The 50:50 Sprint Deal

Sprint Deal

A super mega deal has just hit the telecommunications world, as the major global internet carrier Sprint is on the hunt to redeem its lost customers and also grab a handful or more of new customers with its “cut your bill in half” deal. Sprint Deal

Sprint is promising to pay fees up to $650 if anyone switches to their network. Customers who switch from their current network carrier to Sprint and select a similar data plan are being guaranteed a 50% discount of what they are currently paying with their current carrier. This is a huge deal and a very good scheme Sprint is using to compete against rivals like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

This is not the first time Sprint has offered a deal as such; last December, Sprint offered a similar deal for AT&T and Verizon customers. Customers with devices that aren’t compatible with this offer are required to get a new device with Sprint. According to Sprint, this is a “worry free offer,” whereby customers are allowed a 28-day trial to experience the Sprint service, and if they aren’t satisfied with it, they are allowed to “return the device with no restocking fee” whatsoever.

Customers seeking to explore this offer will have to choose from a 50% off rate plan available from their current carrier and proceed to do an online registration and phone turn-in, whereby Sprint will pay your switching fees up to “$650 per line via an American Express Reward Card.”Customers would be given the opportunity to port from one line up to ten lines. Sprint, however, failed to compete against T-Mobile’s unlimited music and video plan but made it clear that unlike T-Mobile, they wouldn’t restrict video quality. According to an example given by Sprint, “Verizon customers paying $80 for 12GB of data will pay $40 for 12GB if they switch to sprint.” Quite a tempting offer, as it gives them a 50% discount. Sprint Deal

Sprint is giving out a huge opportunity to customers who are willing to take advantage of it, and with all the campaigns Sprint is putting on in order to attract people to its services, people still believe the problem with Sprint is the quality of service they offer. But hopefully, this barrier will be resolved sooner than we expect as Sprint celebrates the launch of its LTE Plus Network, which boasts “advanced technologies in wireless, such as carrier aggregation and antenna beam forming.”

While others questioned this offer by calling it an “act of desperation,” Sprint’s CEO, Marcelo Claure called this “a great deal.”Sprint is also offering a special holiday gift (for a value of $360) to their existing customers, showing their gratitude towards their loyal patronage. This gift consists of a free tablet accompanied with a year’s worth of free service and a two-year contract. CEO Claure stated “They will be able to take advantage of this great offer during this holiday season.” He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the consumers, saying, “Our company would be nothing without our existing customers, so we want to make sure we show our appreciation to them too.”

The 50% offer runs from the 20th of November until the 7th of January 2016.


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