Republican Party’s Scott Walker Crashes and Burns in Presidential Campaign

Republican Party’s Scott Walker Crashes and Burns

While Scott Walker was hailed as an early frontrunner in his presidential campaign, it seems like his hubris literally killed his appeal. The seemingly overconfident Republican ran out of steam just when things were about to get interesting.

The once strong (or delusional) governor from Wisconsin’s campaign only lasted a mere 70 days and has now officially ended as an asterisk, with nothing to write home about (not that he’d been gone for too long!). But jokes aside, how did it all happen? How did the downward trajectory start for Walker? This is the question on many a person’s mind in the Republican Party, one of them being Walker himself? It seems  what lead to the slow descent of the man who could have been president one day was not one Clinton-esque gaffe, but rather a whole series of disqualifying gaffes which will leave you thinking how the heck did Walker’s campaign manage to last so long in the first place.

While Walker’s lively nature and common sense appealed to a large number of people in the early voting stages , all of his early victories actually proved to be what the Democrats and Trump are now referring to as a “Blessing in Disguise.” Yes, a blessing which unfortunately turned out to be a curse for the Wisconsin governor.

It seems that it was those early successes in the Republican Party that made Walker overconfident, perhaps a bit cocky, and kept him from focusing on important things like studying policy and working the voters. But, what seems to have done the most damage in the governor’s election campaign was that with his swollen confidence, also came the ramblings which one would expect from the likes of Trump.

But sadly, they did happen, one after the other, and in quick succession. First, Walker talked about how he didn’t consider the President of United States, Barack Obama to be a Christian. And while jurnos had a field day with that utterance, he dropped another one of his pipe bombs smack in the middle of his campaign trail, stating that he was ready to take on ISIS by simply comparing them to the unions; a statement which revealed that Walker had no idea of foreign policy and in fact, no idea of anything remotely relating to “knowing when to zip it.”

He also tacked hard to the right during the republican debate when it came to his position on issues such as immigration, which once again proved that he was the most conservative guy in the room even with other Republicans like Fiorina, Christie and Trump in it. But, even with his kitchen sink answers, Walker seemed to have gotten lost in the shuffle and failed to calm down those jittery contributor nerves during his last debate.

So, what happened was, the Republican Party candidate ended up spending too much money on his campaign too fast, assuming that the flood of support would last. But, when the wheels began to come off, the governor of Wisconsin was left with too many mouths to feed.

The 47-year old politician now returns home after a badly damaged foray on the national stage. Known as a pol that can’t be toppled in his hometown of Wisconsin, the wounded Governor bids adieu from the presidential race looking decidedly fallible, but will probably live to fight another day.

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