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Donald Trump shows off the size of his hands as rivals Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz look on at the start of the Republican presidential candidates debate in Detroit, Michigan, March 3, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young

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In GOP debate, Donald Trump is unpredictable and proud of it
The front-runner defended his “flexible” approach to policy positions, while making some wild and unpredictable statements in Thursday’s debate

Email controversy still following Hillary Clinton
The FBI has granted a State Department staffer immunity in the email controversy that continues to follow former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign

Some Americans want to move if Trump is elected president
Donald Trump’s dominant Super Tuesday performance prompted some Americans to consider moving to Canada

Donald Trump defends the size of his hands, and more
“Look at those hands, are they small hands?” Trump asked rival Marco Rubio

Donald Trump is “changing” on immigration issue
Trump spoke to the New York Times editorial board in January, and immigration reportedly came up

Fact-check: How did the Better Business Bureau rate Trump University?
Trump said at the Republican debate that the BBB had given his school an “A” rating

GOP debate: Trump dominates social media conversation
The GOP front-runner and real estate mogul accounted for 74 percent of Google searches during debate time

Live blog: GOP candidates debate in Detroit
The four remaining candidates—Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich—face off for the first time after Trump’s Super Tuesday victories

Mitt Romney vs. Donald Trump
Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave a short speech Thursday denouncing Trump as unfit for office and asking supporters to reconsider

Republican candidates promise ferocious debate
Advisers for Republican candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz promised that Thursday night’s debate will be another brutal showdown with front-runner Donald Trump

Former Clinton IT specialist granted immunity by FBI
The FBI’s investigation into the email scandal that has plagued Hillary Clinton is possibly nearing an end, and it will be up to the Justice Department to decide whether a crime was committed

Rubio campaign: Donald Trump is a bully
Donald Trump and Marco Rubio are sharpening their attacks at they prepare to take the stage for tonight’s GOP debate

No evidence of hack in Clinton’s email, her former tech aide tells FBI
Clinton’s former aide said there is no evidence her emails were hacked, even though hackers with links to Russia did try to gain access to the account

Protesters descend on GOP Debate in Detroit
With signs saying “Dump Trump” and “Workers for $15 Wage,” a sea of protesters lined the streets outside Detroit’s Fox Theatre

Full video: Donald Trump responds to Mitt Romney
After former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney attacked Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner took to the stage to respond to Romney’s attacks

Ex-Defense chief: Trump’s ideas could lead to Nuremberg-like trial
William Cohen was referring to Trump’s remarks about ordering the military to kill the families of terrorists

6 Things to watch for in tonight’s Republican debate
The debate comes two days after Trump expanded his delegate lead on Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney to GOP: Don’t pick Donald Trump
Mitt Romney took the reins in the Republican charge to derail Donald Trump’s campaign to become the GOP presidential nominee

NY Times exec editor on Trump’s meeting with editorial board
Dean Baquet, who sat in on the meeting, talks about reports questioning whether the closed-door conversation undermined Trump’s stand on his defining issue: immigration

Mexican official: Mexico won’t pay for Trump wall
Mexican Treasury Secretary Luis Videgaray says “emphatically and categorically” that it isn’t going to foot the bill for the project

Speaker Ryan says he “laughed out loud” at Donald Trump threat
Trump warned Tuesday that there would be repercussions if Ryan didn’t cooperate with him as president

Christie defends Trump alliance: “I wasn’t being held hostage”
Of his subdued appearance behind Trump on Super Tuesday, Christie said, “I understand that everyone had a lot of fun with it”

Trump: Romney begged me for the 2012 endorsement
Romney said he wouldn’t have accepted it if Trump had made the same controversial remarks four years ago

Viral sensation “Bernie baby” suddenly dies
Oliver, dressed up as U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, became a viral sensation at a campaign rally in Las Vegas

Obama cites health insurance gains in Milwaukee visit
“The Affordable Care Act — aka Obamacare — is saving lives and saving money,” the president said

How to watch Thursday’s Republican debate
The candidates will meet on stage for the first time since the Super Tuesday contests

Bernie Sanders’ campaign predicts success in next contests
Their optimism is based on the fact that the Southern states are largely behind them

Frances Townsend: Donald Trump is “dangerous to American people”
Ex-homeland security adviser is among sixty GOP national security experts who signed the scathing letter, opposing a possible Trump presidency

Mitt Romney: Donald Trump is “very, very not smart”
The 2012 GOP presidential nominee warned that Trump’s policies would lead to the U.S. into a recession and make the world less safe

Celebs on the campaign trail
Celebrities on the political beat

Will Donald Trump renew hostilities with Megyn Kelly at GOP debate?
Republican front-runner comes face to face with the Fox News anchor for first time since they butted heads at the GOP debate in August

Mitt Romney: Donald Trump “a phony, a fraud”
2012 GOP nominee making most forceful remarks yet about party’s current front-runner, who in turn is calling Romney “desperate”

Mitt Romney to call Donald Trump “a phony, a fraud”
Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, is about to make a vicious attack on Donald Trump

