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Louise Brown walks down King Street during a Black Lives Matter march, Saturday, June 20, 2015, in Charleston, S.C. The event honored the Emanuel AME Church shooting victims. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

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Hillary can’t ignore Bernie: Democrats must embrace his economic populism or face the consequences
This primary is still far from over. But even if Clinton wins, jettisoning Sanders’ agenda would prove disastrous

You’re not a farm animal: A plea to journalists to release themselves from Trump’s press pens
This campaign has abused the media on a scale previously unseen in American politics. It’s time to take a stand

Fukushima on the Hudson: How America is vulnerable to nuclear disaster
Experts say the odds of a pipeline explosion near Indian Point are 1 in 1000. Those are still too high for comfort

WATCH: Clinton goes off on Greenpeace activist: “I am so sick” of you bringing up my fossil fuel money
Hillary yells angrily at an environmental protester and misleadingly implies she is not receiving fossil fuel cash

Robbie Fulks on how not to be “a guy in his 50s singing about sex or good times or even the opposite, about married contentedness”
Alt-country’s former firebrand talks to Salon about Chekhov, writing about poverty and ditching libertarianism

TV’s tokenism tension: “Rush Hour,” “Lopez” and the tricky balancing act of diversifying aging networks
CBS’s “Rush Hour” and TVLand’s “Lopez” are both aiming for younger audiences—in very different ways

5 reasons why Hillary Clinton’s first New York ad missed the mark
Has she forgotten she’s still competing against Bernie Sanders and not Donald Trump?

How baseball got so lame: The national pastime is so white and so dreary — and is still a money machine
Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? Or Reggie Jackson? The strange downfall of America’s signature sport

The Arizona Secretary of State confirmed election fraud occurred in the state’s primary
“I know it happened to people in this room,” said Reagan

Man offers free hugs at Sanders and Trump rallies and gets shockingly different responses
This video is very telling about the type of America the two candidates are hoping to create

Someone thought this was a good idea: Mississippi Senate passes bill allowing churches to form militias
Perhaps the scariest part is how relatively easy it is to join a “church security team” and bring your gun to mass

Back to “Back to the Future”: The ride is gone, but the film’s cross-generational appeal holds
’80s nostalgia buffs love it, and so did Ronald Reagan — even though the movie made him a punchline

All the numbers spell disaster for Trump: Latest projections portend electoral doom for both the billionaire and Republicans in November
Larry Sabato’s prediction in a Clinton-Trump matchup shows an electoral college rout for Democrats

“She was the kind of New York person I hate!” : This couple met IRL and stayed together despite a rocky first impression
Remember when people dated in real life?

Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros concocts insane conspiracy theory to defend Donald Trump’s extreme anti-abortion position(s)
Trump took three different anti-abortion positions in three hours and, somehow, Tantaros says he fell into a “trap”

Amy Schumer reveals Jon Snow’s fate (well, sort of) in “Game of Thrones”-style preview
Watch a teaser for the new season of “Inside Amy Schumer,” premiering April 21 on Comedy Central

Even worse than we imagined: Sea levels will rise nearly double than the previously considered “worst-case scenario,” devastating study reveals
New research suggests that the landmark Paris accord may be insufficient to prevent catastrophic sea level rise

Even a cartoon Trump is no joke: Colbert’s mock interview shows how dominant the GOP frontrunner has become
Every time we talk about Trump, joke about Trump, or put him on late-night TV, he manages to win

“Our people will not be forced back into the closet”: North Carolinians are fiercely battling hateful anti-LGBT law
Listen to LGBT North Carolinians who will not let Governor Pat McCrory and HB2 win

Trevor Noah fires back at John Kasich: “Daily Show” host lobs Kasich’s Trump grenade right back at him
Kasich said Donald Trump “ought to be happy” that Jon Stewart’s not hosting anymore, but #SinceYouMentionedIt …

This video is an amazing rundown of Donald Trump’s ever changing stance on abortion
Trump has claimed to be both pro-life and pro-choice and many variations in between

It was Republicans who killed the GOP: Stop trying to argue that anyone else is to blame
WSJ’s Daniel Henninger joins the chorus of conservative pundits straining to blame Barack Obama for GOP dysfunction

Report: Trump executive charged with assaulting young mother of two
A VP at Trump Hotels reportedly snapped on a 27-year-old Brooklyn woman whose baby seat got in his way

From Russia with love: Rupert Murdoch’s third ex-wife, Wendi Deng, is rumored to be dating Vladimir Putin
Between the powerful media mogul and the dictator, Wendi Deng sure knows how to pick batty older men

“The suffering is staggering”: 6 Yemeni children killed or wounded daily in U.S.-backed Saudi war; millions face catastrophe
UN report warns the violence and torment Yemen’s youth endure amid 1 year of Saudi bombing “shatters their world”

