Pentagon Chief: US could send more troops to Syria

According to Pentagon, more US troops could be deployed in Syria in the near future provided that the United States finds partners in the form of local forces. United States has not backed away from its commitment to wipe out the infamous terrorist group known by the name of Islamic State.

Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter commented on the situation in Syria during an interview aired on Sunday. A week before Carter’s interview, White House announced that the United States will strengthen its forces that are already engaged in the fight against ISIS fighters by sending fewer than 50 special operations personnel. These personnel will be deployed in the north of Syria where ISIS has a strong hold over certain areas.

Ashton Carter cited that one of the major worries for Pentagon in recent times has been the lack of willingness from local forces to join the cause. And in order to achieve maximum success in such cases, involvement of local forces is a must since they can maintain peace after the fight is over. He further added that finding such local groups, who are willing, trained and motivated to fight against ISIS is very hard and that has been a major blockade in the way of United States intensifying its fight against ISIS.

The Defense Secretary hinted that the President is looking forward to do more in this regard. He added that the United States will not shy away from sending ground forces to the region if and when required.


US forces have not been deployed permanently in Syria and up till now, the US forces have been involved in only covert operations in Syria against the Islamic State. The United States has been leading a coalition of 65-member states in the fight against ISIS and this US-led coalition has so far conducted air strikes in the regions of Iraq and Syria. However, these airstrikes have yet to yield the desired results and ISIS is still going strong contrary to expectations.

Defence Secretary, Ashton Carter, further added that the planned US deployment in the war-torn area is to help the local forces get rid of ISIS from their areas. The United States will do whatever is in its capability to aid the local forces who are capable and motivated to take on the Islamic State head on.

He said that there is no other option but to defeat ISIS. The whole world knows that they have to defeat ISIS and there is no denying the fact that this group is the major hurdle in the way of achieving peace in the Middle East. Carter stressed on the need of having a strategy against this group and affirmed once more in his interview that the United States and the world needs to beat ISIS and showed a lot of confidence when he said that US and its partners will beat ISIS.

ISIS’ fulcrum of power is in Syria and Iraq and that is why United States is looking forward to deploy its troops in the region to get rid of this menace once and for all. And with Russia already notching some big wins in recent weeks, onus is on Washington to do more.

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