Hypertension Medication Prior to Bedtime Can Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

reduce-diabetesResearch on Diabetologia tells us that adults who don’t have diabetes but do have hypertension have low risks for developing it while taking blood pressure medication at bedtime. This is in comparison to those who take their medication after waking up.

In an open-label, blinded, randomized, and prospective endpoint trial, the scientists further identified that adults taking antihypertensive medications before bedtime were able to significantly decrease their ambulatory BP.


This is what the Director of Chronobiology and Bioengineering laboratories at the Vigo University, Spain, Ramón C. Hermida, who is also a PhD, had to say, as the Director stated that the ingestion of hypertension medications before bedtime can improve asleep BP control while also markedly reducing the chances of diabetes as compared to taking hypertension medications after waking up.

Hermida alongside colleagues were able to analyze the data taken from over 2,000 Spanish adults that had hypertension but hadn’t developed diabetes yet. Their routine was average, i.e. nighttime sleep with daytime activity. Participants were assigned randomly for ingesting all the medications that lowered the BP upon awakening. Alternatively, they could take a complete dose on a daily basis of one or more medications that lowered the BP at bedtime, whereas the remainder of the medications (if there were any) would be taken after waking up. The study didn’t require or specify any specific antihypertensive medication.

As compared to the group that received morning treatment, participants who were in the bedtime group faced lower diastolic and systolic BP. Also, a higher number of patients was found in the bedtime group who had ambulatory BP which was well controlled as compared to the morning participants. Additionally, in contrast to the morning participants, the bedtime participants faced a lower percentage of non-dipper pattern (which means their nighttime BP could fall less than 10% as compared to their daytime BP).


When the follow up was observed, over 170 participants had developed type 2 diabetes, out of which 4.8% of the people were from the bedtime group whereas 12.1% of the people were from the morning group.

Altering your time of hypertension medications ingestion, which is a no cost intervention, can resultantly reduce one’s chances of developing diabetes. The results taken from the randomized clinical study indicate a rather significant decrease (up to 57%) in the chances of developing diabetes at the bedtime as compared to the treatment regimen carried out after waking up.

There is also another ongoing project on Hygia which involves 40 clinical locations in northwestern Spain. This is also under the Vigo University’s coordination. This study has so far been able to recruit over 18,000 patients that are currently undergoing periodic evaluation. The trials carried out on these patients will further confirm the findings of the previous study.

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