Jihadi John is dead, confirms ISIS

Mohammed Emwazi, commonly known as the Jihadi John, was killed back in November during a drone strike.

A United States drone attack reportedly killed the infamous Jihadi John back in November, but there were doubts over the certainty of his death at that time. However, his death has now been confirmed by the Islamic State propaganda magazine, Dabiq. According to the magazine, the British national, whose original name was Mohammed Emwazi, died in November when a U.S. drone hit him on the run.

Emwazi regularly appeared in videos beheading victims, including the famous U.K. aid worker David Haines and taxi driver Alan Henning. Emwazi was known by the name of Abu Muharib al-Muhajir, and he was born in Kuwait. According to Daesh, he was killed while he was driving in Raqqa, a famous city of Iraq. A drone hit his car, and he died instantly.

Emwazi grew up in London and was a computer programming graduate. In February 2015, he was first identified as Mohammed Emwazi by the United Kingdom. He appeared in numerous videos of victims being beheaded, including U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff, Mr. Haines, Mr. Henning, and American aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig. In addition to that, he was present in the video of the beheading of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto as well.

Jihadi-JohnAlthough he has played no military role within ISIS, he became the prime target for British and U.S. intelligence agencies. And when reports of his death emerged in November, British Prime Minister David Cameron called it the right thing at the right time. The Prime Minister revealed that the U.K. is working in close collaboration with the United States in the fight against ISIS.

According to reports, the drone attack on Jihadi John was conducted jointly by British and U.S. forces. Three drones were used in the attack, in which two of them were that of the United States and one of them was that of the U.K.

Syria has been in a state of civil war since 2011, with the Syrian government, Syrian rebels, Kurdish fighters, and ISIS all holding some parts of the territory. Millions of people have been displaced while thousands are crossing the land and migrating towards Europe every day. More than 250,000 people have been killed because of this Syrian crisis so far.

According to reports, around 750 British nationals have so far traveled abroad to either fight for ISIS or support them in some capacity. And an alarming issue for the authorities in the U.K. is that half of them have returned to the United Kingdom. This news was revealed by Theresa May in November. Apart from the U.K., other European countries are also facing this problem, with reports of their nationals moving to Iraq and Syria to take part in the fight. How these countries are going to keep a check on their nationals is one thing, but knowing that some of their current citizens have lived and trained with ISIS is an alarming truth for all of Europe.



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