Everything you need to know about Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix

Marvel's Jessica Jones is all set to come to life with a new TV show on Netflix

As Jessica Jones comes to life on screen, a lot of questions wander around. Fans are already excited about getting to know this character on her own TV show, but there might be people who still have no idea who Jessica Jones is or why is there so much buzz around the new Netflix series devoted to her. Well, read further and see for yourself.

The show is a hard-hitting, noir-tinged psychological thriller. The lead protagonist is Jessica Jones, a hard-drinking, wisecracking, Manhattan-based private investigator. Whatever she is today is because of an extremely tortured past. She is on a revenge path and wants to bring down the sinister man who spoiled and devastated her life. To back her agenda are her simple superpowers: super-strength and the ability to jump great heights.

Now, that might make you think that she is the new superhero on the block, but she’s not. She doesn’t wear a signature costume, nor are her superpowers as strong as the other Marvel heroes. Also, her arc has nothing to do with saving the world. In fact, the superpowers she has don’t really impact her so much. Even the bad guy has minimal but effective superpowers that makes him an effective conman. There will be no transforming costumes with heavy weaponry. Although the show takes place in the same universe as The Avengers, there is no direct relation to it.

So, to all those who were wondering if they would have to watch the other 50 gazillion movies and TV shows to understand what exactly is happening on the show, the answer is no. You need zero preparation and no prior knowledge to understand the back story of this show. Another thing that differentiates Jessica Jones from other superheroes is that she doesn’t give a damn about saving the world or the United States of America. She has a strong personal agenda and is driven by personal hatred for the antagonist.

The character is not as celebrated as other Marvel protagonists and is not that popular with the public. Jessica Jones is only known by hardcore comic geeks and is a subject of niche interest. Jessica was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and distinctive artist Michael Gaydos. She was introduced in 2001, when Marvel comics was undergoing a major overhaul known as MAX. The comics had a rather intriguing start, with a man yelling cuss words and some nudity featured in the comics.

But it was not the nudity and the language that sold the comics. The series had a fresh perspective from a new superwoman in the Marvel universe. She was different, she was intelligent, and she looked more like a normal civilian. The only difference between the Jessica in the comics and the Jessica on the TV show will be her superpower. She was able to fly in comics, but on the show she will be limited to jumping through buildings.

Krysten Ritter will bring the character to life on screen. Jessica Jones releases today on Netflix.

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