Will Smith and DJ Jezzy Jeff are coming back together

Will Smith is all set to go on a music tour again

Will Smith is all set to revive his music career. Smith, who was one of the first mainstream rappers, will be back to the music scene with his old partner DJ Jazzy Jeff. The rumors had been going on for quite some time. But Smith finally confirmed the rumors last week when he made an appearance on the Ellen Show. He told Ellen DeGeneres he and his mate DJ Jazzy, never really got a chance to go for a full-fledged tour since he had started working on television soon after they got popular in the music industry.

The duo came out with their first album “The Rock House” in 1987 and within three years of its release, Smith became popular with his sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. The continuous series of opportunities made him a Hollywood superstar and an Oscar winning actor. “As one thing led to another, we never got a real chance to go on a tour. So, since long, I have wanted to go out there and go for the tour”, said Will. Well, as far as the audiences are concerned, the more of Will Smith, the better.

When asked what the duo will perform, Smith said they will definitely perform their old songs but they also have a huge stash of new songs waiting to be heard. The dates of the tour have not been decided yet and they have no idea about when it will eventually happen. But the tour is confirmed, sooner rather than later.

When hip-hop was becoming mainstream in the 1980s, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince gained a lot of popularity and had a huge fan following in the United States. Though the language of rap was under constant media scrutiny, cleaner songs witnessed an ample radio play. Their track ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’ became extremely popular and eventually ended up winning a Grammy as the first rap song. Smith started working on television after a sudden bankruptcy and ended up becoming a popular mainstream actor. The stunning actor has starred in some excellent movies including “The Pursuit of Happiness” and the “Men in Black” series. Since then, Smith has released four solo albums. The last one was released in 2005. He also mentioned that he has been working with rap giant Kanye west. Last month, Smith made a brief return to rap as he collaborated on a song with the Colombian band Bomba Estereo.

Over all these years, his bandmate DJ Jazzy Jeff has been touring as a solo artist. In the interview with Ellen, Smith indicated that the tour will probably happen next year after he has completed the shooting and the promotion of his new film, an American football drama, “Concussion”. DJ Jazzy Jeff confirmed the same and said “We plan to sit early in the year, map the tour out and hit the road after that”.

The duo last performed together in 2013 on The Graham Norton Show on BBC.

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