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Bear bone found in 1903 alters the story of Ireland
A single bear bone has transformed what we thought we knew about Irish history, showing humans were tromping through the country 2,500 years earlier than history books claim.

Shakespeare grave scan shows playwright’s skull was ‘probably’ stolen, archaeologists say
A team of archaeologists has claimed that William Shakespeare’s skull was “probably” stolen from its final resting place in his hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

Second suspect reportedly sought in Brussels subway bombing
Authorities are searching for a second possible suspect in Tuesday morning’s suicide bombing of a subway in central Brussels, Belgian and French media reported Thursday.

Alabama gov admits making inappropriate remarks to staffer
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley admitted Wednesday that he made inappropriate remarks to a top female staffer, but he denied accusations that he had a physical affair.

Feds discover 400-yard, cross-border tunnel under Southern California home
U.S. authorities on Wednesday seized a cross-border tunnel that ran the length of four football fields from a restaurant in Mexicali, Mexico, to a newly built house in Calexico, California, following an investigation that netted more than a ton of marijuana and resulted in four arrests.

Jared Loughner lawsuit against Gabrielle Giffords reportedly could be hoax
A lawsuit thought to have been filed by the man who shot former U.S. Rep Gabrielle Giffords in a mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz. in 2011 could be a hoax, according to a report by Tucson News Now.

Navy tug, lost for nearly a century, found in waters off California
Nearly 100 years ago, a Navy tugboat with 56 officers and sailors aboard was heading from California to the American Samoa when it disappeared without a trace.

EU reportedly ordered Belgium to close security holes weeks before Brussels attacks
European Union officials reportedly ordered the Belgian government to rectify several gaps in the country’s border security three weeks before three sucide bombers killed 31 people and wounded 270 others in the Belgian capital.

Flight attendant arrested after fleeing LAX, leaving cocaine and shoes behind
A JetBlue flight attendant who allegedly fled Los Angeles International Airport after being selected for security screening, leaving behind her Gucci shoes and luggage containing dozens of pounds of cocaine, was in custody Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton, terror warrior
‘The O’Reilly Factor’: Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points 3/23; Plus reaction from Rudy Giuliani

Miller Time: Presidential polling
Dennis Miller sounds off on where the candidates stand with voters on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’

Several Americans unaccounted for after Brussels terror attacks
At least four U.S. citizens remain unaccounted for in the aftermath of the Belgium blasts that killed at least 31 people and injured at least 270.

Jared Loughner sues his victim, Gabrielle Giffords, seeks $25M
The man who shot former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in a mass shooting in Tuson, Ariz. in 2011 is now suing her for emotional and psychological distress, according to a report by Tucson News Now.

Navy tug, lost for nearly a century, found in waters off California
Nearly 100 years ago, a Navy tugboat with 56 officers and sailors aboard was heading from California to the American Samoa when it disappeared without a trace.

Piers Morgan, welcome to Team Trump
Even ultra-liberal Piers Morgan has woken up from his liberal bleeding-heart “kumbaya” dream state after the terror attacks in Brussels.

Fox News Poll: Cruz gains on Trump in GOP race, Clinton up by double digits
The Republican field has narrowed and so has the race for the party’s nomination: front-runner Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are within the margin of error in a new Fox News national poll on the 2016 election.

Officials say Guantanamo transfers have killed Americans
Americans have been killed by prisoners released from the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a senior Defense Department official told lawmakers Wednesday, triggering sharp criticism from Republicans opposed to shuttering the facility in the wake of deadly attacks by the Islamic State group in Brussels and Paris.

Fox News Poll: Cruz, Kasich ahead of Clinton in 2016 hypothetical matchups
Republicans are eager to win back the White House in 2016. A new Fox News national poll finds both John Kasich and Ted Cruz ahead of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in hypothetical matchups, while Donald Trump trails her.

Actor Ken Howard, TV actor and acting union leader, dies
Actor Ken Howard, who starred in the 1970s series “The White Shadow” and served as president of SAG-AFTRA, has died at age 71.

