting colon cancer: What you need to know – CBS46 News

CBS46 News Atlanta
136,000. That’s how many people were diagnosed with colorectal cancer last year. Of those, more than 50,000 died from it. This type of cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S.

Which suburbs are heroin hot spots? The answer might surprise you

Drugs on your street. When we talk about the opioid epidemic – most people think “not in my backyard.” You might be surprised how close the drug problem is and how far the product traveled to get here.

Mayo CEO’s private-insurance preference has Minn. officials concerned, asking questions

Minneapolis Star Tribune
Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune The Minnesota Department of Human Services on Thursday called a Mayo Clinic plan to give preference to privately insured patients “very concerning” and said it will examine it for possible violations of civil and human rights

Jeff Sessions ‘appears intent on taking us back to the 1980s’ and the ‘War on Drugs’

Business Insider
Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed on Wednesday to ramp up enforcement of drug crimes to combat what he says is a nationwide increase in violent crime, a move some experts say channels the “drug war” era of the 1980s.

Common Pain Meds Are Linked to a Higher Risk of Heart Problems

Ibuprofen and other common painkillers are linked to an increased risk of cardiac arrest, according to a new Danish study published in the European Heart Journal—Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy.

Judge says author lied about having cancer, donating to charity

Fox News
CANBERRA, Australia – Australian author and blogger Belle Gibson, who lied about beating a normally deadly brain tumor through healthy eating, exploited public generosity by falsely claiming most of her income went to charities, a judge said Wednesday.

Federal advisory panels agree Opana’s risks outweigh benefits

In a move that could lead to a national ban, two federal advisory panels voted Tuesday that the risks outweigh the benefits of a widely-abused opioid that was reformulated to deter addicts from snorting it.

This flu season is second-deadliest in Tulsa County in recent years

Tulsa World
Flu symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. A physician may prescribe antiviral drugs to treat the flu.

Study shows healthcare in Syria now a target of war

Business Insider
LONDON (Reuters) – The international community must do more to protect healthcare in Syria as medical services become targets of war, according to a study published in The Lancet medical journal on Tuesday.

Thai elephant hospital, short of money, at risk of closing

FILE – In this Aug. 26, 2009 file photo, elephant keepers assist Motola, a 48-year-old female elephant who lost part of her left front leg after stepping on a land mine 10 years ago, after attaching her with an artificial leg at the… BANGKOK (AP

Parents Live Longer than People Without Children

Beacon Transcript
BEACON TRANSCRIPT – You may find parenting tough, but it has many advantages. A new study performed by Swedish researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm found that parents live longer than people without children.

Almost Half Of Patients Prescribed Opioids For A Month Get Hooked For A Year

BuzzFeed News
A new study shows how long-term opioid dependence can start within just the first few days of a painkiller prescription. posted on Mar. 16, 2017, at 12:03 p.m.. Azeen Ghorayshi. BuzzFeed News Reporter. Tweet. Tumblr. Stumble. Bookmark it. View this

Vapor products, e-cigarettes could be taxed under new bill

Fort Worth Star Telegram
In this March 15, 2017, photo, Cameron Fletcher, an employee at the Future Vapor store in Seattle, vapes as he takes a break in the store’s lounge.

Controversial IVF Treatment Approved: Newcastle University To Create First ‘3-Parent Baby’ In The UK

Tech Times
The UK could see its first “three-parent baby” by the end of the year. Regulators licensed Newcastle University to perform the controversial IVF technique, which gives women with mitochondrial disease a chance at having a healthy baby.

Man has penis ring removed from his privates with an angle grinder

A man in Dublin has been saved from penile strangulation thanks to some steady nerves and an angle grinder. The long and short of it is that he got a cock ring stuck on his penis.

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