Lawyer for Patrick Kane’s Accuser Abruptly Drops the Case


The rape case against Chicago Blackhawks All-Star forward, Patrick Kane, is set to take another twist as the district attorney, in charge of the investigation, stated that the mother of the accuser lied to lawyers and that there had been evidence tampering in the case.

This was later proved to be an elaborate hoax by the mother, who claimed to have found an a bag with evidence on her doorstep. The lawyer, Thomas Eoannou, who was representing Kane’s accuser, resigned abruptly upon hearing the latest claims and stated that he was lied to by the mother as to how she had come to possess the evidence bag.

Just a day earlier, Eoannou had called a news conference to declare that a brown paper evidence bag had been found on the mother’s doorstep, and the bag was usually the one that is found to contain rape kits with forensic evidence. It was then claimed by the lawyer that the DNA evidence in the bag could have been tampered with and he called for independent investigation to determine who had been originally in custody of the bag.

It was all an elaborate hoax?

Upon hearing the allegations that were brought forward by the accuser’s lawyer, Sedita launched his own investigation and managed to debunk the claims made by the mother. He brought forward video evidence with date and time stamps, which showed that the police delivered the box, which contained the rape kit to the evidence locker at the Erie County Central Police Services at 12:06 p.m. on August 2nd. That was actually the date on which the suspected assault was supposed to have occurred at Kane’s summer home, which is 20 miles south of Buffalo.


Sedita gave a time line that explained how the evidence bag was given to the mother of the accuser by the nurse at Erie County Medical Center. The accuser returned to her mother’s home after coming from Kane’s place and then changed her top. She then went to the hospital with her mother and there the nurse gave the mother the paper bag which had all the information. The nurse told investigators that she told the mother to place the original top in the evidence bag, and that Hamburg police wouldcome to her home to collect the bag.

When the Hamburg police arrived at the mother’s home, it was still not in the bag and the police used their own evidence bags for storing the top, which meant that the mother was the last person who was alone with the bag. This according to Sedita, confirms that there was no evidence tampering, and it was all an elaborate hoax planned by the accuser’s mother.

Investigations to continue

For now all investigations are set to continue and Kane has not yet been charged with any crime. The mother is also not likely to face any charges, since she has not committed a crime according to New York state law. Investigators have tried to get in touch with the mother, since the evidence tampering allegations were made by her, but have not been able to speak with her as of yet.

It seems that this case is going to go on for a while longer and things could get murkier along the way.

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