Facebook accelerates new schemes to grab new user

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In recent days, Facebook is on a combative spirit to gain more users in the constantly rising global market. To execute on this objective it has undertaken a new strategy: ‘How to make money from them’.

Facebook has already more than one billion users throughout the world. The company has left its footprint successfully in almost every country. But the situation is that in some cases the cellular connection varies massively within two neighboring countries and obviously that causes a difficulty for Facebook.

For someone having 4G connection, it is a matter of a second to post, see photos or ads, whereas it is taking several minutes to load the same in a remote area. It is very irritating for users and thus generating a big issue for Facebook as it is trying to sell different ads.

To minimize this, a simple version, including only essential features of the app, is already released, that is faster to download. Facebook has also initiated a new version of ad, named ‘Slideshow’. The reason behind launching it is that it would take the place of conventional video ads and rather show a series of images on slow cellular connections. It is expected that these advanced ads would need only one-fifth of the previously needed bandwidth.

Amid an event at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters, product marketer, Kelly MacLean said, ‘We want to ensure our ads work, even on slow connections.’

This new scheme has already been tested with dominant brands, like Coca-Cola and Dettol and the outcome shows the changes in making the ads more acceptable on slow speed.

Another new scheme has been introduced that has changed the method of loading entries into the News Feed and thus caching and preloading is faster. So the problems, like the blank gray bars and waiting for features to show off is minimized.

Allowing users with poorer internet connections interact with the product faster is very important for the company as it understands that 62% of its upcoming growth would arise from these emerging markets. Therefore it is crucial to grab these users first and then sell ads to be persistent as a growing company.

Regarding these rising markets, Facebook is especially counting on India and China. It is estimated that one third of the upcoming billion users will come from India only. Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox said, ‘India is almost entirely 2G. In Delhi at night, one in five network connections are dropped.’


Last month, CEO Mark Zuckerberg hosted Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in Silicon Valley and just a few days before he also met Chinese President, Xi Jinping at a White House dinner. Moreover Zuckerberg is going to high-profile business trips to both the countries on this month.

Very recently a new effort is launched by Facebook engineers, named ‘2G Tuesday’. The purpose of it is to aid the iPhone-toting and 4G-subscribing. This is a program to comprehend with the new users, by which the staffs working at the headquarters can be voluntarily familiar with 2G speed for one hour every week.

In addition to that, there comes another great cultural shock for some of the staff. According to Cox’s statement, some staff would swap to Android phones instead of iPhones to experience the same platform of the upcoming billion users.

Source: Computer World


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