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Donald J. Trump, left, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, right, speak to media before a rally at the Fort Worth Convention Center on Friday, Feb. 26, 2016, in Fort Worth, Texas. (Ron Jenkins/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS via Getty Images)

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Clinton and Sanders battle in S.C. primary
The latest poll shows Hillary Clinton with a significant lead over Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina Democratic primary

Flood of attacks, Tweets and ads after GOP debate
Republicans are more fiercely divided than ever in the 2016 presidential campaign

Clinton hopes S.C. win will sway Super Tuesday voters
Former secretary of state faces off against Sanders in South Carolina Democratic primary

A preview of Super Tuesday’s big contests
On Super Tuesday, Republicans and Democrats will cast primary votes in 12 states

Second-to-last batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails released
​State Dept. releases another 1,500 pages of former secretary of state’s emails; none marked classified at the time they were sent

Robert Reich endorses Bernie Sanders
The endorsement from the former Clinton administration official comes after Sanders’ policies were criticized by other Democratic economists

Former rivals make nice: Christie endorses Trump
In a surprise announcement, N.J. Gov. Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump for the presidency on Friday

Schieffer: GOP debate “like kids out behind a barn”
Bob Schieffer weighs in on the current state of affairs in the Republican party

Democrats enjoying GOP meltdown
Democrats are reveling in recent Republican infighting

Democrats amused by GOP candidates’ antics
The Republican free-for-all overshadowed everything the Democratic presidential candidates did Friday — and that was just fine with them

Bob Schieffer on GOP race: “I didn’t think it could get lower”
Veteran political reporter says current state of Republican race is making it hard for the party to expand its reach

The impact of Gov. Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has endorsed Donald Trump to be the Republican presidential nominee

Donald Trump mocks Marco Rubio’s 2013 water bottle gaffe
During a rally in Texas, Donald Trump mocks Marco Rubio’s water bottle gaffe in 2013 when he delivered the rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union

Rubio suggests Trump wet his pants, Trump hurls insults back
The Florida senator ratchets up the more aggressive campaign style that he rolled out in Thursday’s debate

Former Rep. Mary Bono: GOP debate was “embarrassing”
Former Rep. Mary Bono tweeted that the GOP debate before Super Tuesday was “embarrassing”

Marco Rubio: GOP could split apart if “con man” Trump is nominee
His comments came only a short while after Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump for president

Why Super Tuesday matters for Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz
CBS News elections director Anthony Salvanto breaks down the delegate numbers ahead of Super Tuesday

Friday surprise! Christie endorses Trump
In a surprise announcement, N.J. Gov. Chris Christie announced he’s endorsing GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump during a Fort Worth, Texas, rally

New Hillary Clinton ad features Gabby Giffords
The 30-second spot featuring former Arizona rep. injured in mass shooting will start airing this weekend in Massachusetts

Maine gov. jumps on board Trump endorsement train
Gov. Paul LePage gave his nod to Trump on a radio show Friday

What “bombshells” lurk in Trump’s tax returns?
The Donald won’t release filings, citing “years” of IRS audits. Maybe these top tax ploys by real estate moguls are in there

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump
The endorsement from Trump’s former primary opponent comes only days before Super Tuesday

Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump
In a surprise announcement, N.J. Gov. Chris Christie appeared at a rally for Donald Trump and said Trump is the best person to beat Hillary Clinton

Friday surprise! Christie endorses Rubio
In a surprise announcement, N.J. Gov. Chris Christie announced he’s endorsing GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump during a Fort Worth, Texas, rally

Obama on Kansas shooting: “We cannot become numb to this”
“The real tragedy is the degree to which this has become routine,” Obama said of the gun violence in Hesston, Kansas

NYT calls on Clinton to release speech transcripts
“Voters have every right to know what Mrs. Clinton told these groups,” the paper’s editorial board wrote

Lindsey Graham roasts Trump, Cruz in D.C. speech
South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham gave a sassy and at times profane speech to the Washington Press Club FoundationThursday night

Trump University under renewed scrutiny after GOP debate
Marco Rubio assails “fake” university that was the subject of a three-month CBS News investigation

Top Hispanic Democrat endorses Hillary Clinton
Clinton is “driven to extinguish the oppressive power of racism, sexism and hate in our country,” Rep. Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico said Friday

Rubio and Cruz rip Trump in nastiest debate yet
The final Republican debate before Super Tuesday was more like a heavyweight fight

Rubio on Trump: “A con artist is about to take over” GOP
After a fiery Republican debate Thursday night, Sen. Marco Rubio joins “CBS This Morning” from Houston

Dickerson on feisty GOP debate, Super Tuesday
“Face the Nation” moderator and CBS News political director John Dickerson joins “CBS This Morning” from Washington

Apple asks judge to reverse iPhone unlock order
The tech giant says the government is seeking “dangerous power”

Mystery surrounds Donald Trump’s purported philanthropy
Julianna Goldman dug into the tax filings of the Donald J. Trump Foundation to see how charitable the frontrunner has been

Affirm CEO Max Levchin on Apple’s unprecedented fight with gov’t
Levchin also co-funded Paypal and was the chairman of Yelp

Marco Rubio hits “con artist” Donald Trump
But the Florida senator denied that he was considering a contested convention to earn the nomination

The tenth Republican debate: Top tweeted moments
Who dominated the Twittersphere as GOP presidential hopefuls went at it for tenth time this primary season?

