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Rights abuses may not nix aid to Egypt
The Obama administration wants to waive long-standing human rights conditions on aid to Egypt, raising questions from rights groups that say the country is experiencing its worst period of human rights abuses in modern history and lawmakers who point to the recent conviction of a toddler on murder charges.

Ansel Adams at the Grand Canyon

Inside the jail so bad even prison officials say it’s inhumane

Gang member shot in front of police
South African police conduct a coordinated crackdown on gang violence in Cape Town. CNN’s David McKenzie reports.

Afghan boy gets REAL Messi shirt

What’s the story behind $17 million smile?
Appearances can be deceptive. Like how Cristie Kerr has had a gilded life. Or how the American LPGA star is as intense off the golf course as she is on it.

Nuclear meltdown revealed ‘months late’

High-tech dream team to fight ISIS online

What was the point of the conflict in Afghanistan?

Greece recalling ambassador to Austria over migrant crisis
Greece on Thursday said it is recalling its ambassador to Austria amid disagreements over the handling of Europe’s migrant crisis.

10 of the most bizarre elections in American history
The 2000 election between Al Gore and George W. Bush is perhaps the craziest, most controversial election in U.S. history.

Save our sari
Down in the modest basement of one of Mumbai’s most exclusive clothing stores, there’s a buzz.

World’s biggest collection of Chinese contemporary art
It was business, not art, that first brought me to China.

‘River of trash’ chokes Beirut suburb
A river of stinking garbage bags snakes its way through the suburbs of Beirut, a surreal and unhygienic blight on Lebanon’s cosmopolitan capital.

On the trail of Italy’s strangely beautiful street signs
The most interesting Italian signs and inscriptions are rare, and usually have to be patiently hunted down.

The best city for luxury hotels is…

World’s most Instagrammed places are…

How selfie-related deaths happen
It pops up in the news from time to time: the death-by-selfie. Earlier this month, for example, a teenager in India was struck and killed while trying to take a picture of himself in front of an oncoming train. Now the economics site Priceonomics has attempted to gather the existing statistics about the people who’ve lost their lives while taking selfies, combing through three years of news reports indicating a death was “precipitated by a selfie,” or that a person had died while attempting to take a photo of themselves.

Trump’s German roots: Inside the town that spawned a dynasty
Welcome to Kallstadt, southern Germany. Population: 1,200. It’s a quaint town whose medieval stone streets are lined with centuries-old houses topped with steeply-pitched roofs.

Pavlos Kontides: ‘My relationship with the sea is like an affair’
As a child, Pavlos Kontides was always drawn to the waters around his birthplace of Limassol, Cyprus.

People we’ve lost in 2016

Look at me! 27 selfies of the week

Teen rescued from ISIS: ‘It was a really hard life’

Nepal plane wreckage found
A small Tara Air plane carrying 21 people has gone missing in a mountainous region of Nepal, the airline’s media manager said.

Mom: There’s nothing scary about microcephaly

Searching for the Zika virus-microcephaly connection in Brazil

Inside Iran’s U.S.-made nuclear reactor
In the middle of busy Tehran, nuclear reactions continue apace.

Cuba’s Ramon Castro dies
Ramon Castro, older brother to Cuba’s Fidel and Raul Castro, has died, state media reported Tuesday. He was 91.

Ex-‘Top Gear’ host settles assault claim
Former “Top Gear” host Jeremy Clarkson has settled a lawsuit filed against him by the producer he allegedly assaulted, according to the producer’s attorneys.

Migrants flock to Europe and get stuck in Greece
Longing for refuge in Germany but stuck in limbo in Greece. That could be the fate of masses of new migrants to Europe, the United Nations warned.

Roger Federer back on practice court three weeks after knee surgery
Time spent on the practice court can be a drag for some tennis players — but not for Roger Federer.

Can ‘superblimp’ unlock hidden riches of Africa?
Best known for floating aimlessly above sports stadiums, and for their slightly comic, bloated shape, blimps are an unlikely subject for a 21st century revival.

South China Sea, North Korea tensions at issue in Kerry-Wang meeting
Secretary of State John Kerry and his Chinese counterpart locked horns over a range of issues Tuesday, agreeing to disagree in a State Department press conference over South Korean missile defense and the contested South China Sea.

What a shot! 31 amazing sports photos

Obama to unveil Guantanamo Bay closure plan
President Barack Obama said he would close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as one of his first acts in office. Seven years later, stymied by a hostile Congress and skepticism in his own party, he’ll present a plan on how he’d go about it during his remaining days as president.

Russia is using Syria to run circles around U.S.
President Vladimir Putin is outplaying America and its allies, with disastrous consequences, through his intervention in the Syrian civil war.

North Korea offered — then rebuffed — talks with U.S.
North Korea quietly reached out to U.S. officials through the United Nations in New York last fall to propose formal peace talks on ending the Korean War, a response to President Barack Obama’s comments that the U.S. was willing to engage Pyongyang as it has with other rogue regimes, senior U.S. officials told CNN.