Vladimir Putin might be dating Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife and we have lots of questions
Wendi Deng is reportedly in a “serious” relationship with the Russian autocrat. Please let this be true

The Washington Post’s revealing blunder: Their screwup over the FBI’s Hillary probe is a great example of why Americans hate the press
Post gets played by Republicans looking to sink Clinton by wildly exaggerating the number of agents probing her

Piers Morgan, arbiter of feminism and cleavage, throws prissy fit at Kim Kardashian: “Pretending that topless bird-flicking selfies promote feminism is ridiculous”
Breaking: a woman can be rich and empowered and naked — without permission from concern-trolling men

“Donald Trump is looking out for exactly one guy” — himself: Elizabeth Warren perfectly explains the billionaire’s motivations on Colbert
“Calling on Donald Trump is like if your house is on fire, calling an arsonist to come help out,” Warren said

Kasich finally lands a semi-good jab on Trump: “Donald ought to be happy that Jon Stewart’s not running ‘The Daily Show’”
Kasich says the satirist would “be having a field day” with Trump’s “stream of consciousness” knack for controversy

“Laws like these legalize discrimination”: Seth Meyers destroys the anti-LGBTQ bills Republicans have pushed in North Carolina and Georgia
In a must-watch clip, Seth Meyers brilliantly exposes how hateful these laws actually are

Sean Hannity denies Trump culture is violent by claiming if he attended a Trump protest, he would “get killed, because I fight back”
He does realize that that’s the attitude people are criticizing among Trump supporters, doesn’t he?

Fallout from Alabama sex tape scandal hits woman first: GOP governor refuses to resign after top aide forced out
Gov. Bentley’s senior political adviser has resigned, but Bentley insists their affair wasn’t “all that egregious”

How not to write about race: TV anchor fired after stunningly insensitive post about “young black men” with “multiple siblings from multiple fathers”
Wendy Bell’s post about a shooting was, in the words of writer Damon Young, a “white privilege turducken”

This is only the beginning: Nate Silver explains how Donald Trump has “hacked the system” and created a roadmap for future political con men
As long the system remains unchanged, politicians will exploit it — and now they know how to do it

Anti-choicers, you’re not fooling anybody: Now they’re trying to exploit Donald Trump’s gaffe by pretending their misogynist views are “moderate”
Anti-choicers are using Trump’s comments to portray themselves as nicer to women, but in fact, they are worse

Anti-choice witch-hunts: The movement turns to McCarthyist tactics to intimidate women and doctors
Anti-choicers use threats and legal intimidation to scare women and doctors out of abortion and medical research

This amazing Supreme Court theory could probably never happen (but maybe it should)
Senate GOPers refuse to consider Merrick Garland before the election. But what if he just… showed up for work?

Camille Paglia’s history of music: The politics and poetry of Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye and hip-hop
We hear too much music in isolation. Let’s return the poetry and politics to words we can’t get out of our heads

New York is about to become a madhouse: Why this unexpectedly fierce primary is going to get very interesting
The presidential nominating contests are rolling through the Empire State this week. Here’s what you need to know

Donald Trump’s Social Security heresy: Taking on Paul Ryan and the privatization push
Donald Trump is ignorant and incoherent, but he’s still able to take apart and undermine GOP policy arguments

Hillary Clinton’s new ad targeting Donald Trump: Is being kind of “meh” a good thing?
In a media-saturated campaign that’s been light on ads, Clinton takes her first anti-Trump foray

Hey Democrats, Marco Rubio is your friend: Rubio’s bid to keep his delegates guarantees a ruinous GOP convention
A bold move by Marco Rubio to thwart Donald Trump’s nomination is a gift to Democrats

The scariest thing about Donald Trump’s abortion comments
Trump said that women who get abortions should be “punished” if it becomes illegal. In reality, they already are

Fellow Republicans going hard after the front-runner: Physical violence is “the consequence of Trump culture”
Alice Stewart hammered Katrina Pierson on last night’s edition of The O’Reilly Factor

Fox News contributors continue to tear into each other: “Clinton could wear Confederate flag pantsuit with a Nazi button and you’d support her!”
Kevin Jackson clearly didn’t want to address charges against Trump, just started bringing up other subjects

The Democrats own this too: Gerrymandering and obstructionism alone can’t explain American inequality
Progressives are told time and again that Clinton and Obama are the best their party can do. It’s a total crock

Trial and error: Report finds prosecutors rarely pay price for misconduct
According to The Innocence Project, our justice system often looks the other way at attorneys who withhold evidence