GOP establishment pushes to stop Donald Trump
GOP frontrunner Donald Trump will face just three rivals in a primetime debate in Detroit Thursday night

Clinton looks past Sanders to general election
Hillary Clinton held a star-studded fundraiser Wednesday night in New York City

Investigators believe debris likely from missing MH370
A piece of debris that could belong to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is on its way to experts in Australia

Foreign policy conservatives condemn Donald Trump
Sixty former national security officials signed a scathing open letter opposing Republican frontrunner Donald Trump

Elton John, Katy Perry headline Clinton fundraiser
The stars performed for Clinton’s “I’m With Her” concert at New York’s Radio City Music Hall

New Mexico governor endorses Marco Rubio
The RGA chair and first Hispanic woman governor said “stakes…are too high” for her to remain neutral

NY Times’ Dean Baquet on controversial editorial board meeting with Trump
In this historic 2016 presidential campaign, the New York Times has become part of the story

Egyptian student in hot water after posting Trump threat
Flight student investigated by federal agents for what he calls “just a stupid post” on his Facebook page

Trump faces Megyn Kelly in GOP debate for 1st time in months
Republican frontrunner Donald Trump comes face-to-face with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly for the first time since their debate confrontation last August

Could Ted Cruz be the GOP’s last best chance to defeat Donald Trump?
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, floated the idea to CBS News as the results of Super Tuesday trickled in

Report: Worker who helped set up Clinton email server gets immunity
State Department employee Bryan Pagliano worked on Clinton’s private email server at her Chappaqua, N.Y. home

Super Tuesday results push Trump closer to nomination
Fifteen states have now voted in primaries and caucuses for the Republican presidential nomination

Hillary Clinton continues to build momentum
Hillary Clinton has 44 percent of the delegates needed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination

Can Donald Trump be stopped?
CBS News political director and “Face the Nation” anchor John Dickerson weighs in on whether the GOP has a chance at stopping Donald Trump’s path to the nomination

Europeans puzzled by Trump’s political success
Donald Trump had a big night on Super Tuesday

Dickerson: Stopping Donald Trump now is “a long shot”
“Face the Nation” anchor John Dickerson lays out the most plausible plan for Republicans looking to stop Donald Trump from becoming the party nominee

Europeans grappling with the rise of Donald Trump
Across the Atlantic, many people are confused and shocked by Donald Trump’s political success

Former Mexican president stands behind comparing Trump to Hitler
During an interview, the former Mexican president said the Republican presidential front-runner “believes in the white supremacy”

Donald Trump: I’m a “unifier” for the Republican Party
Donald Trump has dubbed himself a “unifier” for the Republican Party after a dominant performance on Super Tuesday

Hillary Clinton focuses on Donald Trump after Super Tuesday
After her big Super Tuesday victories, many by huge margins, Hillary Clinton has turned her focus toward the Republicans

“Move to Canada” Google searches spike after Super Tuesday
After Donald Trump took Super Tuesday by storm

2 candidates for same Tenn. race die — including the winner
By time votes were counted, two of the three candidates vying to be Republican nominee for property assessor in Unicoi County had died

John Kasich: Maybe Marco Rubio is taking votes from me
He told reporters he would have won Vermont on Super Tuesday if Rubio hadn’t sent “one of his hit men” there

Twitter goes wild over Chris Christie’s face
Some users of the social media site jokingly speculated that Christie was being held hostage by the Trump campaign

Defense Department invites you to “Hack the Pentagon”
The Pentagon is giving vetted experts the chance to – legally – hack their computer systems

Mitt Romney to speak on state of 2016 race Thursday
The 2012 GOP presidential nominee has recently bashed Donald Trump

Marco Rubio: Super Tuesday was supposed to be Cruz’s night
Donald Trump cruised his way to victory on Super Tuesday

Carson: No “path forward,” will skip next debate
The Republican presidential candidate will address supporters at Friday’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland

Supreme Court hears major abortion case
The Supreme Court is hearing the biggest abortion case it’s seen in over 25 years

Abortion providers frustrated as SCOTUS hears Texas case
Doctor addresses challenges of working for Planned Parenthood and problems from “discrepancy” between medical and political “reality”

Six “fed up” N.J. newspapers demand Chris Christie step down
Governor’s approval rating has dropped to 27 percent since his endorsement of Donald Trump last week

Cruz: Trump is the one candidate Clinton can beat in general election
In an interview with Charlie Rose Tuesday night, Cruz said he hopes Republicans will rally around his campaign and unify against Trump

House, Senate GOP incumbents survive Tuesday primaries
Victories by Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby and Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, others, give hope that Trump won’t entirely upset GOP order

New York Times editorial board rips Donald Trump, GOP
Newspaper’s editorial board issued a blistering editorial of the party on Tuesday

De Blasio: Clinton Wall Street transcripts can stay private
The New York City mayor, a figure in the progressive movement, said Wednesday that Clinton’s platform is more important than what she said in speeches to Wall Street companies

Ted Cruz on his strategy to topple Donald Trump
​Republican candidate talks to “CBS This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose as exit polls offer some ammunition for Trump’s GOP opponents