Arrests made in killing of Bangladeshi Hindu priest
Bangladeshi police have arrested three people in connection with a religiously-motivated attack on a Hindu priest and a devotee in the north of the country, the national news agency reported Monday.

Sea levels rose faster in 20th century than in previous 2,700 years, study says

Egypt: Toddler sentenced to life in apparent case of mistaken identity

Deadly caste protests in India choke Delhi water supply
Off and on throughout India’s history, the country’s caste system has provoked violence over rights and opportunities.

Bombings kill dozens as talk of ceasefire continues
Ten days ago, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced world powers had agreed to a provisional cessation of hostilities in Syria.

Sky pioneers: A light aircraft revolution is taking off
Inside a hangar in the San Francisco Bay Area, a young French entrepreneur is busy readying a small, odd-looking, bubble-shaped aircraft.

London fashion designer on his love of books
When we meet Erdem Moralioglu in London, two weeks before his Autumn-Winter 2016 runway show, he’s in good spirits. Thumbing through books on theater design, haute couture, and Picasso in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s National Art Library in London, he seems at ease.

Immobile men invade Hong Kong
One of the largest and most ambitious art installations ever to grace Hong Kong is set to be unveiled this month — but residents won’t be required to enter a museum to see it. They just have to look up.

Terrifying 500-year-old biblical art
Hieronymus Bosch arguably had the wildest, most fantastical imagination in art history — painting our deepest fears, our deepest desires.

Thai TV star introduces his ‘child angel’ doll
Bookko is one of Thailand’s most popular television presenters and actors.

Why future Chinese skylines could look more uniform
Chinese architecture will now officially be less weird.

Rare photos of world’s most beautiful people
Vogue 100: A Century of Style, a major exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London, showcases the remarkable range of photography that has been at the forefront of British Vogue since it was founded in 1916.

El Chapo’s beauty queen wife says she fears for his life
The wife of Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman says she fears for her husband’s life and that the Mexican government is using harsh conditions to “get even” with the drug lord because his escapes made them look bad.

Fiji girl live tweets through Cyclone Winston
As the winds howled, ripping off roofs and uprooting trees, Cayla Tikaram hid in a cupboard with her family.

3,000-year-old fingerprints found on Egyptian coffin lid
Researchers at Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum in the UK have found 3,000-year old fingerprints on the lid of an Egyptian coffin.

Pounds sinks to 7-year low on Brexit fears
British Prime Minister David Cameron made his pitch to remain in the European Union to parliamentarians Monday, saying the UK could “have the best of both worlds” if it voted to remain in the bloc.

Author gets two-year prison term for ‘sexually explicit’ writings
An Egyptian author has been sentenced to two years in prison for writing “sexually explicit” scenes that were published in a magazine. Novelist Ahmed Naji was found guilty Saturday of violating public modesty for the writings from his novel “Using Life.”

Workers scramble to reach hard-hit outer islands in Fiji

The wildest art show in the solar system
You may not ever get to go to space, but if you have a knack for art, you could send your paintings, poems or songs to an asteroid.

What was dark side of the moon music classified for years?
“Did you hear that whistling sound too?”

The world’s first ghetto, 500 years later

Photos: Fiji struck by Cyclone Winston

Brazilian scientists decipher Zika virus genome
Brazilian scientists in Rio de Janeiro have obtained the genome sequence of the Zika virus and found the disease is indeed related to the incidence of microcephaly, which causes babies to be born with small heads and impaired cognition, that country’s official news agency said Saturday.

Missing radioactive material found in Iraq

Banned Islamist group suspected in priest’s slaying
A Hindu priest was killed and a devotee injured in northern Bangladesh on Sunday in the latest attack on minority religious figures in the predominantly Muslim nation.

Car bombs explode near bus stop in Homs
Thirty-four people were killed when two explosions struck the Syrian city of Homs on Sunday, Syrian state-run media said.

Al-Assad may be open to ceasefire
Syria’s President told El Pais he’s ready for a ceasefire as long as “terrorists” don’t use it “to improve their position.”

Tropical Cyclone Winston makes landfall in Fiji
Tropical Cyclone Winston, strongest ever to hit Fiji making landfall, says CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam.

Pope Francis calls for one-year moratorium on death penalty
Pope Francis, who has repeatedly called for an end to the death penalty, on Sunday proposed that Catholic leaders suspend the practice for a year to mark the Holy Year of Mercy.

Dying twin holds unborn sister’s hand
A Kansas family is given the news of twins, only to find out they’ll most likely go home with just one newborn. CNN affiliate KWCH reports.

‘Baby Asha’ avoids deportation
The baby that has attracted global media attention to Australia’s immigration policy is no longer facing “imminent” deportation to an offshore detention center but will be transferred to a local community center.

Ronaldo misses penalty, Real hopes fade
Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty as Real Madrid’s La Liga title hopes were left in tatters by a 1-1 draw at Malaga Sunday.

