Paris Fashion Week Round UP: Who Made the News?

Paris Fashion Week Round UP Who Made the News

The Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, were planning a lavish fashion show during the upcoming Paris Fashion Week, but the organizers of the event objected to the Olsen Twins’ fab fête. They advised top fashion editors to stay away from the twins’ fashion lineup and instead focus on the French brands.

The line that the Olsen twins were planning to unveil is called “The Row.” Instead of choosing the New York Fashion Week, they opted for the Paris Fashion Show that would be held at a chic venue, the 17th-century Château de Courances, to appeal more to international buyers.

However, their plan hit a wall as their fashion show in Paris conflicted with two local French labels – Rochas and Vionnet.

The organizers of the event – Chambre Syndicale du Prêt à Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode – feared that most people Fashion weekwould prefer seeing the Olsen Twins’ The Row instead of the local brands. They objected to the Olsen twin’s lineup being suddenly relocated to the Paris Fashion week that would steal the editorial eyeballs of the top fashion editors.

According to a New York Times report, the Olsen’s set up a separate presentation in Paris on Tuesday in which they stated that they had been counseled by many people that they should not drag the press along, and limit the event to clients and special friends. When contacted, a Chambre representative refused to make any comments, downplaying the news as rumors. The representative for the Olsen twins did not make any comments either.

Meanwhile, Rick Owens, the American designer caused a stir in the Paris Fashion Week by sending female models with “human knapsacks” on their bodies. The models were carrying living knapsacks that were swung out to the front in the paranoid tourist position.

The critics in the room had a number of opinions, some calling it ‘disquieting’ while others ‘impressive.’ Some suggested it was a tribute to female strength depicting the physical labors of pregnancy.

However, away from the open-mindedness of the fashion critics, the rest of the media found Rick’s presentation quite ridiculous, and made a mockery of the show. The Jezebel went with: “Here Are Some Models 69ing On the Runway at Rick Owens”, while the Daily Mail was more humorous with the caption “Does my bum look big on her?”

Owens’s presentations at the fashion lineup are quickly becoming a fashion lineuphot topic for the season. The act has received with both applause and criticism from fashion pundits as well as blanket media coverage.

In 2013, his presentation included a surprisingly muscular and culturally diverse step dance team that screamed, stomped, and shouted while showcasing his collection on the catwalk. However, the most controversial of his presentations was the menswear with peepholes that was displayed in the Paris show in January.

Right now, the presentations in the Paris show are all about ingenuity. Whether you call it the Turner prize or a real-life version of Zoolander, its entertainment value is undeniable.

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