Amid Protests, Donald Trump hosts “Saturday Night Live”

Donald Trump hosted the live variety show "Saturday Night Live"  last weekend, despite of protesters standing outside the studio

The much talked and laughed about presidential candidate, Donald Trump, hosted the 40 year old show “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. And it was nothing less than funny. From Trump’s unapologetically snarky remarks to his recreation of Drake’s viral video “Hotline Bling”, he proved he is definitely an entertainer if not an ideal presidential candidate.

The monologue had three Trumps

Trump’s monologue had two other ‘fake Trumps’ – Taran Killam and Darrel Hammond, who were both dressed exactly like Trump and were bringing their true Trump charm with some of his famous lines. Trump did mention that the main difference between his impersonators and him was that they don’t have his ‘talent, money or good looks’.

Taran Killam has been impersonating Donald Trump through this entire season of SNL. He said that “the show’s gotten better by about 2 billion percent” now that Trump is on. “In fact, now that I’m out here, it’s the best monologue in ‘SNL’ history.”

Darrel Hammond, the former cast member and announcer on SNL impersonated Trump during much of the 2000s. The fun part was definitely when Leslie Jones came up on stage wearing a weird blonde wig and claimed this week’s show would be “tremendous” and “yuuuge.”

The Republican frontrunner who has been a staple topic on every talk show ever since he announced his intentions to run for President did not hold back during his monologue. He joked about Rosie O’Donnell and even the protestors outside SNL studio.

Discussing his old battle with Rosie O’Donnell, he said “She said some things about me that were hurtful and untrue. I said things about her that were mean but completely accurate”.

Trump was interrupted by Larry David in between who screamed “Trump’s a racist!” and admitted “I heard if I yelled that they’d give me $5,000.”

David, who impersonates Bernie Sanders on the show, was referencing the Latino activist group, who had promised $5,000 to anyone who would interrupt Trump during his show.

Donald Trump being his usual self

He didn’t forget to mention how he had hosted the show in 2004 and it was one of the greatest SNL shows ever. He made fun of all his election related stories which were talked over and over about in the media.

During a skit, where he was in a hypothetical meeting of Trump administration 2 years into his term, he receives a check from Mexico and is told “as history shows us, nothing brings two countries together like a wall.”

But the highlight of the entire show was definitely when Trump danced to Drake’s current hit song “Hotline Bling”. Trump did not just show his smooth dancing skills but he was also wearing a pair of hipster glasses.

Are more Presidential candidates coming?

Before Trump, Hillary Clinton also did a skit on SNL with Kate McKinnon, who impersonates Hillary on the show. Though Hillary didn’t host the show, she appeared in the episode hosted by Miley Cyrus. We would definitely want to see more of the Presidential candidates showing off their funny side on the show.

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