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Here are the latest reports from The Wall Street Journals ‘China Real Time’.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Zhou Xiaochuan Didn’t Talk Up Stock Markets, PBOC Says
A year ago, central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan joined a chorus of official voices talking up the nation’s stock markets; this week his office denied he did it again.

Will Apple’s ‘Cheapest iPhone in History’ Satisfy Chinese Consumers?
The topic “cheapest iPhone in history” is trending today on Chinese social network Weibo. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone SE is what most Chinese consumers want.

People’s Daily Chief Warns of ‘Historic Mistake’ if China Loses Grip on New Media
In a lengthy essay, the chief editor of China’s People’s Daily warned that Beijing could make a “historic mistake” if it fails to control new media and harness it for propaganda.

China’s Top 100 Brands: Slower Growth, Tech Wins
Chinese brands are gaining on their international rivals, but their growth is slowing, reflecting China’s economic slowdown.

China Takes Action Over ‘Ip Man 3′ Box-Office Sales
China’s film regulators suspended the license of a film distributor for inflating ticket sales for the movie “Ip Man 3,” state media said, sending a broad message against box-office fraud.

China’s Aviation Dreams Hit Turbulence
Beijing has long wanted to develop an advanced aerospace industry capable of rivaling Western giants such as Airbus and Boeing. Here is a look back at some of China’s efforts so far.

How Are Students From China and India Changing U.S. Colleges?
The number of international students attending U.S. universities has increased dramatically in recent years.

Mutual Admiration Society: Facebook’s Zuckerberg and Alibaba’s Ma
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Alibaba founder Jack Ma share a stage in China to discuss the Internet’s role in the economy, and exchange compliments for the other country’s business culture.

Video: North Korea’s Latest Missile Test Raises Tensions
Two days after President Obama announced new sanctions against North Korea, Pyongyang launched another ballistic missile into the sea.

Chinese City Publicly Shames Migrant Workers Who Protested Unpaid Wages
At the behest of a local court, eight suspects were paraded onto a stage before hundreds of onlookers in southwestern China this week, each flanked by a pair of police officers as they prepared to face the music.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Goes Running in ‘Hazardous’ Beijing Smog
Mark Zuckerberg took his wooing of China to a different level on Friday when he jovially ran through Tiananmen Square, sans a pollution mask, when the city’s air quality index was above 300, or “hazardous.”

Heavy Recruitment of Chinese Students Sows Discord on U.S. Campuses
Chutian Shao moved from China to the Midwest college town of Champaign, Ill., a few years ago. Some days, he says, it feels as if he hasn’t traveled very far at all.

Beijing Resumes Formal Ties With Gambia, in Signal to Taipei
China and Gambia renewed diplomatic ties Thursday, as Beijing signaled to Taiwan’s incoming president not to reverse her predecessor’s shift toward warmer relations with the mainland.

5 Things to Know About Chinese Consumers
China’s economy is slowing down. But consumers aren’t closing their wallets, a new report says.

Chinese Tech Firm Tells Users: We May Hand Over Your Data to the Government
Tech companies tend to squirm when asked what happens to users’ data in China. But one company isn’t mincing words.

Chinese Firm Seeks Foreign Woman to Arrange Clothes, Make Fruit Salad for ‘Leader’
If you’re a good-looking woman with a college degree, fluent English and an interest in arranging clothes or preparing tea and fruit salad for a Chinese machinery tycoon, Sany Heavy Industry has just the job for you.

Highlights From China’s National People’s Congress
China’s biggest annual political event, the National People’s Congress, came to an end Wednesday after a two-week meeting.

Talent Flows to Chinese Internet Businesses
Chinese professionals and executives are leaving traditional industries for the fast-growing Internet sector, just as Internet companies extend their reach into retail, finance, manufacturing and other industries.

Where’s the Second Round? China’s Sluggish Economic Reform Spurs Doubts
China restructured its economy once. Why can’t it do it again?

Part-Time Internship with The Wall Street Journal’s Beijing Bureau
The Wall Street Journal is offering paid internships in its Beijing bureau to undergraduates or graduate students who intend to pursue a career in journalism.

