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How one hashtag can ruin your life
Syfy’s new show, “The Internet ruined my life,” portrays the dark side of the Internet.

U.S. punishes Chinese tech giant sanctions
The U.S. government is imposing export restrictions on Chinese telecom manufacturer ZTE over an alleged scheme to dodge sanctions against Iran.

She’s trying to fix a glaring tech problem
Nearly 75% of private tech companies have no women on their board. Entrepreneur Sukhinder Singh Cassidy launched The Boardlist to fix this.

Kraft changed its mac & cheese recipe and nobody noticed
Kraft’s new mac & cheese recipe changed in December, and nobody noticed.

Galaxy S7 Edge is as sexy as it is smart
The new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is good looking and performs well, but the company still treats the phone’s curved screen like a gimmick and it should stop.

Feds ask judge to review decision in New York iPhone case
The U.S. Department of Justice has asked a judge to intervene and force Apple to unlock an iPhone belonging to a New York drug dealer.

MH370: Could a plane vanish again?
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She’s in the business of rewiring your mind
Patrycja Slawuta is helping high-performing individuals rewire their brains. I attended one of her Self Hackathon events. Here’s what it was like.

India’s big move into solar is already paying off
India’s massive bet on solar power is paying off far earlier than anticipated as the price of supplying electricity from solar plummets to levels near that of coal.

Apple computers targeted in ‘ransomware’ attack
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Frank Underwood is back! And so is Netflix’s stock
Netflix shares have surged from the lows they hit earlier this year. With “House of Cards” and “Daredevil” returning this month and more hits on the way, analysts think the company’s subscriber count will continue to swell around the world.

Facebook to pay more UK tax
Facebook is likely to pay millions more in taxes in the U.K. after making changes to its corporate structure.

How a free computer changed this Harlem teen’s life
Mamadou Diallo hosts hackathons for teens, takes AP classes, and teaches others to code. His cousin, Amadou Diallo, was shot by the police in 1999. That’s just one thing fueling his desire to work at a social impact startup one day.

They’re bringing Korean beauty to the U.S.
David and Charlotte Cho are the duo behind Soko Glam, a marketplace for Korean beauty products that just raised $2 million.

Why GoPro’s stock crash looks too extreme
The GoPro hate parade may have gotten a little out of hand. An analysis by LikeFolio provided exclusively to CNNMoney shows that GoPro stock has crashed a lot more than its ratings among consumers on social media.

Intuit finds a buyer for Quicken
Quicken’s general manager is about to take on the role of part-owner.

Who’s with Apple and who’s with the FBI
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Another ex-Yelp worker is calling the company out
A single mother and former Yelper claims she was fired from the online review company after requesting unpaid time off for a personal emergency.

Who’s ready for a self-cleaning airplane bathroom?
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Drones armed with guns and flamethrowers face ban
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Google wants to help map Zika outbreaks
To help combat Zika, Google is teaming up with UNICEF and Elmo.

These new virtual reality roller coasters look incredible
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Silicon Valley engineer: ‘We’re in a really precarious moment with race relations’
Racism is a deep-rooted problem in Silicon Valley. Black tech workers react to racism at Facebook and in the tech industry.

Beauty + Instagram savvy = Supermodel success?
Today’s supermodels need both a gorgeous face and social media smarts. Just look at Gigi Hadid.

Husband of San Bernardino victim backs Apple
The husband of a victim of the San Bernardino terror attack has backed Apple in its fight over the security of its iPhones.

Star Wars’ JJ Abrams to debut series on XPrize contestants
Google Lunar XPrize competitors vying to complete the first privately funded mission to the moon will have their journeys immortalized in a 9-part documentary series.

Uber launches in Pakistan
Uber launches in Lahore, Pakistan, with additional safety measures to keep riders safe.

Facebook faces privacy probe in Germany
German authorities have opened an antitrust probe into Facebook, saying it might be abusing its dominant market position by breaching data protection rules.

ACLU: FBI wants to ‘commandeer’ Apple
Apple has gotten support from the ACLU in its FBI lawsuit.

Eric Schmidt gets a job at the Pentagon
Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt has gotten a job at the Pentagon to make it more tech savvy.

Five men with one mission: Keep women in India safe
Leaf Wearables, a startup launched by five tech students from New Delhi, has designed smart jewelry that aims to keep women in India safe.

Apple helped search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370
Apple said it worked to help investigators find the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

Judge orders Facebook VP to be released from Brazilian jail
Facebook VP for Latin America Diego Dzodan was set to be released after being arrested in Brazil for not helping police in a drug trafficking investigation.

Zynga founder out as CEO — again
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UK police could hack phones and browse internet records
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Microsoft has a new system that alerts you when you’re hacked
Microsoft’s new Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection tool alerts customers to hacks.

