Donald Trump’s Silence Speaks Louder Than Rants

Donald Trump’s Silence Speaks Louder Than Rants

Business mogul and leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump has achieved notoriety in the Presidential campaign due to his sexist and racist

remarks. However, he quickly discovered that such boardroom tactics cannot work on a public platform.

In the second Republican debate the only female Presidential hopeful, Carly Fiorona, called out Trump for his inappropriate remarks regarding her physical appearance. The business magnate said that no one would be willing to vote for a President with a face like hers. Even though he apologized later and said he was referring to her persona, the damage was done.

Fiorona retaliated in kind by giving an answer that resonated across the world. When CNN debate moderator, Jack Tapper, asked her opinion on the matter she said women across the globe had heard what Trump said. This was followed by an attack on Trump’s understanding of the foreign policy which made her stand out from her adversary.

Needless to say ‘the Donald’s’ attempts to intervene by saying she was beautiful, fell on deaf ears.

This is not the first time Trump has come under fire for his misguided and blatant claims. He was recently dubbed anti-Muslim when he failed to correct a man who said current President, Barrack Obama had Arab origins. When asked why he did not, the Republican candidate refused to give a straight answer and said he thinks most Muslims are ‘fabulous’.

What was missing from his answer was a definitive yes or no reply to whether he thinks Obama is a Muslim or not. He also did not interrupt the speaker when he said that Muslims were a ‘problem’ in the country that needed to be curbed. This is a complete 180 from what John McCain said to a woman who called Obama an Arab.  He shook his head at her words and said that the President was a good family man and an American citizen who he happens to disagree with on some things.

The question was a controversial one since the business mogul is known for his skeptical stance on Obama’s lineage. He even hired investigators to track down the answer, with no leads and a heaping helping of crow. It seems he is unwilling to let go of his suspicions if his uncertain answers are taken into account. According to a recent interview with ABC, he claimed that it was not appropriate for him to discuss anyone’s faith. He also added that he would rather talk about the fate of the economy and what he can do to increase jobs for U.S. citizens.

Rants in the boardroom are acceptable when a business is on the line. However, a cavalier attitude in a presidential campaign can silence a candidate faster than low ratings. It seems that this is one endeavor that will not allow the Donald to come out on top especially if he refuses to screen his words before they leave his mouth. His competitors are certainly not backing down.

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