Lindsey Graham: GOP has gone “batsh*t crazy”
South Carolina senator and former presidential candidate takes mostly tongue-in-cheek aim at his party — and Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Clinton

Quiz: How well do you know Ted Cruz?
The staunchly conservative Texas senator is one of the final competitors in the GOP race, but how much do you really know about him?

Donald Trump claims IRS is preventing release of tax returns
GOP frontrunner blames incomplete audits, but there are no actual restrictions from releasing the tax returns that could prove his claims of charitable donations

Trump defends Planned Parenthood a second time
The GOP frontrunner, hit again over past praise for Planned Parenthood, said he doesn’t agree with its abortion services but that it helps “millions of women”

Ben Carson Interview: This was the worst debate
After the GOP debate, Major Garrett spoke with Ben Carson who said he felt the CNN Republican debate was the “worst,” comparing it to the Roman Colosseum

In 10th GOP debate, Rubio steps up to the plate against Trump
After Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz tried and failed in earlier debates to take down the GOP front runner, the Florida senator takes a swing

GOP debate fact-check: Donald Trump’s use of immigrant labor
Marco Rubio spoke several times about Donald Trump’s use of immigrant labor at various Trump properties

GOP debate fact check: Ted Cruz on Arizona immigration law impact
The Texas senator said wages have gone up for legal immigrants in the state and that the state is spending less on welfare and education

Ben Carson Interview: This was the worst debate
After the GOP debate, Major Garrett spoke with Ben Carson who said he felt the CNN Republican debate was the “worst,” comparing it to the Roman Colosseum

Hillary Clinton brings a message of unity to South Carolina
Traveling the state, Clinton makes her final pitch before the primary on Saturday

Donald Trump Interview: I think I can beat Cruz in Texas
Presidential candidate Donald Trump says he thinks he had the best performance so far in the final debate before Super Tuesday in an interview with CBSN

John Kasich interview: I’m the last governor in the race
Gov. John Kasich says he is “confident” the race will head “north” soon and is confident with where his campaign is right now

Republicans talk tax returns before debate
Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney suggested Wednesday that a “bombshell” is waiting in Donald Trump’s tax returns

Super showdown: Don’t miss Super Tuesday
The election season gets down to brass tacks on Super Tuesday, when about half the delegates needed for the GOP nomination and a third of those needed for the Democratic nomination go up for grabs

Democrats vying for minority votes heading into South Carolina
Hillary Clinton is polling well with minority supporters as the Democratic campaign trail moves through South Carolina and southern Super Tuesday states

Obama on ISIS fight: “I am confident that we will prevail”
The president said Thursday that the United States and its allies in the fight against the terrorist organization are in a “better position” now than a month ago

Is Donald Trump changing the Republican Party?
Republican strategist Frank Luntz says Donald Trump is changing the GOP, and the party’s establishment is working to block the billionaire from being the Republican nominee for president

Sanders: Flint residents are paying for “poison” water
At an emotionally-charged event in Flint, the Democratic candidate slams the government’s response to the water crisis

GOP candidates face off in final debate before Super Tuesday
Only five Republicans remain in a field that originally had 17 candidates

GOP Debate: What’s at stake?
The five remaining Republican candidates for president will all be looking to make an impact Thursday night as they face off in their final debate before Super Tuesday

​Poll: Trump and Clinton lead in Virginia
Virginia Democratic and Republican primaries will be held on Super Tuesday, Mar. 1

Pro-John Kasich super PAC dings Marco Rubio in new ad
The ad, from pro-Kasich group New Day for America, warns that the GOP shouldn’t “crown” Rubio as the party’s pick to face off against Trump

Ex-Mexican president: “Not going to pay for that f***ing wall”
Former Mexican president Vicente Fox made it very clear in an interview with Jorge Ramos how he feels about Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border

Clinton walks back 1996 “superpredators” remark
Clinton’s words from 1996 are coming back to haunt her

Former Mexican president calls Donald Trump a “crazy guy”
Vicente Fox, the former Mexican leader, also used profanity to respond to Trump’s suggestion that Mexico should pay for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border

Biden: Campaign rhetoric on Mexico “dangerous, damaging”
Biden’s comments come same day as former Mexican President Vicente Fox said he was “not going to pay for that f***ing wall” as proposed by Donald Trump

Clinton on SCOTUS: I hope Obama chooses a true progressive
She made the comment after GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval’s name was floated, but he has since removed himself from the running

GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval takes himself out of the running for SCOTUS
His decision comes only a day after CBS News confirmed the White House had been vetting him

