Netflix goes global –Do you need a VPN?


Netflix has made bold move to expand its coverage to 130 more countries, which means that it has gone global, except if you live in North Korea, China, Syria, or Crimea. This is an exciting move for all those who longed to video stream their favorite blockbusters and other content and, of course, the investors who will obviously gain more.

However, the catalog content which you can access varies from country to country, meaning that you may not really be able to watch what is being aired in some of the countries. This move was to enable the users to gain access to content which, according to Netflix, is interesting or suitable for them. This is, however, sad for some people, who may be cut off from watching some of their favorite programs.

This, however, does not have to be the case if you are willing to invest some money on VPNs, which is generally software that allows you to access the internet and make it appear as if you are in another country. For example, if you wanted to view content that is only available in the U.S. or the U.K., a VPN helps you overcome this by making it look like you are in that specific country. This is beneficial, since you are able to access much more than your Netflix catalog contains.

Everything becomes much easier if you know where to look. So, if you have done your research, you can access pretty much anything you want to watch thanks to VPNs. However, this technology has its downsides, as you might expect. For example, VPNs go against licensing agreements, but there appears to be no need to worry about that, since Netflix does not seem too bothered by this. There has not been any record of serious consequences due to this breach.

Paying for your Netflix will in no way be affected by your VPN, since you pay as you normally would, yet you are able to view more content than what is specified in your country’s catalog. You will also not have to go through the pain of having your favorite program removed, as Netflix is known to pull off and switch up content so as maintain freshness of the videos. All you need to do is look up where it has been moved and check it out. Easy, right?

There are many VPN providers that offer this software at relatively cheap prices. Most of them will cost about $10 per month but are even cheaper if you pay a lump sum for a longer duration of time. There are also free VPNs, but it is not advisable to use them, since they are not safe and there have been reported cases of privacy violation. If you want software that you are sure will not because you harm, then opt for the paid VPNs.

Acquiring a VPN is not expensive. You can sacrifice that extra coffee or dinner date to pay for it, which will guarantee that you get more. VPNs are known to make your browsing experience smoother, and they keep your browsing secure, which gives you all the more reason to get yourself VPN software this year.

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