Behind Velvet Ropes, China’s Premier Lauds Ministers’ Openness
China’s Premier Li Keqiang said he ordered his cabinet ministers to be more open with reporters during the nation’s top annual parliamentary meeting – then promptly awarded them high marks for their efforts.

At China’s Legislative Meeting, ‘Fake Foreign Media’ Take a Lower Profile
Has China decided that fake foreign reporters aren’t worth the effort?

The Good — And Bad — About China’s New Charity Law
China’s new charity law could encounter resistance from local government officials, and maybe even from some of the nonprofit groups it’s intended to help.

China Mixes Cash, Coercion to Ease Labor Unrest
A protest by Chinese coal workers over unpaid wages drew a swift response: payoffs or threats of police action.

U.S. Says It Is in Talks With China’s ZTE on Trade Sanctions
The U.S. Commerce Department on Tuesday confirmed it is in talks with ZTE Corp. over the Chinese company’s alleged violations of U.S. trade rules.

China’s Censors Battle Mounting Defiance
Yang Jisheng knows all about censorship. His book “Tombstone,” an epic account of Mao Zedong’s great famine, is banned in China.

Chinese Phone Maker Xiaomi Takes Aim at Bicycle Market
Xiaomi Corp. is broadening its net beyond cheap smartphones, with products ranging from rainbow-colored batteries to a Segway-like scooter. Now the Chinese company is getting into bicycles.

How One Icelander Remembers 1976 — China’s Year of the Fire Dragon
The year 1976 was a momentous one in China. For one Icelandic diplomat, it still reverberates.

Why Does China Lag Behind on Charitable Giving?
A new law on charitable activities aims to uncork China’s untapped reserve of giving.

17% of Hong Kong’s Domestic Workers Are Engaged in Forced Labor, Study Says
A Justice Centre survey of more than 1,000 domestic workers in Hong Kong found that 17% were engaged in forced labor.

Chinese Judge Criticizes Televised Confessions
Chinese media have no business deciding guilt or innocence, a high-ranking Chinese judge said in a recent interview in Beijing.

How Chinese Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Is Betting on India’s E-Commerce Boom
Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp. is betting on an e-commerce boom in India to help offset slowing sales at home.

Picture China: Longtaitou Festival, Building on the Move in Wuhan

The day’s China news in photos.

Cautious Reception for Head of China’s Securities Regulation
China’s new securities regulator may be better than his predecessor at soothing the markets, investors and analysts who monitored Liu Shiyu’s debut media event said.

Writing China: David Shambaugh, ‘China’s Future’
Without political reform, writes David Shambaugh, the economic overhauls that China is embarked upon will stall and the overall economy will stagnate – although not collapse.

China Suggests Terror Convictions Surged. Did They?
China has waged a campaign to extinguish terrorist violence in its Central Asian frontier region of Xinjiang. Its effectiveness is hard to assess from the government’s latest statistics.

China Real Time Tries Pizza Hut’s New Durian Pizza So You Don’t Have To
If you like pizza, and you like durian, will you also love durian pizza?

China’s Highest Court Eyes Judicial Reform, While a Lawyer Criticizes TV Confessions
The annual meetings of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference offer opportunities to express views on possible law reforms.

Heard in the Hutong: What Do Beijingers Think of the Housing Market?

What do Beijing residents think of the housing market? We hit the streets to find out.

China Car Sales Hit the Brakes in February
Growth cooled in the world’s largest light-vehicle market in early 2016, raising a caution flag for dealers becoming reluctant to put too much inventory on car lots amid concerns about the broader economy and stock market.

Chinese Official: No Western Values in the Classroom … Except for Marxism
A Chinese government minister’s defense of ideology in the classroom has ignited a frenzied online debate over what it means to keep Western values out of the country’s schools.

China Cracks Down on VPNs During Political Meetings
China often tightens its Internet restrictions around sensitive political events, and it appears to have done so again this week for an annual gathering of top officials in the capital.