Virtual reality Happy Meal comes to McDonald’s in Sweden
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Apple patent hints that iPhone 7 EarPods could be wireless
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DA says Apple is crippling investigations across the country
Cyrus Vance will testify at a House hearing that Apple’s encryption policy is crippling investigations across the United States.

Trump voters ‘don’t care about facts,’ says former Apple CEO John Sculley
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Meet the $18 million Yahoo exec you’ve never heard of
Lisa Utzschneider received a staggering pay package when she hired on as a senior vice president at Yahoo in late 2014.

Judge sides with Apple over feds in New York
A federal magistrate judge in New York City has ruled that the U.S. government can’t force Apple to hack an iPhone to investigate a drug dealer.

Google’s self-driving car at fault in accident
Google’s self-driving car had a fender bender with a Mountain View city bus, and the company admits fault for the first time.

HP chief Meg Whitman calls Trump ‘unfit to be president’
Meg Whitman, CEO of HP, called Trump ‘unfit to be president’ and yanked her support for Christie, who recently endorsed Trump’s presidential bid.

Snapchat employee fell for phishing scam
A Snapchat employee fell for a phishing scam last week, compromising the identity information of other existing and ex-employees.

DA says Apple is crippling investigations across the country
Cyrus Vance will testify at a House hearing that Apple’s encryption policy is crippling investigations across the United States.

This company helps blind people see
Second Sight, a company that makes retinal implants, is making it possible for some blind people to regain a tiny bit of their vision. It’s cool technology — but the stock may gotten ahead of itself.

Mark Zuckerberg is ‘very concerned’ about ISIS threats
Mark Zuckerberg says he’s “very concerned” about ISIS threats over Facebook’s takedown but that there have been worse threats.

Google parent says $3.5 billion at stake as Intel battles IRS
Google parent company Alphabet says it will earn $3.5 billion in tax benefits if Intel wins a court battle with the IRS.

Warren Buffett says he’s not ready for Tinder
Warren Buffett was feisty and folksy in his annual letter to Berkshire shareholders. He defended the company’s sluggish stock performance and relationship with 3G Capital. He also joked that he’s not into swiping right. Or left for that matter.

Tim Cook: Standing up to FBI is ‘right thing to do’
Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated his position on the encryption versus national security debate during the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Friday.

Zenefits lays off 250 employees
The startup is laying off 17% of its workforce in the latest shakeup after allegations of fraud and a disastrous company culture.

What it will cost Apple to help the FBI hack an iPhone
Read full story for latest details.

Hong Kong leader falls victim to Facebook’s ‘angry face’ feature
Hong Kong citizens are showing their dislike for the city’s top official, clicking ‘angry’ on his official Facebook entries.

This doctor is working on an alternative to chemotherapy
Dr. Vijay Chudasama has developed a less harmful way to treat cancer.

China’s Uber rival Didi Kuaidi is raising $1 billion
Didi Kuaidi is raising around $1 billion in a new funding round, according to a person close to the situation.

These women are turning science into cash
These woman have taken a love of engineering and turned it into innovative entrepreneurial ventures.

Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft pledge support for Apple
Apple’s biggest technology rivals, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook, say they will support the company in its court battle against the FBI.

Apple’s lawyer: If we lose, it will lead to a ‘police state’
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Carson, Cruz and Rubio agree with Obama on Apple during GOP debate
During the Republican debate, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio agreed with President Obama that Apple should comply with the court’s order.

Zuckerberg loses patience over racial insensitivity at Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg is upset about several recent incidents where people have crossed out “black lives matter” and written “all lives matter” on the walls at Facebook.

SpaceX aborts launch second day in a row
SpaceX planned to launch Thursday night, but aborted the launch with less than two minutes left in the countdown.

Android phones are easier for police to crack than iPhones
What if the next terrorist uses a locked Android phone? In most cases, the FBI will have an easier time cracking it. Or it could be next to impossible.

Apple to court: Government can’t force us to write code
Apple told a court that it shouldn’t have to help the FBI unlock a San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, claiming its computer code is protected by the First Amendment’s right to free speech and shouldn’t be “conscripted” to work for the government.

Apple vs. FBI: A timeline
A timeline of what happens next in the Apple-FBI case.

Ron Conway: I hope founders have political aspirations
Silicon Valley investor Ron Conway talks immigration reform and Donald Trump at the Startup Grind Global Conference.

Anne Wojcicki: FDA shutdown was ‘transformative’
23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki discussed the company’s regulatory battles and her goal to create a health care revolution at the Startup Grind Global Conference.

Apple’s next goal: an unbreakable iPhone
Apple engineers see their next goal as making an unbreakable version of the device — impenetrable from thieves, hackers, police… and even the company.

