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Quiz: How much do you know about Facebook?
Think you know a lot about Facebook? Test out your knowledge here!

Eight unexpected ways Li-Fi could change the world

These 5 recruitment startups will help you hire the best talent

14 best Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox add-ons for developers

Eric Schmidt: Machine learning will be basis of ‘every huge IPO’ in five years
Machine learning and crowd-sourced data will underpin new business models for a new breed of successful startups, according to Google’s Eric Schmidt.

Google Campus London launches Future Founders programme for young entrepreneurs
With just 22 percent of young people wanting to set up their own businesses, startup hub Google Campus London is starting a Future Founders programme. Here is how young people can learn how to start a business.

London is the third biggest Airbnb city: The UK and Ireland GM explains why sat down with James McClure, the UK and Ireland general manager at Airbnb, to talk about London hosting stats; lagging behind Paris and New York, and why the government is doing plenty to help the Airbnb community.

Quiz: How much do you know about LinkedIn?
Think you know a lot about LinkedIn? Put your knowledge to the test here

Twitter & Instagram algorithm changes: What brands need to know
Here’s what brands should do in response to both Twitter and Instagram implementing Facebook-style algorithm changes to their timelines.

DueDil Connect bypasses LinkedIn so you can find that next thousand customers
Fintech startup DueDil has released its latest feature Connect, and it is helping businesses bypass LinkedIn when looking for the right customers.

Eight fun Raspberry Pi projects you should try

Google DeepMind: What is it, how it works and should you be scared?
DeepMind cofounder Mustafa Suleyman gave a rare insight into the work he and his team are doing within Google during a machine learning conference in London in June 2015.

Computers vs humans: Five times AI has beaten humans in competitions

The Future of Flight – 10 ways new technology will change air travel

How Mubaloo saved London’s emergency services precious minutes with its app
When it comes to emergency services, deploying an enterprise app that shaves minutes off of a business process can save lives, not just money

Accelerators and incubators: could they help your startup?
Accelerator and incubator schemes are becoming increasingly popular across the UK. Here we explain the differences between the two, provide advice on the pros and cons and list some of the top programmes available.

Tech talent: here’s what the government should do to boost skills in the North
The digital tech sector is currently booming in the North – but the region still needs help to achieve its potential.

The eight best free analytics tools for mobile app developers

LinkedIn’s 10 biggest flaws – what needs fixing on the troubled network
Too much spam, weak content, a lack of sociability, bogus connections – where to start?

Meet four social tech entrepreneurs leading the way for women in tech
These four women are using tech to improve people’s lives: from 3D-printed orthotics to accessible game design.

12 Apple security threats 2016 – why Macs are not invulnerable

Take the big virtual reality quiz
Think you know a lot about VR? Take our virtual reality quiz to find out!

Eight apps every startup should have

10 times the state meddled with your tech

Nine free mailing services for startups 2016

Tech unicorns can never be truly altruistic
Last week at Google Campus a panel was asked: ‘Can tech unicorns save our planet?’ They didn’t answer that question, but they did make some interesting points around sustainability, social responsibility and the problems with funding.

Why mobile ad-blocking is the Internet’s next battleground
Three’s network-based blocking is an escalation of a long-running war

The Techies 2016 awards – Photos and highlights from UK tech awards celebration

The Techies 2016 winners – Ticketmaster, Darktrace and Barclays recognised
Ticketmaster, Darktrace, Barclays and glh.Hotels were among the big winners at The Techies last night, the inaugural edition of the awards to celebrate innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship across the UK technology scene.

The best 8 secure browsers 2016
All browsers claim to be secure these days, so is there any point in using one that majors on its security?

13 career tips for women in tech, from women in tech

The 10 celebrity hacks that changed cybersecurity 2016

9 useful add-ons for Google Docs 2016

How to hire the best developers for your business
In order to attract the best developers, you need to know what motivates them. Here are tips from tech firms both big and small on how they manage to hire top talent.

Top 11 firms inventing virtual reality tech

11 blocked technologies you didn’t know about

What is VR and AR? Everything you need to know about VR and AR
Virtual reality and augmented reality have made big waves in gaming, education and the armed forces. But what are they and how do they work?

UK fintech startups to watch in 2016

What is Li-Fi? Everything you need to know
Li-Fi claims to be 100 times faster than standard Wi-Fi. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

Meet TickX – the ticket comparison startup using Skyscanner’s winning formula
TickX aims to be the ‘Skyscanner of events’. Read how two young entrepreneurs saw a problem in their city and set out to solve it.

The big Uber quiz!
Think you know a lot about Uber? Take our big Uber quiz to find out!

Google’s biggest milestones: 1996 to today

The highs and lows of Twitter’s first decade

Connecting startups with corporates
L Marks, launched in 2012, invests in and runs accelerators for big corporates, helping them to access and mentor some of the most innovative startups.

21 best mobile app building platforms and tools 2016

APIs for the internet of things – 9 businesses offering IoT APIs for developers

Space tourism: a decade of broken promises

The big space quiz!
How much do you know about private space travel? Find out here and take out big space quiz!

Latest tech share prices: which tech shares should you buy?

What is 5G? Everything you need to know about 5G
With most phones running 3G and some on 4G, Techworld examines the next generation wireless system, 5G.

10 tech giants investing in artificial intelligence

Which countries pay developers the most?

Challenger banks ranked: How the UK’s new breed of digital lenders compare
With licensing restrictions coming down and the fintech startup scene in London booming, a new breed of digital-first, mobile-only banks are starting to get traction in the UK, but who will come out on top: Atom, Mondo, Tandem or Starling.

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