Obama Official Claims Putin’s New War is an American Success

PutinThere have been some surprising claims made regarding Putin’s new war in Syria, but an Obama official has trumped them all, when he claimed that Putin’s new war is actually a success for America and has proved that the U.S. policy in Syria is working. This claim has led to a lot of head scratching. The comments were made by Michael Ratney, who claims that Russian intervention was a success for American policy on Syria.

A U.S. defense official further explained that Russia is demonstrating to the world that it has impressive military prowess and the US is not responding as of yet. This incredible boast by Ratney has angered the humanitarian representatives and Syrian-American advocates who have gathered at the State Department. The United States has declined to intervene militarily in Syria and one participant said that the U.S. is making a mistake if it thinks that Russian intervention in Syria is a success.

He should be on Saturday Night Live

The claims made by Ratney have left Senate Armed Services RussianCommittee Chairman John McCain mortified and strongly recommended that Ratney should be on Saturday Night Live, if he thinks that the Russian intervention should be celebrated. He even claimed that it was completely delusional if Obama officials are thinking like that, and claimed that it only shows that the U.S. are weak.

There have been nearly a quarter of a million people, including 12,000 children that have died, ever since the conflict in Syria broke out in March 2011, and Putin launched his campaign in Syria in late September, which has already sent shockwaves throughout the region. Ratney however, claimed that Russia was making a ‘catastrophic mistake’ in its anti-ISIS strategy with this intervention.

A spokesman from the State Department has responded to Ratney’s claim and stated that there was no boast made by Ratney about the current efforts made by the U.S. and also warned Russia that they should use their influence to pressure Asad into stopping barrel-bombing his own people.

Delivering a Message to Everyone

Russian forces have already begun launching serious attacks against the ISIS and claimed to have met with success. A claim that is denied by the U.S., as defense officials have claimed that the targeted areas where the Russians had launched their attacks didn’t have any ISIS strongholds.

The Russians launched cruise missiles from their warships in the Caspian Sea, which are nearly 1,000 miles away and the U.S. defense officials have claimed that these attacks were meant to be a signal sent directly to the United States, which demonstrates the impressive military prowess of Moscow. It further highlights the inability of Washington to curb the Russian attacks, and it is in no way a success for the United States of America.

The Russian missiles that have been launched have crossed both Iraqi and Iranian airspace, which suggests that both these nations have given Russia permission to cross into their airspace. This is a major failure for the United States military, which has been in Iraq for the past 13 years and yet the Baghdad government has given Russia permission to use its airspace. This must be seen as a slap to the United States, amid calls from Iraqi Shiite lawmakers to increase Russian intervention. The U.S. officials have already agreed in private that there is little that they can do at this moment to protect their allies on the ground in the face of Moscow flexing its military might.

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