5 Interesting Things About BlindSpot Revealed


NBC’s ratings struck gold when it had premiered The Blacklist in 2013. Now it looks like the network’s ratings are again going to score big with the premiere of Blindspot. The network is so sure that the show will be a hit that it has given it a prime time slot on Monday at 10 pm after The Voice.

Here are five  interesting facts about the show that are sure to add to the anticipation  about the show and fan curiosity.

The Cast Have Blockbuster Movie Backgrounds

Most of the cast of the show are known for their roles in blockbuster movies.  Jamie Alexander, for instance, had played the role of Lady Sif in Thor: The Dark World. However, Lady Sif’s moves were very graceful, fancy and glittery. And the character she plays in Blindspot is more brutal, realistic, and efficient.

Sullivan Stapleton, Jamie’s costar has also made a career playing action characters. He played a memorable role in Strike Back as Damien Scott. He has starred in 300: Rise of an Empire as Themistokles, and has just finished playing an action role in The Lake as a US Navy SEAL.

2. Tattoos Are the Key to the Mystery

Another interesting fact about the show is that the tattoos are the key to mystery. There are incredible personal stakes for the lead characters. However, everything that the lead characters are involved  in lead back directly  to questions such as “Why is Kurt Wellers name on tattooed Jane’s back?”And “Who is responsible for this?” It took about seven and a half days to apply the full body tattoo. But Alexander didn’t sit that long because the artist only applied the tattoo on the tattooed body part that shows in the screen.

3. The Show is Action Packed

Blindspot is full of action scenes. The sequences in the pilot are really action packed, and the producer promises to keep the action throughout all the episodes. The TV show will show the  characters chasing criminals through the streets of New York, and winding up making great stunts and action sets. Fans of the action genre will find bit of everything in this show.

4. The Aim of the Show is Solving Mysteries

Are you a kind of viewer who gets frustrated watching a TV series where answers never seem to appear? If so you will not be disappointed with Blindspot. The producers of this TV show promise that Blindspot will be different in that it will solve every case and every mystery that is included in the show.

 5. Blindspot Offers a Great Pedigree

Finally, Blindspot will offer breathtaking visuals of New York City with exciting action that will make the viewers feel like they are right in the middle of the action.

On a final note, Blindspot is certainly one of the best shows that have been premiered by NBC. You should just wait and see as the TV show provides quality entertainment time episode after episode similar to the Game of Thrones

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