ISIS Knew Just Where to Hit These U.S. Marines

Q Poll blows a hole in GOP convention fantasies
A new poll shows the idea of a contested GOP convention is becoming more and more slim.

Hall of Fame sportscaster, MLB catcher Joe Garagiola dead at 90
Joe Garagiola, a Major League Baseball legend who successfully moved from the field to the broadcast booth, has died at the age of 90, the Arizona Diamondbacks announced Wednesday.

University holds early graduation ceremony for student whose dad has terminal cancer
Jim Brewer is nearing the end of his battle with pancreatic cancer, but one of his concerns was he wouldn’t live long enough to see his 23-year-old daughter Jenny graduate from his alma mater, Texas A&M University, in May.

Supreme Court divided on ObamaCare contraception mandate
The Supreme Court appeared deadlocked Wednesday along ideological lines as justices weighed another legal challenge to ObamaCare — this one, brought by a religious nonprofit that objects to paying for insurance covering birth control.

Turkey says Belgium ignored warning about jihadi bomber
Turkey told Belgian officials last June that one of the brothers suspected of blowing themselves up in Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels was a terrorist, but law enforcement officials did not take the warning seriously, Ankara said Wednesday.

ISIS has sent 400 fighters to attack Europe, officials say
The Islamic State group has trained at least 400 fighters to target Europe in deadly waves of attacks, deploying interlocking terror cells like the ones that struck Brussels and Paris with orders to choose the time, place and method for maximum carnage, The Associated Press has learned.

Texas homeowners claim demo firm tore down home in error
The owners of a duplex in Texas said Tuesday that a demolition company mistakenly tore down their building after it barely survived a tornado the day after Christmas.

How my family of four traveled almost for free on Southwest for a year
You too can game the Southwest Companion Pass system. 

Warning, graphic video: Deadly gun duel in middle of street
Raw video: Dramatic surveillance video captures fatal gun fight between men in Philippines

Video shows ‘Viking Guy’ taking down drunk train passenger with chokehold
A video captured the moment a strapping straphanger aboard a Los Angeles Expo train turned into a real-life Hulk and knocked out an unruly, shirtless man with a swift chokehold.

Emily Ratajkowski goes topless for jewelry campaign
Emily Ratajkowski has shown off her smoldering figure once again in a new topless campaign shoot.

Lori Loughlin on John Stamos calling her ‘the one that got away’
Lori Loughlin is best known as the lovable Aunt Becky on “Full House” and now “Fuller House.”

Brussels attacks reignite Syrian refugee debate on Capitol Hill
The Brussels terror attacks that killed at least 31 people Tuesday have reignited the debate on Capitol Hill over the Obama administration’s plans to let in thousands more Syrian refugees, amid fears the Islamic State could use the opening to enter and threaten the homeland.

Hunker in their bunker: Maine couple selling preppers’ paradise
One Maine couple wants you to survive the apocalypse in style.

British GQ republished Melania Trump shoot in March that group used for meme
An anti-Donald Trump group is using pictures from a British GQ photo shoot with Melania Trump from January 2000 in a controversial meme released March 4.

Photographer of Brussels airport carnage says she couldn’t help victims
A journalist who raced to escape the chaos at the Brussels airport Tuesday said it was her “instinct” to photograph the victims, but that she couldn’t risk getting them any help.

Racy Melania Trump ad fair game or over the line?
Four4Four: Fair game or over the line for an anti-Trump Super PAC to use one of Melania Trump’s racy modeling shots in an ad ahead of the Utah caucuses

California woman sues police who called her kidnapping hoax
Police who dismissed a California woman’s kidnapping as a hoax akin to the Hollywood movie, “Gone Girl,” damaged her and her boyfriend’s reputations and forced them to move, a lawsuit filed Tuesday claims.

McDonald’s announces plans for a customer rewards program
The more Big Macs you buy, the better.

Batman V Superman’ star Gal Gadot: Men obsessed with Wonder Woman’s breasts
Batman. Superman. Iron Man. Spider-Man. Ant-Man. It’s fair to say that the superhero film phenomenon that has dominated the box office for the past decade has overwhelmingly been a boys’ club.

