Video Games as an art form undergo feminist criticism

Feminism, the new F word has been making its mark everywhere. It is the new point of view for social and political criticism of art. It has formed its own school of thought and every art form is not analyzed by the various branches of feminism. This is the kind of criticism that you can accept or deny but you cannot avoid it. Every single art piece at every medium is being criticized now with a point of view that is based on feminism. In fact, if you can relate it to feminism, you can expect an extended analysis on it.

Not so surprisingly, video games have fall under the knife of Feminism power. How will it get out of it?

Gaming as an art: The debate

Well, in this series of arts, something like video game is featured too now. The critics have been evaluating and trying to derive feminist interpretations of video games. The representation of women in games is crucial. All the gamers out there will agree in unison that gaming is more than technique, In fact, it’s an extensive art. An art form that can give you an adrenaline rush, that can leave you thinking and in the end leave you with multiple interpretations. And the best part is the intensity with which multiple art forms connect and get analyzed. There is design, concept, thematic and music that combines to narrate a story. Even an average game will have a story that is connecting and interactive. The recent feminist treatments and confrontations at least prove that games are accepted as grade-A art.

Feminism? Yay or nay, take the wise call

Though, everything is not as green and glorious as it seems to be. There are some gamers who welcome the newly vigorous interest in video games. But most of the hardcore gamers are pretty much annoyed that these ‘outsiders’ are attacking their hobby. Gaming industry has been misogynist for way too long. These feminists and female game developers have faced harassment and even death threats. What these anti-feminist gamers do not realize that they are violating the most important point. They are harming the case that video games are an art. They are just looking at one side of the case and are restricting gaming from reaching an important milestone. If you want gaming to be taken as an art form seriously, you need to allow the scrutiny.

Since past two decades, gaming has gone through major scrutiny processes. People have been of the opinion that video games cause violence. There have been accusations in the past that say that video games might be responsible for mass shootings. This anti-feminist attitude will add more to negative criticism. Feminist criticism does not blame video-games for violence. They want to explain why mass shooting is of the same age as first-person shooters. If gamers want to be taken seriously, they need to understand that things will not work this way. This question needs to be answered. Feminist critics will be there and their aim does not involve destroying your hobby. They will elevate it, and assure that playing video games will be a richer and more fun experience because of the openness and welcomed thoughts.


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