Bernie’s miracle path to victory: Nate Silver crunches the numbers on a Sanders win
The Democratic socialist enjoyed some monster victories last weekend, but the road only gets rougher from here

Robert Reich: They’ve marginalized Bernie at every turn
The former secretary of labor breaks down our political press’ lopsided coverage of the Democratic primary

When is a band not itself anymore?: As bands age and line-ups shift, fans get to decide
Rumors swirling around who may step in for AC/DC’s Brian Johnson—some say Axl Rose—reignite the debate

Stop killing off TV’s lesbians: This depressing trope limits storytelling about queer women
A new report shows that while TV might be more inclusive, it still doesn’t know how to let queer characters live

America’s next sexual frontier: The “nipplegasm”
And men can have them too

The dark side of “visibility”: How we slept on trans people becoming the new scapegoats of the right
The “transgender tipping point” was a welcome milestone—it’s also made trans adults and youth more visible targets

Manspreading is sexy now? New study says we actually love it when men — and women — take up more space
A new paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences confirms it—but it’s still a jerk move on the train

Donald Trump says he wants to punish women who have abortions, making him just like every other “pro-life” politician
“There has to be some form of punishment,” Trump said of his proposed abortion ban

The family values sham: Research shows that most of these ’90s fears were nonsense
Remember the hand-wringing about working mothers, super-predators, and the rest? Most of them were just fantasy

Jonathan Franzen and Louis C.K. on “Jeopardy!”: Sounds like an “SNL” sketch, but it’s real and it’s going to be fascinating
May’s “Power Players Week” will also feature Melissa Harris-Perry, Al Franken, and “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner

“World’s biggest bribe scandal”: Report on oil corruption exposes how corporations help destabilize Middle East
Leaked docs show how the shadowy company Unaoil bribes Middle Eastern regimes for oil contracts for multinationals

Thomas the Tank Engine, neocolonial fantasy: What his new international pals, and the backlash against them, signal
Freak-outs over new trains from India, China and Brazil reveals anxieties about immigration and global market

“He has no idea what he’s doing”: Twitter tears into Trump for suggesting “some form of punishment” for women who get illegal abortions
Trump’s newfound “policy” on criminalizing abortion is so far right it’s ventured into caricaturistic territory

Why Hollywood isn’t the hero for shutting down Georgia’s anti-LGBT bill
We should credit activists for defeating the bill, not the studios who receive generous handouts from the state

Doing what he does best: Donald Trump just played the media like a fiddle — again
The media was becoming obsessed with a story that made Trump look weak. Here’s how he nipped that in the bud

Watch: 15-year-old groped and pepper sprayed at Trump rally
The incident was caught on camera

No charges brought against two Minneapolis cops in fatal shooting of Jamar Clark
Attorney Mike Freeman independently determined the evidence supported claim that Clark tried to grab cop’s gun

Watch a whiny Donald Trump interrupt Anderson Cooper 14 annoying times
Trump exhausts the phrase “excuse me” to interrupt Anderson Cooper during CNN GOP Town Hall

Trump supporters first pepper spray, then yell “n****r lover” to 15-year-old protester in Paul Ryan’s hometown
What’s the matter with Janesville?

Democrats are in denial about the election: As long as Hillary Clinton risks FBI indictment, Bernie Sanders is the real front runner
Democrats should rally around Sanders before Clinton’s campaign spins indictments into a partisan ploy by the GOP

Donald Trump shreds the pledge: Now, the GOP has no good options left to dodge mayhem
The RNC’s candidate pledge was the last, flimsy redoubt against political chaos for Republicans, and now it’s gone

German historian claims leading U.S. news agency Associated Press collaborated with the Nazis
Archival research suggests AP helped Hitler’s regime spread anti-Semitic and anti-communist propaganda for access

The mastermind behind the petition to make the Republican National Convention open carry
The self-described “liberal Democrat,” activist, and blogger does not like to be called a “Hillary troll”

Please get over the Susan Sarandon “scandal”: Why the establishment’s freakout shows just how blind they are
Dems have been up in arms at her refusal to support Clinton. But the establishment isn’t entitled to leftwing votes

Even our burgers are angry now: Burger King’s “Angriest Whopper” is “Make America Great Again” on a bun
Take that, juice cleanses! This fast-food monster is banking on election-year anger ruling our stomachs, too

“I don’t care, I’m really rich”: Donald Trump means it — he really just doesn’t care
Watch this hilarious video of all the things that Trump doesn’t care about

Watch: Donald Trump gets Paul Ryan booed in his own hometown
Trump paid a visit to the Speaker’s hometown a week after Ryan warned Trump’s campaign was “scaring” voters