Five Surprising Proposals at China’s Legislative Meetings
China’s legislative meetings provide a venue for delegates to contribute their ideas on charting the country’s development –and each year, a few raise ideas that are decidedly outside the box.

In Ancient Chinese Game of Go, Google’s Computer Software Can’t Be Stopped
The ancient Chinese game of Go was the last professionally played board game in which top pros were unchallenged by machines. Not any longer.

China Offers Afghanistan Army Expanded Military Aid
China has offered the Afghanistan army expanded military aid to combat the Taliban, according to the Afghan Defense Ministry, a move that reflects Beijing’s readiness to deepen its engagement with the war-torn country.

What’s In A Growth Target? For China, Hope And Simple Math
What’s in an economic growth target? When it comes to China, not all that much.

China’s Evergrande Taobao is the World’s Most Highly Valued Soccer Team … Or Is It?
A new eyebrow-raising Chinese statistic: one of the country’s top soccer teams may carry a value $1 billion more than famed Manchester United.

Are China’s Box-Office Numbers Fudged? Regulators Investigate ‘Ghost Screenings’
China is poised to overtake the U.S. as the biggest movie market in the world, but how many people are really in the audience?

The U.S. May Be an Engine of the World Economy, But Perhaps Not For Long
The U.S. is once more a key driver of global growth but its influence is still not as pronounced as it was 20 years ago—and it could well begin to fade in the coming years.

China, Fighting Money Exodus, Squeezes Business
Chinese officials are trying anew to slow an unprecedented money exodus from the country.

China Takes Hands-Off Approach as ‘Whack-a-Mole’ Property Market Returns
China’s “whack-a-mole” property market is making a comeback – but it seems the central government isn’t reaching for the hammer just yet.

China’s ‘Bad Banks’ Need a Lifeline, NPC Delegate Says
With soured loans piling up amid China’s economic slowdown, the country’s “bad banks” are now in urgent need of fresh funds, a delegate to China’s National People’s Congress says in a new proposal.

Photos: MH370 Relatives Mark Two Years Since Flight’s Disappearance
Family members of those aboard missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 mark two years since the plane’s disappearance.

How to Set Up Shell Companies to Sell to Iran, ZTE Edition
A company memo prepared by ZTE’s legal department is a step-by-step guide for setting up shell companies to circumvent U.S. export controls.

China Returns Donald Trump’s Love-Hate
After simmering for several months, Chinese interest in the Republican presidential primary front-runner has built into a rolling boil.

No More Drama: China’s TV Insiders Lash Out at Censorship During Legislative Gathering
The Chinese public is mourning the government’s recent tightening of restrictions on TV content — and so are several of the country’s most famous TV professionals.

In Rare Act of Leniency, Chinese Dissident Lawyer Is Released, Flown to U.S.
A Chinese lawyer detained in a nationwide sweep of legal activists last year was released and flown to the U.S.

Whack-a-Tiger: Xi Jinping Clobbers Corrupt Officials in New Video
A new animated video making the rounds on China’s state-run media depicts a cartoon version of Xi Jinping vanquishing officials with a mallet, whack-a-mole style.

China’s Carbon Emissions May Have Already Peaked, Study Says
Could China’s emissions of carbon dioxide already have peaked? New research from two U.K.-based climate institutes says that may be the case.

China’s Leaders Put the Economy on Bubble Watch
China’s leaders made clear they are emphasizing growth over restructuring this year, but suggested they are trying to avoid inflating debt or asset bubbles.

Picture China: National People’s Congress Convenes in Beijing
The day’s China news in photos.

Build a Better ‘Made in China’ Rice Cooker, Urges Xiaomi’s Lei Jun
The day when Chinese rice cookers can make grains dance is when the “Made in China” label can offer allure to the increasingly discerning Chinese consumer, says Xiaomi’s Lei Jun.

Drone Makers Have Eyes For Asia’s Skies
From splashy flagship store openings to flying lessons and rental services, some drone companies are vying for new customers in Asia.