‘NCIS’ recap: Does Anthony DiNozzo Jr. have a long-lost sister that Senior is keeping a secret?
It’s she said-she said on the “Reasonable Doubts” episode of “NCIS,” when the police are called to the scene of the murder of a Navy  Public Affairs officer where two women – his wife and his mistress — each claim that the other shot him.

Obama administration engaged in secret talks to pay Iran nearly $2 billion
The Obama administration has spent three years engaged in secret talks with Iran that resulted in the payment of nearly $2 billion in taxpayer funds to the Islamic Republic, with more payouts likely to come in the future, according to a recent letter issued by the State Department and obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon.

Body found in walk-in freezer of downtown Atlanta hotel
A kitchen worker died after she was apparently trapped inside of a walk-in freezer for about 13 hours at a downtown Atlanta hotel, police said Tuesday.

Lincoln Navigator Concept charts new course for luxury SUV
Lincoln would like you to step aboard its new SUV. Literally.

Pharaoh Ramesses III Killed by Multiple Assailants, Radiologist Says
The New Kingdom Pharaoh Ramesses III was assassinated by multiple assailants — and given postmortem cosmetic surgery to improve his mummy’s appearance

‘Young and the Restless’ star Kate Linder ‘times are tough’ now
Times are rough for “The Young and the Restless” star Kate Linder. She told FOX411 it’s not easy to be in the industry these days, especially with all the violent movies being made.

Kardashian sisters sued for millions over their beauty line
Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are being sued for millions by a former investor.

Kevin Sorbo: Hollywood has it wrong when it comes to faith-based films
Kevin Sorbo wants to keep faith-based movies alive in Hollywood.

Trump, Clinton win Arizona prize; Cruz, Sanders notch victories in Utah, Idaho
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton padded their delegate totals with convincing wins in the valuable Arizona primary Tuesday night – but their respective rivals, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, kept the race alive with victories in the Utah and Idaho caucuses.

Manhunt on for Belgian bomb maker; terrorists ID’d; 1 arrested in overnight raids
Police in Belgium made a new arrest in connection with Tuesday’s terror attacks, but there were conflicting reports about whether he was the mystery man seen in an airport surveillance photo walking with two suicide bombers whose blasts killed 14.

Australia PM Turnbull criticizes European security after Brussels attacks
Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull criticized security in Europe Wednesday, a little over a day after explosions rocked an airport and Metro station in Brussels killing at least 34 people.

Powerful storm could dump up to foot of snow in parts of Midwest
A powerful storm system a few days into spring is poised to dump a foot of snow in parts of the Upper Midwest.

The Airlander 10 is the world’s biggest aircraft, and it can stay aloft for 3 weeks straight
We’re going to have to add new nouns to some of our favorite sayings if technology keeps up at the pace it does.

Belgian bloodbath shakes up campaign as Trump is first to call morning shows
When the awful news broke about the terrorist attacks in Belgium, the “Today” show asked Donald Trump to call in, which he promptly did.

More explosive devices reportedly found as Belgian police stage nationwide raids
More explosive devices reportedly were turned up Tuesday as police raided homes throughout Belgium in a desperate manhunt for a third suspect believed to have survived the morning’s coordinated bombings in Brussels, where at least 34 people were killed.

First victim of Brussels terror attacks identified
A Peruvian woman was the first victim of Tuesday’s terror attacks in Brussels to be identified.

Trump lashes out over hostile ad featuring his wife, vows to ‘spill the beans’ on Cruz spouse
The rivalry between Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and challenger Ted Cruz turned personal Tuesday after the real estate mogul lashed out at a hostile ad featuring his wife Melania.

Brothers linked to Paris attackers reportedly identified as suicide bombers at Brussels airport
The suicide bombers who attacked the Brussels airport on Tuesday morning were identified Wednesday as two brothers who were known to the police for links to organized crime, but also had ties to the ISIS cell that carried out last November’s attacks in Paris.

