Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu Makes Unexpected Peace Offering to President Obama



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the UN delegates for singling out the Jewish state on Thursday in a speech that was full of apocalyptic warnings, rhetorical pyrotechnics, and an evocative pause of silence.

The Israeli premier had a lot of harsh words for Iran’s nuclear deal stating that billions of dollars in sanction relief will not make the Iran nuclear deal more likely, but it will make war more of a possibility. He also angrily accused the UN of welcoming Iran’s threats to destroy Israel, and paused for a full 45 seconds during his speech as he glared out at the UN General Assembly chamber.

However, amid his boilerplate lines on the Palestinian conflict and the tirades against Iran was something surprising – an offer of peace to the White House nemesis of the Israel leadership, President Barack Obama.

In his speech on Thursday, Netanyahu for the first time made comments in support of the Iran nuclear deal by stating that the deal does place a number of restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program, and rightfully so. The Israeli premier urged the international community to make sure that the inspectors do their job well, and said that Israel will be closely monitoring the issue.

The sudden and unexpected peace offering from the Israeli premier peacesuggested signs of a new strategy to mend relations with the White House that had been damaged due to the Iran nuclear deal.

It is not that Netanyahu has made a 360o turn on the Iran nuclear deal. In fact, he has suggested that Iran posed a greater threat on Thursday comparing the country to a tiger that has been “unmuzzled”.

The latest strategy includes sending an olive branch to the Obama administration and expressing the willingness to live with harmony for now, which will be in the best interests of both nations.

Netanyahu’s speech on Thursday tried to ease some of the hard feelings between Israel and the U.S. due to another issue that has divided Netanyahu and Obama, namely Palestine.

The situation in Palestine seems to be worsening amid simmering violence in the West Bank, tensions on Temple Mount, and Palestinian President’s declaration that he will no longer support the Oslo peace agreement that was brokered by the Clinton administration in 1993.

However, the Abbas’ statement did not gain much attention in the international community due to intense focus on Iran as well as the chaos in Syria. Netanyahu felt no compulsion to make any statement regarding the issue, while Obama ignored it completely.

Netanyahu pointed out places where he and President Obama agree. For instance, both of them wanted to keep Iran’s nuclear arms away from ‘terror proxies’ and to stop Tehran from posing any threat to the Middle East.

The Israeli Premier thanked President Obama for assisting his country in bolstering security and giving it a military edge.

“Israel is grateful that this sentiment is widely shared by the American people and its representatives in Congress, by both those who supported the deal and by those who opposed it,” Netanyahu said.

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