Donald Trump defends embattled campaign manager Corey Lewandowski — by attacking Megyn Kelly on “Fox & Friends”
Apparently, for Trump there is no evil so evil that Megyn Kelly can’t be the root of it

Marco Rubio’s “unprecedented” plan to stop Donald Trump
The failed presidential candidate is attempting to block the few delegates he won from joining Trump in Cleveland

Donald Trump is the man Rush Limbaugh always wanted to be
A former Bush speechwriter blames Limbaugh for the rise of Trump, but somehow manages to completely miss the point

Joe Scarborough: Why are we “wasting” time talking about a presidential candidate’s campaign manager assaulting a reporter?
He agreed that “touching her was inappropriate,” but insisted at length everyone should stop talking about it

Trump’s petulant “Excuse me”: Two little words that signal he’s about to lay it on thick
On last night’s Town Hall, he said it 14 times, notably before insisting he “didn’t start” the Heidi Cruz smear

Chris Brown shames suicidal singer: Mocking a vulnerable woman isn’t “throwing shade,” it’s bullying
Brown lashes out after Kehlani Parrish attempts suicide amidst rumors she cheated on her NBA player boyfriend

Trump’s disturbing defense: His excuses for Corey Lewandowski sound eerily similar to ones sexists make for rapists
Trump’s rationale for backing Lewandowski sticks closely to the sexist script

We’ve missed you, Michael Stipe: Is this “Tonight Show” David Bowie tribute the hint of solo projects to come?
The former R.E.M. frontman shows up on Fallon to toast Bowie and proves his voice and style are as strong as ever

“D.C. Madam” lawyer tells Rachel Maddow unreleased phone records “may be relevant” to 2016 election
Attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley threatens to defy gag order, release client phone list within the next two weeks

Watch Chris Hayes humiliate lawyer for Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski: “Do you understand how this sounds?”
Hayes cornered Bradford Cohen, but Cohen wouldn’t admit to seeing what he was being shown on video, repeatedly

Donald Trump’s self-destructive campaign: Why Team Trump is compelled to bring pain down on itself
Donald Trump’s top aide is charged with battery, and Trump’s team did everything possible to make sure it happened

Yes, Susan Sarandon is guilty of blind privilege: Why her comments about Trump & “the revolution” are so wrong
Saying that America could be better after a Trump presidency because it will spark a liberal revolt is absurd

Chuck Grassley’s amazing SCOTUS cowardice: Now he’s avoiding his constituents because they want him to appoint Merrick Garland
The Republican senator finds himself holding town halls in secret to avoid protesters angry about his obstruction

Hillary Clinton’s “tone”-gate disaster: Why her campaign’s condescending Bernie dismissal should concern Democrats everywhere
If the Clinton campaign can’t deal with Bernie’s “tone,” how are they supposed to handle someone like Donald Trump?

Here are Don Lemon’s most Don Lemon-y moments
They’re a little sour

Republicans lied in Wisconsin: Here’s how you know the state’s voter ID law is a complete sham
Wisconsin GOPers insisted the law wasn’t intended to suppress the vote. A new report suggests that wasn’t true

“The Donald is his own biggest enemy”: Former Super PAC director exposes Donald Trump’s bulls*** artistry
Every negative assumption you have about Donald Trump has been confirmed by someone on the inside

The U.S. has abused Cuba for over 50 years — Fidel Castro is right to be wary of Obama’s claims
Since the 1959 revolution the U.S. has invaded Cuba, tried assassinations, imposed an embargo & harbored terrorists

Campbell Brown, charter propagandist: How the former anchorwoman became the face of education reform
Once an NBC reporter, Brown now leads an education news site backed by the likes of the Walton Family Foundation

10 ways the Democratic primary has been rigged from the start
This race is still far from over, but that won’t stop the establishment from trying to hand the nom to Hillary

They’re radicals, pure and simple: The GOP has finally destroyed the political press’ most destructive narrative
For years, we’ve been told both sides are to blame for government dysfunction. Not anymore, not after this primary

Anal, neurotic, defensive, hysterical: We reference Freud everyday — often without even realizing it
Every time you use one of these terms, you’re giving the smallest of nods to the father of psychoanalysis

Donald Trump insists he was assaulted by reporter who charged his campaign manager with assault: “She had a pen or something”
Trump is attacking both Michelle Fields and Anderson Cooper, who he can’t stop telling to shut up

Anderson Cooper shuts down Donald Trump: “With all due respect, ‘He started it!’ is the argument of a five-year-old”
“Not it’s not,” Trump replied, unaware he was proving Cooper correct, “It’s not!”

Trump’s noxious virility myth: Why the GOP frontrunner’s “big, beautiful wall” is about more than just borders
Can anyone remember a presidential primary with a more twisted focus on masculinity than this one? Thanks Donald

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