Destroying ISIS: Does America have the will?
‘The O’Reilly Factor’: Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points 3/22

Missed red flags? Brussels airport attackers acted, dressed like terrorists, expert says
The three terror suspects seen on surveillance video Tuesday moments before bombs exploded at Zaventem Airport in Brussels should have raised alarms with security officials and even a vigilant public, said U.S. experts with foreign intelligence.

Foster family files appeal to keep girl removed over part-Native American ancestry
A California family appealed Tuesday to the state’s highest court in their fight to keep a 6-year-old foster child who was removed from their home after a lower court said her 1/64th Native American bloodline requires that she live with relatives.

Islamic State claims deadly bombings in Brussels
Islamic extremists struck Tuesday in the heart of Europe, killing at least 34 people and wounding scores of others in back-to-back bombings of the Brussels airport and subway that again laid bare the continent’s vulnerability to suicide squads.

Man climbs 80-foot tree in Seattle, refuses to come down after hours-long ordeal
A man who climbed an 80-foot sequoia in Seattle Tuesday morning is refusing to come down and is not being cooperative with officers who have tried to coax him to leave his post.

Killer executed after Supreme Court denies appeal amid mental health concerns
The Texas man convicted of killing a city worker in 2005, whose sentence was appealed to and ultimately upheld by U.S. Supreme Court, was executed Tuesday evening.

FDA adds strongest warning to widely used painkillers
Federal health regulators will bolster warning labels on the most widely used prescription painkillers, part a multi-pronged federal effort to reverse an epidemic of abuse and death tied to drugs like Vicodin and Percocet.

2008 ‘Bachelor’ contestant killed in plane crash, reports say
A contestant from Season 12 of “The Bachelor” was the lone casualty of a Monday afternoon plane crash, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

Yes, America, it’s war. Here’s how we can stop losing and start winning
The Charlie Hebdo and November Paris terror attacks were a wakeup call to take radical Islam seriously.

State Department issues alert after Brussels terror attack
As Americans start looking at European summer vacations, the State Department on Tuesday night issued a travel alert in the aftermath of deadly bombings by ISIS jihadists in Brussels that left 34 people dead and more than 200 wounded.

Polls close in delegate-rich Arizona primaries; Idaho, Utah Dem caucuses
Voting closed Tuesday night in the Arizona presidential primaries and Idaho and Utah Democratic caucuses – as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump looked to build on their delegate leads against rivals determined to gain ground.

Feds join probe after George Mason University students arrested, one with bomb-making materials
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is assisting in the investigation of three George Mason University students arrested after a search of their dorm turned up drugs and materials that could be used for bomb making, according to the school’s police department.

Trump renews immigration ban promise amid Brussels terror
Carl Cameron with the Republican roundup for ‘Special Report’

Arizona the prize in Western primaries as Trump, Clinton look to build lead
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will look to build their already-robust delegate leads in Western contests Tuesday night across three states — with the marquee battle expected to be between GOP rivals Trump and Ted Cruz in delegate-rich Arizona.

Immigrants from terror hubs claiming ‘credible fear’ to seek US asylum
Hundreds of illegal immigrants from terror hotspots are using what critics describe as loopholes in U.S. immigration policy to try to remain in the country indefinitely, according to data obtained by Congress.

Missed red flags? Brussels airport attackers acted, dressed like terrorists, expert says
The three terror suspects seen on surveillance video Tuesday moments before bombs exploded at Zaventem Airport in Brussels should have raised alarms with security officials and even a vigilant public, said U.S. experts with foreign intelligence.

Todd Starnes: Student punished for criticizing vegetarian
I was noshing on a juicy cheeseburger on my lunch break the other day when I came across a fascinating story in the Washington Post written by Eugene Volokh.

Montana sheriff tells Oregon standoff backers to stay out of arrest
The last named defendant in the armed occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge was still at large Tuesday, drawing calls for supporters to flock to his Montana hometown and a local sheriff to urge outsiders to stay of it.

Father of missing Alabama teen girl speaks out on suspect’s arrest
Nearly two weeks after a 14-year-old girl left her Alabama high school, got into an SUV and vanished, her father said Tuesday the girl apparently had used social media to communicate with a suspect arrested in her case.

