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7 Style Tips for Bernie Sanders
We’re not saying Bernie needs to change, but these tips would add a little polish.

The Watch That Survived 340 Days in Space
Scott Kelly returned from space wearing an Omega Speedmaster watch — the same that went t[…]

Suits Just Got Way More Comfortable
Designers are creating new options that are just as relaxed, flexible, and breathable […]

Tuck in Your Shirt, Make More Money
A new survey suggests the simple act leads to happiness, optimism, and a better salary.

4 Ways to Prevent Dry, Itchy Skin Before it Starts
Biting winds outside, dry air inside — here’s how to protect yourself during the unforgiving m[…]

Adidas’s Plan to Print You Custom Running Shoes
The brand’s FutureCraft 3D could soon be customized, fitted, and printed immediately in store.&[…]

How Miller High Life is Embracing Its Heritage
The Champagne of Beers looks to its past for a new clothing line.

Don’t Be This Guy
A real man bun requires long hair and a little testicular fortitude. Don’t take the easy w[…]

Get a More Successful Haircut
Switching up your look can have more of an impact than you think.

J.Crew’s New Winter Collection Really Does Have it All
Everything you need to upgrade your cold weather wardrobe in one place.

Winter is Coming: Why It’s the Best Time of Year to Wear a Suit
Here’s how to elevate your suit game for the season at hand.

6 Good Reasons to Finally Get That Tattoo
There’s never been a better time to get inked.

How Much Should You Actually Spend On a Leather Jacket?
Sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra.

Why It’s Finally Time to Consider the Straight Razor
You might want to reevaluate the way you’ve been removing hair from your face all these years.

The Sabbatical Beard, Perfected By Late Night Hosts
Whether exploring the unknown, writing your next act, or just looking for a change, there’s only one[…]

WTF? Marc Maron Says Season 4 of ‘Maron’ May Be His Last
“After three seasons of tapping my life for real stories, I was sort of like, ‘What the hell happens[…]

Wear Your Liquor Well: Booze Brands Gear We’d Actually Buy
From a Schott NYC peacoat to Quoddy shoes and Woolrich shirts.

The Stylish NMD May Be Adidas’s Best Sneaker Yet
The man behind the Yeezy Boost just dropped a new lightweight, comfortable, durable d[…]

Stylish Puffy Jackets (That Aren’t Too Puffy)
Great looking durable coats that will keep you toasty all winter, while limiting the Michelin M[…]

Why 2015 Was the Year of Air Jordan
Hir Airness proved once again that no sneaker brand really comes close.

Ryan Seacrest Explains the New Rules for Dress Codes
Wait, what the hell is business casual?

How to Write a Thank-You Note
Updating a timeless class act for the digital age.

How Japan Saved American Blue Jeans
An excerpt from W. David Marx’s Ametora: How Japan Saved American Style.

Power Laces Have Finally Arrived: The Digitsole Smart Sneaker
Track your fitness, warm your feet, and manage comfort through your iPhone.

Don’t Be Like Bieber: Another Man Bun Casualty
Is it too late now to say sorry?

Jason Sudeikis’s Jordans: How Not to Wear Sneakers With a Tux
There’s a basic suiting rule the star should have kept in mind before heading out: fit.

The 10 Best Episodes of The X-Files
The ten best episodes of The X-Files that you should go back and watch.

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