Forget Trump, Carson, and Fiorina, and Focus on Cruz vs. Rubio

Forget Trump, Carson, and Fiorina, and Focus on Cruz vs. Rubio

In the ongoing Royal Rumble aka the 2016 GOP, the Republican candidates argued and fought with each other on every issue with some candidates even making personal attacks during the debates and digging up buried truths (Junior Bush’s marijuana smoking days and Trump’s belligerent remarks). In the end, only two out of the many candidates will go head to head to become the Republican presidential nominees. Two names are already on the forefront in this regard and it’s not who you think it’d be.

It will not be Carly Fiorina, the hotshot ex CEO of Hewlett-Packard; it will never be Donald Trump, the TV personality with no filter, or CEOBen Carson, the neurosurgeon. Who will it be then? People of America, your Republican presidential nominee can be either Senator Ted Cruz of Texas or Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. Do you know what both of these have that the others don’t?

Both senators have a clearer and better understanding of the Hispanic population in the United States, as both are of Cuban-American descent. Even though back in 2012 the Republican Party pledged to make things right with the Hispanic voters, they were unable to reach out to them with the exception of Rubio and Cruz.

Data collected by polls held by RealClearPolitics indicated that Carson (16.3%), Fiorina (11.8%), and Trump (23.3%) would fade into oblivion come election time. There are reasons behind this predication of Rubio and Cruz fighting it out to become the chosen one.

For instance, Donald Trump’s run to become president of the United States is a PR joke. Have you seen the late night TV shows? Trump’s outlandish comments on immigration and other issues have earned these shows top ratings. Republican candidates can’t stand Trump with some of them voicing their dislike for the man who has continually glamorized his billions in every debate thus far.

It looks like people have gradually begun to notice his departure from standard Republican positions on policy and ideological incoherence. With that said, Trump who was flying high at the beginning of the election has lost more than 7% of his supporters, from 30.6% to 23.3%. Ouch!

Next, you have Ben Carson, the surgeon who has made some very controversial comments.

He has suggested that prisons make people gay, has compared the U.S. to Nazi Germany, doesn’t know the members countries of NATO, and has said that a Muslim cannot run for president. It’s as if he spoke his thoughts out loud.

Finally, we have Fiorina, who on her own has paved a way for her downfall this election.

Her stubbornness to support the relevancy of Planned Parenthood is making her look dumb, as on multiple occasions, those assertions have been debunked. Even though the video does exist, it does not show Planned Parenthood officials actually talking about selling the fetal tissue for money, but only shows a woman reflecting on what she saw. To the public, her inability to admit her assertion is wrong each time the topic comes up will remind her of the time she lost the Senate race in 2010 to Senator Barbara Boxer of California.

With Trump, Carson, and Fiorina plucked out of the race by their own actions, Republican presidential nominees Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will confront each other. How will the race end up betweem the two of them?

Ted Cruz has the support of people who hate Trump and he has a bigger share in the polls as well, 6.2%. Marco Rubio has the support of Hispanics, as he, himself, is one. It also helps that others in the race are faring poorly against him. With 64% of Hispanics residing in the US, it will be interesting to see who will win the 2016 GOP, if Rubio and Cruz become the top two contenders.

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