Last season of Downton Abbey kicks off

The British period show which is now world renowned started its last season yesterday. Downton Abbey is set in 1920s Britain and it shows the decline of aristocracy over time. All the Downton characters have endured a lot over the years and there have been many unexpected deaths (or rather, planned exits). The show’s story spanned over 13 years and depicted how each world event affected both the noble and lower classes. The final season will tell us how each of our favourite character ends their journey.

Downton Abbey begins its final season and there is a lot going to happen in just a few episodes

Downton Abbey recap: Mary gets stalked, Mr. Carson proposes, and Dowager Countess starts another argument


The show opens with a scene where Mary goes fox hunting with her father. But just as they are about to leave the Abbey, she sees a woman standing there, staring at her in a quite unsettling way. As she goes on with the hunt, she finds the lady. Mary asks her why she is following her. It turns out she’s a former hotel chambermaid who now wants to blackmail Mary. She tells Mary that she wants a thousand pounds in exchange for keeping quiet about Mary’s illicit rendezvous with Lord Gillingham. She finally leaves with some rather scary statements. “Your lot’s finished,” she snarls at Mary. “You’re going down, and we’re coming up.”

There was also a scene with Mrs Hughes doubting if she should even get married to Mr. Carson. To find out exactly what Mr. Carson has in mind, she employs Mrs. Patmore to go and find out. While Mrs. Patmore is obviously very hesitant about it, she finally approaches Mr. Carson and confronts him.

Carson is surprised, but his answer could not be clearer — or more majestically stated. “Tell her this, Mrs. Patmore,” he says. “That in my eyes she is beautiful. You say she asks if I want a full marriage. And the answer is yes, I do. I want marriage. A true marriage with everything that that involves it. I love her, Mrs. Patmore. I am happy and tickled and bursting with pride that she would agree to be my wife. And I want us to live as closely as two people can in the time that remains to us on earth.”

And then there is the amazing Dowager Countess, who decides to pick a heated debate with Isobel Crawley. This time, they are fighting over the future of the local hospital. Violet, the traditionalist, wants the town to retain control, while progressive Isobel thinks it will be better if the larger county hospital takes over. And so begins a century and counting of healthcare squabbles that neither the National Health Service nor Obamacare have yet resolved.

Edith might go to London

We also see some glimpse of poor Edith who is, as always, in a problem. She is handling the publishing house she inherited from Gregson. But it’s proving to be difficult to handle things from Downton. Edith is trying to decide whether or not to move to London. We have a feeling she is going to move to London soon. In fact, everyone is intrigued to find out how this whole show ends and where each character ends up.


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