Donald Trump dominates in GOP Super Tuesday races
Trump and his rivals remain at odds, and some GOP forces are trying to figure out a way to block Trump’s nomination

Clinton’s momentum grows after key Super Tuesday wins
Clinton won seven states with overwhelming support of black voters, older Democrats and women

Ted Cruz on unifying GOP against Donald Trump
74 percent of non-Trump voters say they will not be satisfied if Trump is the party’s nominee

What could stop Donald Trump from GOP nomination?
“Face the Nation” moderator John Dickerson and CBS News contributor and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan join “CBS This Morning”

GOP spending millions to stop Donald Trump’s surge
An anti-Trump Super PAC is planning a two-week ad blitz in the next round of states

Bob Schieffer: GOP establishment going through stages of grief
Donald Trump won seven states from Arkansas to Vermont, showing the breadth of his support and adding 234 delegates

Abortion debate returns to depleted Supreme Court
The court hears oral arguments on the case less than three weeks after Justice Antonin Scalia’s death

GOP strategists, donors sign on to anti-Trump super PAC
The effort comes just as Trump continued to shore up delegates in Super Tuesday nominating contests

Analysis: Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday
CBS News contributors Bob Schieffer and Peggy Noonan and CBS News political analyst Jamelle Bouie join CBSN to offer their thoughts on Donald Trump’s triumphant Super Tuesday

Lindsey Graham: “We’re gonna lose to Hillary Clinton”
The senator and onetime presidential candidate is grim about the prospect of Donald Trump as the GOP nominee

Joe Biden comments on Donald Trump
Vice President Joe Biden said Donald Trump’s campaign was “making the American people look in the mirror” while speaking at an event Tuesday

Bernie Sanders feels the love in Vermont
Sanders’ supporters still squarely behind their candidate despite Super Tuesday gains made by Hillary Clinton

Who supported Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio?
Where did each of the candidates perform well Tuesday and what does it mean for the road ahead?

Super Tuesday puts Clinton on track for the Dem nomination
The former secretary of State won seven of the 11 states that voted Tuesday, giving her a delegate lead that will be difficult for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to overcome

Seven takeaways from the Democratic exit polls
A look at where Hillary Clinton performed well and where she still struggles with voters

After Super Tuesday, is the GOP ready for a Donald Trump takeover?
After winning in every corner of the country, Trump looks like the GOP nominee — but the party’s establishment is vigorously resisting that reality

Full Video: Hillary Clinton addresses supporters in Florida on Super Tuesday
Hillary Clinton pulled no punches and went after GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump while addressing her supporters on Super Tuesday

Full Video: Marco Rubio addresses supporters in Florida
Marco Rubio talked about Donald Trump’s poll numbers going down and his trending upward while speaking to his supporters in Florida on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday 2016: Rubio says attacks on Trump are working
The Florida senator, speaking at a Super Tuesday campaign event in Miami, said the presidency “will never be held by a con artist”

Full Video: Ben Carson addresses supporters in Maryland
Ben Carson said the current political system is “rotten to the core” while addressing supporters on Super Tuesday

Marco Rubio vows to fight on after disappointing Super Tuesday
Florida senator keeps up attacks on Donald Trump, but his aggressive tact failed to convince Super Tuesday voters

Full Video: Ted Cruz says he’s the only one who can stop Donald Trump
Ted Cruz hit Donald Trump with some barbs as he gave a victory speech to his supporters in Texas on Super Tuesday

Lindsey Graham: Republicans are handing election to Hillary Clinton
S.C. senator, who failed in his bid to win GOP nomination, tells Charlie Rose Republicans are in a “demographic death spiral” and the divisiveness of Donald Trump will doom them in the general election

Ted Cruz takes victory lap after Super Tuesday wins
Cruz has won Oklahoma and Texas so far

Full Video: Donald Trump holds news conference after big Super Tuesday
“This has been an amazing evening,” Trump told the media in a wide-ranging news conference in Florida after enjoying a big Super Tuesday performance

Trump says he is a “unifier” after Super Tuesday wins
The Republican front-runner took credit for high turnout and promised to bring the party together

Super Tuesday 2016 Highlights: Hillary Clinton addresses Super Tuesday win
While addressing her supporters following projected wins in a number of Super Tuesday states, Hillary Clinton turned her attention from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination to the general election

Super Tuesday 2016 highlights: Marco Rubio continues attacks on Trump
An optimistic Marco Rubio kept Donald Trump in his crosshairs while addressing supporters on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday 2016 highlights: John Kasich stays positive
John Kasich told his supporters that “people do want to hear something that’s positive,” while speaking in Mississippi on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday 2016 highlights: Ben Carson’s staying in the race
While addressing his supporters in Maryland, Ben Carson said he would continue his campaign for the GOP nomination despite a poor Super Tuesday performance

Super Tuesday 2016 highlights: Ted Cruz takes victory lap
Ted Cruz told supporters he is the only one who can stop Donald Trump after picking up wins in Oklahoma and his home state of Texas on Super Tuesday

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