Donald Trump and Mitt Romney exchange insults
In the past 24 hours, Trump has called Romney a “fool,” a “dope!” a “lightweight losing candidate,” and one of the “dumbest and worst” GOP candidates ever

Vice President Biden to introduce Lady Gaga at the Oscars
The vice president will attend the Academy Awards on Sunday with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden

Mitt Romney: Donald Trump may have “bombshell” tax issue
Mitt Romney claims that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has a “bombshell” tax issue that could be his downfall

Will President Obama nominate a Republican for the Supreme Court?
Senate Republicans have vowed to block President Barack Obama’s nomination for the next Supreme Court justice, no matter who he chooses

FBI’s Comey: Apple dispute “hardest question I’ve seen in government”
He made the comment at a congressional hearing Thursday focused on worldwide threats

How to watch tonight’s Republican debate
Thursday’s debate in Houston will be the final GOP primary forum before the Super Tuesday nominating contests

Poll: In Florida, bad news for Marco Rubio as Donald Trump leads
Florida, a winner-take-all state with 99 delegates up for grabs, is an important stepping stone to the GOP nomination

Celebs endorsing candidates
Who is your favorite celeb supporting for president?

Poll: More than 80 percent of Hispanics view Donald Trump unfavorably
The poll found Democrats generally polled better than Republicans among Hispanic voters

Superdelegates explained
Superdelegates make up roughly 15 percent of the 4,763 delegates who will attend the Democratic National Convention this summer to formally choose the Democratic nominee. Here’s what you need to know about them and how they work

Romney suggests Trump’s tax returns could have “bombshell”
Trump tweeted in response that taxes made Romney “look like a fool” in 2012

Clinton and Sanders find common enemy in Trump
While Hillary Clinton is making four campaign stops in South Carolina ahead of Saturday’s primary, Bernie Sanders is hundreds of miles away

Nevada GOP governor floated as possible Supreme Court nominee
Key Senate Republicans are holding firm that they will block anyone the president nominates — even someone from their own party

Apple CEO speaks out on refusing iPhone court order
Tim Cook called the government’s request to unlock it “bad for America”

Texas college gun law raising questions and concerns
Some professors at the University of Houston warn a new gun law threatens free speech and safety on campus

Politics with a shave and a haircut in S.C.
As South Carolina Democrats get ready to vote on Saturday, one of the best places to get a sense of what’s important to the state’s black voters is to hit the barbershop

What’s a superdelegate?
A look at one of the dominant forces in the Democratic nominating process

Pressure on Rubio, Kasich, Cruz to win home states
Donald Trump now holds three of four wins in the primaries

Clinton turns attention from Sanders to Republicans
Hillary Clinton, sitting high in the polls, has started talking less about Bernie Sanders and more about the Republicans

Obama moves ahead in SCOTUS nomination plans
President Obama is taking the dare — or is it the bait?

Mitt Romney: There’s a “bombshell” in Trump’s taxes
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney says there may be issues with Donald Trump’s taxes

Security experts say the Nissan Leaf can be hacked
A prominent security researcher has found a way to hack into the Nissan Leaf, an electric car, from any web browser in the world

​Probe: HealthCare.gov “passive” on heading off fraud
Government Accountability Office stops short of alleging widespread cheating in President Barack Obama’s signature program

Harry Reid backs Hillary Clinton for president
Days after Clinton won the caucuses in Reid’s home state of Nevada, the Senate minority leader says she’s a better choice for the American middle class

Idaho Gov. Butch otter endorses John Kasich in GOP primary
The Idaho governor cited Kasich’s executive experience as a key reason for supporting him

Romney suggests there’s a “bombshell” in Trump’s taxes
The 2012 Republican nominee called on Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to release their taxes

Donald Trump wins big at Nevada caucus
Republican front-runner Donald Trump got his third straight victory at the Nevada caucuses

Clinton leads Sanders in South Carolina
As the countdown to Super Tuesday begins, Hillary Clinton is holding a 28-point lead over Bernie Sanders in Saturday[s primary in South Carolina

Voters have little interest in Michael Bloomberg for president
A new poll found only seven percent of registered voters said they would definitely vote for the former NYC mayor

Columnist: Trump will “find your weakest point and attack it”
New York Daily News’ Mike Lupica says why he thinks Trump will get GOP nod for president, which rival has next best shot

Donald Trump nabs his first congressional endorsements
Before Wednesday, no member of Congress had endorsed Trump in the presidential race

White House is vetting GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval for SCOTUS seat
A source familiar with the process confirmed to CBS News that he’s being considered

Obama outlines his wish list for Supreme Court nominee
President has a few requirements for next court nomination — whether or not Senate Republicans choose to give the nominee a confirmation vote

Cruz, Rubio, Kasich under pressure to win their home states
Cruz wants to win Texas, Rubio needs Florida and Kasich is banking on Ohio

Texas court clears ex-Gov. Rick Perry of final felony charge
The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals dismissed the abuse-of-power charge

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