The Largest Movie Theater Operator in the U.S. May Soon Be Chinese
In the latest blockbuster overseas acquisition by a Chinese company, AMC Entertainment will buy Carmike Cinemas, becoming the U.S.’s — and the world’s — largest movie-theater operator.

Early Look: China’s Soft Economic Growth Challenges Decision Makers
As China’s leaders and policymakers gather for the annual parliament meetings, they are facing some harsh economic challenges: sluggish industrial growth, weak foreign trade and four full years’ of industrial deflation.

At China’s Rubber-Stamp Parliament, Real Stamps Are All the Rage
On Saturday in a small, jam-packed room tucked inside Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, the atmosphere was one of barely-suppressed excitement.

China NPC: More ‘Development,’ ‘Growth’ and ‘Military,’ Less ‘Work’ and ‘Justice’
Up this year in China: tax, growth and adjustment. No, not in percentage terms. Instead, these are words that Premier Li Keqiang used in the Work Report for 2016 that he delivered on Saturday.

5 Takeaways from China’s New Policy Programs
Chinese leaders are confronting a stubbornly slowing economy. Here are five takeaways from their plans.

The Limits of Growth: Economic Headwinds Inform China’s Latest Military Budget
With GDP growth slowing and social and demographic headwinds mounting, Chinese leaders face increasingly difficult tradeoffs concerning the country’s military budget.

China Sets Economic Growth Target of 6.5% to 7% for 2016
China has set an economic growth target of between 6.5% and 7% for 2016 and an average of at least 6.5% over the next five years.

China NPC 2016: The Reports
China Real Time has scanned and uploaded the text of this year’s government work report and other documents, in both English and Chinese.

‘Lianghui Gray:’ Smog Chokes Beijing as National People’s Congress Kicks Off
On the eve of its biggest political pageant of the year, Beijing was stubbornly hunkered down in the midst of one of its regular “airpocalypses.”

Is China’s Economic Slowdown Putting a Dent in Xi Jinping’s Military Ambitions?
China’s defense budget will increase by 7%-8% in 2016, its slowest rate in at least six years, a senior Chinese official announced on Friday.

Making Waves: In Blow to Foreign Films, China Gives ‘Mermaid’ Three-Month Boost
China’s film regulators have agreed to expand the screening period of a recent domestic hit to an unprecedented four months — virtually ensuring that no foreign film can surpass the highest-grossing Chinese film of all time.

China Will Make Sure Iron Ore’s Rebound Won’t Last
After losing three fourths of its value in five years, iron ore can get excited easily. All the more reason for investors to be skeptical of a rally in a commodity that looks trapped in China’s slowdown.

Beijing Has China’s Best Environment for Startups, New Survey Says
Amid the fervor for entrepreneurism sweeping across China, a new survey shows that Beijing is considered to have the country’s best environment for startups.

‘Do Not Overkill:’ Report Sheds New Light on Chinese Censorship
A new report peels back the curtain on how China’s Twitter-like microblogging service, Weibo, handles censorship requests.

Picture China: ‘Beat the Iron Ball’ Ceremony in Fujian
In the village of Zheqiancun in southeast China’s Fujian province, residents gathered this weekfor the Da Tieqiu (“Beat the Iron Ball”) event, in which villagers flay their backs with urchin-shaped balls until they bleed.

China, the U.S. and the ‘Thucydides Trap:’ Q&A with Professor Harry Harding
University of Virginia professor Harry Harding sees hardening positions in Beijing and Washington, as well as on Main Street U.S.A.

Heard in the Hutong: What’s Fueling Violence Against Chinese Judges and Doctors?
Physical attacks against those in China’s judicial and medical professions are on the rise. We asked Beijingers for their thoughts on the reasons behind the violence.

Amid Apple-FBI Fight, China Looms
Apple’s refusal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s request to help unlock a shooter’s iPhone has been a hot topic not only in its home country but in its biggest foreign market: China.

5 Things to Watch After North Korea Sanctions
The United Nations Security Council voted to impose the toughest-ever sanctions on North Korea following its recent nuclear bomb test and rocket launch. Here are five things to know following the latest penalties.