Apple’s case against the FBI won’t be easy
Apple’s case against the FBI is going to be an uphill battle.

Foxconn casts doubt on deal to buy Japan’s Sharp
Taiwan’s Foxconn said it was postponing a deal to buy struggling Japanese electronics firm Sharp while it reviews new information.

Marc Andreessen: There aren’t enough unicorns
Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen talked unicorns and innovation at Startup Grind’s Global Conference.

SpaceX to launch satellite that will expand internet and TV in India
SpaceX is launching a spacecraft Wednesday that will carry a new satellite into orbit that could give more Indians access to the internet. But a successful landing of the rocket is “not expected.”

Apple Watch had a disappointing holiday quarter
Apple Watch had a disappointing holiday quarter, shipping far fewer units than analysts expected, according to a new IDC report.

She’s created 7,000 jobs for people in poverty
Leila Janah launched Sama Group to help those in poverty learn digital skills and generate income.

Uber rolls out motorcycle taxi service in Bangkok
You can now hail an Uber motorcycle taxi in Bangkok, Thailand, after the country introduced a new service in the city.

Apple’s stock has worms but FBI isn’t one of them
Apple’s battle with the FBI doesn’t really matter for the stock. Apple’s biggest problem is lackluster iPhone sales. That could soon change. Chinese consumers are buying more smartphones. And the iPhone 7 will be out later this year.

Unicorn once worth $2.7 billion collapses into bankruptcy
E-commerce company Powa Technologies, once valued at $2.7 billion, has gone into bankruptcy and laid off a quarter of its staff.

Facebook turns on ‘Reactions’ for all customers
Six is better than one? The Like button gets five new friends — “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad,” and “Angry.”

Google’s new robot is now even more human
Google’s latest version of the Atlas robot can open doors, balance while walking through the snow, place objects on a shelf and pick itself up after being knocked down.

If I’d listened to investors, my company wouldn’t be here
Postmates cofounder Bastian Lehmann said focusing on the company’s gross profit margin — instead of scaling at all costs — is why his company is still around.

Apple vs. the FBI … in 2 minutes
Apple and the FBI are engaged in a major standoff over the security of its iPhones.

Microsoft is fighting the DOJ too
Microsoft’s Ireland case is very similar to Apple’s fight against the FBI.

Congressman tells FBI to back down on Apple
The FBI wants to force Apple to help it hack into a dead terrorist’s iPhone, but now a congressman wants the FBI to back off.

Apple promises privacy – but not on iCloud
Read full story for latest details.

Mark Zuckerberg backs Apple in encryption debate
Read full story for latest details.

Gogo shares spike after American Airlines drops lawsuit
American Airlines and in-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo are starting to play nice, and investors like what they see.

Fitbit flatlines. Stock plunges on weak outlook
Read full story for latest details.

Bill Gates says Apple-FBI fight is not black and white
Tech industry scion Bill Gates has suggested that Apple is mischaracterizing its fight against an FBI request to unlock the iPhone of deceased San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook.

Want to clean up India? Turn trash into free Wi-Fi
Indian startup ThinkScream has invented a smart trash can that rewards people with 15 minutes of free Wi-Fi every time they throw something away.

You have to spend more for free shipping at Amazon
It’s now more expensive to qualify for free shipping on Amazon if you aren’t a Prime member.

Will Marissa Mayer be Yahoo’s last CEO?
Yahoo shares rose following reports that the company may be reaching out to potential bidders for its core business. A sale of Yahoo may be the only way to silence critics of CEO Marissa Mayer, who has failed to turn the company around.

‘AI can solve world’s biggest problems’ – Google Brain engineer
Google Brain’s Quoc Le shares his belief that artificial intelligence and deep learning will shape the future.

MasterCard launching selfie payments
MasterCard wants to ditch the old-fashioned password and use selfies to approve online purchases.

Samsung debuts its first VR camera, the Gear 360
Read full story for latest details.

FBI director says Apple encryption demand is ‘about the victims’
FBI Director James Comey says his agency’s demand that Apple break into the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters is “about the victims and justice.”

Tim Cook emails Apple staff: ‘This case is about more than a single phone’
Read full story for latest details.

Ford CEO: Our ‘customers own their data’
Ford CEO Mark Fields says Ford will work to keep driving data from cars private as it watches FBI-Apple dispute.

Yelp CEO responds to employee’s open letter about low wages
Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman responded via Twitter to a former employee’s open letter about the company’s low wages.

Women sellers on eBay get paid less than men
eBay sellers who are women make less on products than men — about 80 cents less per dollar.

Apple says law enforcement missed chance to back up shooter’s phone
Apple said law enforcement made a mistake after the San Bernardino shooting and missed a chance to get into the shooter’s iCloud account.

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