Lindsey Vonn ‘sorry’ for smashing skis
After her much talked about appearance in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition it was back to her day job again Saturday for Lindsey Vonn and a second place in the downhill at La Thuile in Italy.

‘Monster’ Cyclone Winston shuts schools for a week

49 killed in U.S. airstrike targeting terrorists in Libya
American warplanes hit an ISIS camp in Libya where foreign fighters had been engaged in advanced training, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Friday.

Storm is most powerful on record in Southern Hemisphere

Britain sets date to vote on whether to leave EU
British Prime Minister David Cameron, fresh from what appears to be a successful renegotiation in Brussels, Belgium, of the United Kingdom’s role in the European Union, said he would announce the date Saturday for a nationwide referendum on whether the UK should stay in or leave the European Union.

Zika virus ‘spreading explosively’
The Zika virus “is now spreading explosively” in the Americas, the head of the World Health Organization said Thursday, with another official estimating between 3 million to 4 million infections in the region over a 12-month period.

Ugandan President wins re-election
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s 30-year grip on power looks set to continue, as the election commission declared him the winner Saturday despite criticisms of how his government handled the elections and those opposing the leader.

B-1 bombers pulled from ISIS fight
One of the biggest and most dependable U.S. weapons in the battle against ISIS in Syria and Iraq will be out of the fight for the time being, the commander of U.S. Air Forces Central Command says.

Author of ‘The Name of the Rose’ dies
Author Umberto Eco, famous for the novels “Foucault’s Pendulum” and “The Name of the Rose,” died Friday, said Lori Glazer, spokeswoman for his U.S. publisher.

Britain reaches deal with EU
Tense and difficult talks regarding Britain’s continued participation in the European Union — and, indeed, the future of the EU — dragged on for a second day Friday with no certainty as to what would happen in the end.

Uganda’s tense election: 5 things to know
Ugandans voted this week in a tense election to determine the fate of President Yoweri Museveni, who is hoping for a fifth term.

Inside ABBA’s hot new restaurant
Bjorn Ulvaeus tells CNN about his plans to conquer New York with a blend of ’70s pop and hummus.

Bronze Age wheel found at ancient site
A Bronze Age wheel, thought to be largest and earliest of its kind, has been unearthed at an ancient site in eastern England.

Kurdish militant group claims deadly Ankara blast
The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks — known as the TAK — have claimed responsibility for this week’s deadly bombing in Ankara, the Kurdish militant group said Friday on its website.

Russia wants to modify Cold War missiles to destroy asteroids
Russia plans to modify some of its intercontinental ballistic missiles to destroy asteroids before they hit Earth, according to a top Russian rocket researcher.

Exile paints horrors of Syrian war
A naked man hangs from a chain, heavy brushstrokes depicting his suspended body.

Syrian war supposed to quiet down today: Will it?
A “cessation of hostilities” negotiated by major world powers is set to take effect Friday in Syria.

ISIS recruiting children at ‘unprecedented’ level

At least 100 bodies found in sewer
Colombian authorities are investigating the disappearance and dismemberment of at least 100 people whose bodies were allegedly thrown into a sewer system underneath a notorious prison in Bogota.

Outrage over dolphin’s death
A rare La Plata dolphin died earlier this month after a group of beach-goers apparently took it out of the ocean, then surrounded and handled it, according to Vida Silvestre, a wildlife foundation in Argentina.

Terrorist big-wig killed in strike in Somalia
Al-Shabaab’s intelligence chief was killed in an airstrike in Somalia, the Kenyan military said in a statement Thursday, calling it “a major blow” to the terror group.

U.S. to put new sanctions on N.Korea
President Barack Obama signed new sanctions on North Korea into law Thursday, punishing the regime for its nuclear and missile tests as well as for suspected cyber-hacking incidents.

Lions escape park, on the loose in major city
A group of lions escaped from a park in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, leaving residents on edge and officials scrambling to find them.

The week in 31 photos

10 killed in U.S. airstrike targeting terrorists
U.S. warplanes on Friday struck an ISIS camp in Libya where a senior operative in the terrorist group — Noureddine Chouchane — was believed to be, a U.S. official told CNN.

18 killed in clashes at U.N. compound
Clashes inside a United Nations compound in South Sudan killed at least 18 people, including two Doctors Without Borders staffers, the organization said Thursday.

World Press Photo Contest: 2016 winners

Meryl Meisler: A glimpse of 1970s New York

Pope: Contraceptives OK to slow Zika
Pope Francis indicated contraceptives may be used to prevent the spread of the Zika virus, despite the church’s longstanding ban on most forms of birth control.

Syria healthcare has collapsed following attacks on hospitals, MSF says
Healthcare in Syria has collapsed following attacks on hospitals in the country, the international organization Doctors Without Borders said after fresh bombings of hospitals this week.

Powerful explosion in Ankara
Reports of a powerful explosion in the Turkish capitol of Ankara. Local media are reporting that a large number of people have been wounded. CNN’s Arwa Damon reports.

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