Today’s ‘Kings Without Crowns?’ — The Growing Powers of Xi’s Party Disciplinarians
After hunting corrupt cadres over the past three years, the Communist Party’s much-feared graftbusters are switching gears to political policing. In the process, they have emerged with an authority perhaps unparalleled since ancient China.

No Down Payment? Chinese City Releases Bold Plan to Woo Home Buyers – Then Quickly Backtracks
A Chinese city has unveiled an unorthodox plan to ease its property glut – but the proposal may be a bit too bold for the higher authorities’ liking.

Advice From Mao Recycled in the Era of Xi Jinping: ‘Play the Piano?’
Last week, on the orders of President Xi Jinping, the party told its 88 million members to study Mao Zedong’s 1949 treatise on work style, a set of guidelines that urged consultative leadership and unity among cadres.

Let It Snow: AB InBev Reaches Deal for Sale of SABMiller’s Chinese Beer Business
Anheuser-Busch InBev NV said it has agreed to sell SABMIller PLC’s Chinese beer business to China Resources Beer Holdings Co.

Global Currency War? U.S. Officials Are Counting on a Continuing Truce
Some investors were calling for a coordinated currency intervention when officials from the world’s top economies met recently. Instead they got an agreement to “consult closely” with each other on exchange-rate polices.

China’s Annual Political Festival: What You Need to Know
Lawmakers and political advisers from all over China are gathering in Beijing in early March for what’s known as the lianghui, or “Two Sessions.” The WSJ’s Felicia Sonmez explains what happens at this annual political event.

China’s Muzzled Microbloggers
Real-estate developer Ren Zhiqiang is only the latest government critic to find himself in Beijing’s crosshairs. Here’s a look at some of the influential user accounts deleted from China’s Weibo social media platform.

Aging Workers, Slowing Productivity: China’s Changing Demographics
China is aging and urbanizing. Its productivity rate is slowing and it still favors males. That’s all according to new data from China’s National Bureau of Statistics, which gives a glimpse at China’s 1.37 billion in numbers.

China’s Central Bank Can’t Shed a Culture of Secrecy
The Chinese central bank, says Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan, is “neither a god nor a magician.”

Economists React: China’s Manufacturing Weakened Sharply in February
Manufacturing in the world’s second-largest economy hit another speed bump in February as China remains weighed down by overcapacity and weak demand.

Hong Kong Booksellers Confess to Illegal Sales in China
Four Hong Kong booksellers who had vanished and later reappeared in Chinese police custody said they illegally sold books to customers in mainland China, according to televised interviews and a Chinese news report.

Chinese Officials May Be Committing To A Strong Yuan After All
A surprise loosening step by the People’s Bank of China, which announced Monday it would lower reserve requirements on banks, left many investors feeling Chinese officials had gone back on recent promises to keep the currency strong.

China Cheers Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Win, Though Online Broadcasts Halted
Movie fans in China had been eagerly awaiting the moment when Leonardo DiCaprio would receive his long-due Oscar statue — but Chinese video streaming sites rained on their parade.

Economists React: China’s ‘Surprise’ Bank Reserve Cut
The People’s Bank of China announced a 0.5 percentage point cut in the capital that bank are required to keep on reserve with the central bank, effective March 1. Here are some economists’ reactions to the move.

Don’t Expect China’s Corruption Inspectors to Work Miracles
As China’s anticorruption campaign enters into its fourth year, the importance of inspection teams in catching corrupt officials has become obvious, writes Yiyi Lu.

Slaying of Beijing Judge Prompts Horror in China’s Embattled Legal Community
The case of a Beijing judge gunned down late last week — the latest in a slew of physical attacks against the profession — has triggered horror and introspection among China’s legal community.

Sharp Races to Save Foxconn Deal, as Share Price Plummets
Taiwanese electronics assembler Foxconn Technology Group and Japan’s Sharp Corp. are scrambling to salvage their proposed marriage.

China Moves to Revive Its Sway in Myanmar
China is trying to rekindle its influence in Myanmar by building a deep-water port here, presenting an early test for the incoming government led by Aung San Suu Kyi.

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