US Intel points at ISIS involvement in Russian aircraft crash

Thursday, November 05, 2015: Latest reports on the Russian aircraft crash in the Sinai peninsula suggest that the incident has links to a possible terrorist attack. The latest US intelligence on the crash indicates a possible bomb exploded inside the Metrojet Flight 9268 that caused it to crash in the Sinai desert.

In early reports, the Egyptian authorities, who are leading the investigation and their Russian counterparts, negated any accusations from the terrorist group ISIS for being responsible for the attack. They said it was too early to suggest anything like that.

However, since Saturday, the day the airplane crashed killing 224 people including 7 crew members, a number of evidential elements have come to the surface to suggest different versions of the story. A forensic analysis of the flight’s fluctuation in the altitude indicates that the plane may have had a bomb planted inside that exploded in midair and caused the plane to take a dive. However, pilots tried to keep it floating in the air which caused it to break in half as the broken part of the plane could not handle the air pressure and the G’s exerted in the process.

US intelligence has indicated that the bomb was possibly planted at the Sharm el-Sheikh airport, out at the Southern tip of the Sinai peninsula, where it took off. The lack of proper security may have provided the room for an inside assistance to plant the bomb on the aircraft.

“This airport has lax security. It is known for that,” one US official said on conditions of anonymity. “But there is intelligence suggesting an assist from someone at the airport.”


The Egyptian and Russian investigative authorities on the other hand, are still refuting any concurrence on the authenticity of the U.S. intel.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria claimed Saturday that they had brought down the plane and they will reveal in due course of time how they did it.

An ISIS claim on their social website page claimed the following:

“Find your black boxes and analyze them, give us the results of your investigation and the depth of your expertise and prove we didn’t do it or how it was downed. Die with your rage. We are the ones with God’s blessing who brought it down. And God willing, one day we will reveal how, at the time we desire.”

The authorities however, doubt the claim saying that ISIS still does not possess the sophistication in bomb-making like al-Qaeda and that this kind of an attack may be very sophisticated in nature much like the 9/11 attack if they really pulled it off.

Just weeks ago, the Russians initiated airstrikes on Syria to defend the Bashar al-Asad regime. However, in the process, it is indicative that they may have also conducted strikes on ISIS strongholds as well, though they are not officially targeting ISIS.

The UK and Irish governments, in the wake of the latest updates on the possible causes of the plane crash, have suspended their flights to Sharm el-Sheikh pending updates on the security of the airport.

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