Business Success Secrets of the Vermont Country Store

Vermont Country Store

The Vermont Country Store, Inc. is an all American retail and catalog store that is based in Vermont with stores in Rockingham and Weston.

Last year, an article was published in the NY Times T Magazine about the family owned store that charmed both locals and visitors alike with its abundance of brands and practical goods. The store offers various types of goods ranging from Charlie perfume to Flannel jammies. In the article, the store was described using a quirky Danish word called hygge that translates into things that create a delightful and comforting feeling.

Most residents from the area say that their childhood was made of that same hygge moment as they gathered around the fire, and enjoyed food made from The Vermont Country Store Cookbook: Recipes, History, and Lore from the Classic American General Store.

Recently, the Vermont Country Store owners, Cabot, Eliot, and Gardner, shared their views about the business and especially the recipe book that has titillated the taste buds of thousands of people with mouth watering food recipes.

Vrest Ellen Orton established the Vermont Store in 1946 in Weston, Vermont. The store may have officially opened in Weston, Vermont, but its origins can be traced back to Calais, Vermont, where the 8th generation of Ortons, Gardner Lyman Orton, in the US opened up a store in partnership with Melvin Teachout. Gardner’s eldest son, Vrest, was born in the same year as the Teachout-Store opened up in the US. The store was an inspiration for the founder of the Vermont Country Store.

Vrest’s son Lyman became the President of the Vermont Country Vermont CountryStore in 1972. Under his able leadership, the store expanded its services and grew into the modern company it is today. Lyman taught his vision to his sons Cabot, Gardner, and Eliot, who continue to work in expanding the business and maintaining its American cultural icon for future generations.

The Orton brothers revealed that their grandfather, Vrest, had a knack for promoting benefits of the merchandise that were uncommon at the time. They say that Vrest was also a writer and publisher who along with their grandmother, Mildred, assembled the recipes that today endear the hearts and tummies of thousands of Americans.

The book was published in 1945 and contains recipes of food dishes that were made in the Orton family house at the time. Vrest and Mildred mailed the catalog to family and friends and received positive remarks about the cookbook. The next year the couple opened up their first store in 1946 that became the first revived rural country store in the US.

According to the Ortons, the store that was opened to embody the spirit of the 1880s store became a nationally recognized American icon in 1952 when an article published in the widely syndicated Saturday Evening Post described the store as the “The Happy Store of the Green Mountains”.

The most important secret about the successful evolution of the Vermont Store lies in its ability to exceed expectations of every new generation. The Vermont Country Store has always delighted its customers with appealing, engaging, and useful products, and it will continue to do so in the near future.

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