Peyton Manning’s future still unclear following Super Bowl victory

The timing is almost too perfect for Manning to call it a day after lifting second Lombardi Trophy in tow on Sunday in Super Bowl 50 after Broncos defeated Panther 24-10.

Denver Broncos 24-10 win over the Carolina Panthers made sure that Peyton Manning’s potential last career game for Broncos end on a high note. However, the 39 year old has yet to made a decision regarding his future and by not making an announcement at the end of Super Bowl, he kind of did a good gesture by not taking the spot light away from his teammates, who just achieved a major triumph.

But the reality is there. At 39, he is not going to get any better and with a troubled 2015 under his belt, he should be thinking about his next career move very carefully. His contribution at the Super Bowl was an indicator that he is past his very best by some distance. Manning completed 13 of 23 passes for a paltry 141 yards. He was sacked five times. He threw an interception and lost a fumble. His longest completion spanned only 25 yards. However, these are not the things that fans will remember about him from the Super Bowl. Rather it would be how a legend of the game won the Super Bowl in his last game and bowed out in style. That is if he decides to retire.

Manning’s only contribution in the game was completing a two-point conversion to reserve wide receiver Bennie Fowler. That could very well be the last NFL pass he ever throws. Talking to a reporter after the game, Manning said they did not expect the game to be this tough.


“We thought it would be a field-position game,” Manning said. “We would all love to have that 31-0 lead. It’s not really what we’ve been built to be.”

However, it does not matter now how tough the game was or how bad Manning played in that game because what matters the most is that Broncos were the ultimate winners and that is what everyone will be remembering. However, Manning himself will be scratching his head and coming days are massive for him since he would be deciding his future.

There is an interest from Los Angeles Rams and according to ESPN they have already discussed the possibility of making a run at him. However, Manning is almost touching 40s and making a fresh start seems like a very unlikely possibility for the Broncos player, who has so far refused to comment about his future. After the game, he said that he wants to celebrate this victory respectfully. Was that a hint about him calling it quit? Maybe it was and maybe it was not. Only time will tell and no one but Peyton Manning can confirm whether we will be seeing him in NFL again next season or not.

“I think I’ll make a good decision and be at peace whatever way it goes,” Manning said.

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