Social Media Has Taken Over As The New Front Row Of Fashion

Fashion, as we all know it, highly depends on what is trending and what is not, no matter what the runway shows display. However, there are a handful of people who have a great influence when it comes to setting trends. Yes, we are talking about celebrities who post their pictures on Instagram and other social media networks, showcasing what style they are donning these days.

Social Media Has Taken Over As The New Front Row Of Fashion

The New Trend

The age of minimalism, that seemed to be in vogue just recently, is now gone. What people are more focused on nowadays is eccentricism and eclecticism with a lot of clash and color. During Paris fashion week, Phoebe Philo of Celine embraced detailing, print, and quirky humor. However, we are not focused on the fashion weeks and catwalks that happen regularly at the capitals of fashion such as Milan, New York, and London.

Trends are now set more often on social media sites than on the splashy fashion extravaganzas, and they are now becoming the primary go to place for fashion. This primarily includes Instagram. In many cases if the fashion trend from a designer’s catwalk  does not make it to Instagram, then people will not follow suit.

Even the ugliest of clothes sometimes can become a viral sensation if people see celebrities and people of influence wearing them. For instance, a model and actor by the name of Suki Waterhouse was seen wearing tasseled Coach Loafers on her Instagram while Lupita Nyong’o was seen wearing Birkenstock shoes while in a white dress outside a café in Paris. Suddenly, everyone began following these styles, which would never have happened if they had not seen the celebrities donning them in the first place.

Democracy Wins

The average person will never have a significant amount of influence with the pictures they post on Instagram. However, if many people post the same trends, then it suddenly becomes a sensation and everyone starts to follow it. However, high profile celebrities can definitely turn a style into a fashion trend if they wish to do so. All they have to do is start posting their pictures flaunting that style on Instagram.

The Power Of Instagram


Instagram has a visual language of its own, which is perhaps a plus that no other social media network can compete with. Trends on the platform are more accessible to people compared to those shown on catwalks and red carpet events. People now would often be seen talking about what they saw on celebrity Instagram profiles as compared to what they saw on television.

Social media definitely has its own rules and fashion there is more accessible, free for all, and inclusive. Even models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are aware of the power of Instagram, and they are fully aware of how popular items they wear can become and even more so if other celebrities do the same.

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