The Coca-Cola Company – An Untouchable Empire

The Coca-Cola Company

When people discuss  The Coca-Cola Company, they assume that the company’s  downfall is near. However, Coca-Cola does not seem to be backing down one bit. In fact, it is still  growing steadily and between now and the year 2020, the value of the beverage industry worldwide is expected to increase by as much as $300 billion.

Holding 30% of global beverage industry market share currently, and extrapolating the revenue to 2020 Coca colas revenue could top $100 billion US  provided this market share is maintained.

Strong Positioning

With a strong positioning, there is no stopping the company from international growth. It is all set to continue taking advantage of the growing industry of non alcoholic beverages worldwide. In addition to this is the fact that the per capita income in the world is increasing, thereby placing more disposable income in the hands of consumers so that they can spend on the brands they prefer, including Coca-Cola.

Excelling In Still Beverages

On top of their strong positioning in carbonated beverages, the company is also growing in still beverages and has been doing so since a few years. With one third of the global juice growth particularly with the launch of the global juice center in  2007, the company seems well prepared for the future. Apart from juices, the company is also focused on expanding their tea portfolio.

How Innovative Are Coca-Cola’s Partnerships?

One of Coca-Cola’s expansion strategies is developing partnerships with the businesses within key categories. For instance, partnership with Keurig took place to offer branded sparkling as well as still beverages with the companies dispenser units. This partnership will pave way for a new market growth opportunity that will lead the company to even greater heights.

In addition to this, the company is known to have partnered with Monster, a renowned brand for energy drinks. The move will definitely help the company position itself better in the sector and make sure that the ever growing demands are met.

They Value Their Shareholders

The company has proved to be a safe investment bet for a long time with consecutive dividend increases every quarter for the past 52 years! Such a marvelous history clearly shows the company’s ability to grow consistentlyyear after year, no matter the competitive, political, and economic situations.

In addition to this, the company enjoys the 37th highest rate of growth out of the 177 businesses having 25 plus years of payments of dividends without facing a reduction.

For years, Coca-Cola has managed to maintain a very positive image in the eyes of all of its stakeholders and continues to do so no matter what. It remains way ahead of competition, and being the dominant giant in the industry, it always remains two steps ahead of everything.

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