Hunker in their bunker: Maine couple selling preppers paradise
One Maine couple wants you to survive the apocalypse in style.

Arizona, Utah split reveals depth of GOP divide
Today’s contests showcase the GOP split.

At least 9 Americans wounded in Belgium attacks, officials say
Officials revealed details Tuesday on at least nine Americans wounded in the deadly explosions at the Brussels airport and a subway station in the city, with one of the victims identified as a member of the U.S. military.

Bristol Palin fires back after brother Trig mocked for Trump hat
No one messes with Bristol Palin’s brother, Trig!

‘Enormous pressure’: Could GOP delegates be bought, wooed?
With front-runner Donald Trump eyeing a narrow path to clinching the Republican nomination outright, and Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s road even slimmer, a contested GOP convention this July – and specifically the attending delegates – could decide everything. But who are the delegates? And perhaps more important for the candidates, how can they be swayed?

Two theories behind black gloves worn by bombing suspects
Catherine Herridge reports from Washington, D.C.

Warning, graphic video: Chaos shortly after airport attack
Raw video: Travelers scream in fear immediately after blasts at Brussels’ Zaventem Airport

West Virginia reportedly teen killed in a game of ‘dodging arrows’
A 15-year-old boy was killed when he was struck in the head while playing a game of “dodging arrows” at a friend’s house, and criminal charges could be possible, authorities said Monday.

Ford Shelby GT-H is ready to…rent
The “Rent-a-Racer” is back.

Officials release image of Brussels airport attack suspects
Belgian authorities release photo of suspects in attack at Zaventem Airport

FOX411’s star snaps of the day
What are those kooky celebs up to now? 

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford dies at 46 after battle with cancer, family says
The family of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford says he has died at 46 after a battle with cancer, according to The Associated Press.

Austin police to fire officer who shot, killed nude teen
An Austin police officer who fatally shot an unarmed, naked 17-year-old last month will be fired, Police Chief Art Acevedo announced Monday.

Olivia Wilde stripped nude for ‘Vinyl’
Actress Olivia Wilde puts all her assets on disc-play as she stripped off for the rock ’n’ roll TV drama “Vinyl.”

ISIS claims credit for Brussels attacks, as death toll reaches 31
ISIS claimed credit for Tuesday morning’s rush-hour attacks in Brussels, which left at least 31 dead and more than 180 injured, and authorities in Belgium released a chilling surveillance photo that may show three of the bombers moments before explosions ripped through the European capital’s biggest airport.

Fire disrupts Disney’s Lion King show at Animal Kingdom
The cause of the fire was not determined.

Goths vs. Greeks: Epic ancient battle revealed in newfound text
Fragments of an ancient Greek text telling of an invasion of Greece by the Goths during the third century A.D.

American Airlines issues statement on Brussels bombing as carriers cancel flights
Carriers are waiving rebooking fees for travelers. 

Jesse Metcalfe found God when becoming sober
Jesse Metcalfe — known for his hunky roles in “John Tucker Must Die,” “Desperate Housewives” and “Dallas”—takes on a more serious and intellectual role in “God’s Not Dead 2.”  The actor told FOX411 faith has become an important part of his life.

‘DWTS’: Donald Trump’s ex Marla Maples starts her own campaign
Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples began her own campaign — for the “Dancing with the Stars” mirror ball trophy — on Monday night’s season 22 premiere.

Jodie Sweetin on John Stamos’ new girlfriend: ‘We are welcoming her into the family’
Jodie Sweetin earned high praise for her Dancing With the Stars debut on Monday, but backstage after the season 22 premiere, the actress could not stop raving about her Fuller House co-star John Stamos and his new girlfriend, model and actress Caitlin McHugh.“I

Elon Musk’s wife files to divorce billionaire
Riley filed to divorce Musk on Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Geraldo Rivera on his tough ‘DWTS’ debut: ‘I was awful’
Fox News’ irrepressible Geraldo Rivera had a rocky start on Monday night’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

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