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Never Give A Boring Presentation Again

The Three Surprising Things A Presenter Needs To Get Right
Speakers need to answer a key question, and establish two essential things, in order to succeed with an audience.

Are We Finally Building Workplaces Fit For Millennials?
A new study predicts a number of changes to the workplace, but how grounded are such predictions, and what might need to happen for the changes to become more widespread?

The College Graduate’s Future: Looking Ahead With The Bureau Of Labor Statistics
Consulting the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook can help rationalize the approach to college selection and majors.

12 Tips For Public Speaking
There are few skills that will bring more opportunity into your life than the ability to speak well in public. Below are 12 tips that can make the difference between those speakers who leave a powerful, positive impression and those that are quickly forgotten. Speak with an intent to move people to action. Know what you want your audience to do immediately after hearing your speech. If nobody does anything different than they would have done before you spoke – the value of your speech is zero. Start strong with a “grabber”. A personal story, a quote from an expert or a shocking statistic – something that takes a hold of your audience and gets them hooked and opens their mind to your message. Give the audience a chance to see your personal connection to the topic. Structure your material in three sections– grabber, middle, close. Know your material. Get really interested in the topic. Find good stories. Practice. Practice.Rehearse out loud with all equipment you plan on using. Work to control filler words; Practice, pause and breathe. Use a clock to check your timings and allow time for the unexpected. Know the audience.Try to speak to one or two people in the audience as they arrive – they will be your allies in the audience – it is easier to speak to friends than to strangers. Know the setup.Arrive in good time to check out the speaking area and get practice using the microphone and any visual aids. Relax. Begin with a well prepared grabber. A relevant personal story is a great start.  It establishes your credibility.  It connects you to the audience and creates the right emotional atmosphere (and calms your nerves). Visualize yourself successful.See yourself at the end of the speech surrounded by people asking questions, visualize the applause. Pauses. Include 3-8 second pauses at key moments – just before key statements or just after a story – this really brings the audience into the speech. Don’t apologize– the audience probably never noticed it. Smile. Look like the content matters to you – if the audience don’t feel that it is important to you, it will be really hard for them to feel that it should be important for them. Get experience.Take every opportunity you can get to speak (and listen to other speakers). Prepare well ahead of time. Experience builds confidence, which is the key to effective speaking.

Top 25 Private Best Value Colleges 2016

How Quantum Physics Starts With Your Toaster
The common perception is that quantum mechanics only really matter for exotic physics experiments, but every time you wait impatiently for your breakfast to cook, you’re staring at the place where it all began.

Kano’s Got The Computer Any Kid Can Build, Anywhere
They set out with a mission to enable any kid to build their own computer from a lego-like kit, now for Kano the next step is to make sure children across Asia have that access – an interesting endeavor considering the impact the concept could have – especially on an enormous Indian youth demographic.

Why Applying To All Eight Ivy League Options Makes No Sense
My criticism of the “All Ivy” gambit is that the institutions’ curricula, divisions, enrollments and settings vary so greatly that there is no substantive coherence in a list that includes all eight. Only a metaphorical green leafy tendril binds them.

LEGO’s ‘Idea Conference’ Is About More Than Just Bricks
It seems like the older I get, the more time I spend with Lego bricks. Sure, I say that I buy the kits for my kids, but I’m always sitting on the floor next to them within minutes of opening the box. What’s more, the grown up part of me is impressed with the company’s business practices and fascinated by the way in which the brick itself has become such an iconic symbol all around the world.

Don’t Just Talk About Science With Your Kids, DO Science With Your Kids
The most important result of science isn’t a particular fact, but a mindset: the idea that questions have answers and you can find those answers through empirical testing.

7 Tips To Help You Stay Connected When Traveling
Forbesfone: Your International Roaming SIM, with coverage in 220+ countries and low rates worldwide. Take out the smartphone, unlock, peer, lock. And repeat. Checking our smartphones has become so commonplace that we do it subconsciously and without really needing to. It’s within arm’s reach 90% of the time and we unlock it around 120 times in a day – not that we’re counting. This is all well and good but what happens when we’re wary about carrying it around when we travel? Some of us cannot not stay connected – more so if we’re abroad and wish to stay in touch with those at home. Not to mention business travellers who have to check up on emails, make calls or send documents, requiring even greater amounts of data than the average traveller. Forbesfone has come up with a checklist for you to tick off before you travel, so you can stay connected anywhere and (most importantly) not break the bank to do so. 1.      Check your mobile phone service provider Almost all mobile phones sold in Europe (and much of the rest of the world) are GSM-compatible. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and as the name implies has been adopted by almost the entire globe, with good standards in countries with low quality networks. CDMA is popular mostly in the US (where 2 of its 4 major network providers are CDMA), Russia and in some other areas in the world. Before you go on your trip, check which one of the two covers it best. Tip: You will be hard pressed to find difficulties with a GSM phone so better opt for GSM compatible phone. 2.      Is your phone unlocked? Before embarking on your journey, make sure you phone is not tied to a specific mobile carrier. This could create problems (read: major problems) when you’re trying to connect to a different network in another country. Talk to your carriers to get your phone unlocked if you can. If that’s not an alternative, you could opt for their international roaming packages. A word of warning however: they’ll still probably be expensive when compared to other solutions. 3.      How much data do you intend to use? If you’re going on short trips, try calculating how much data/calls you’ll probably be using up/making. This will help you budget well in advance and opt for the best roaming packages based on your needs. Forbesfone Tip: There are many online data calculators to help you check how much you actually need, without over-spending. 4.     Get your hands on a Forbesfone International Roaming SIMundefined If you’re traveling often, or if you intend to travel to multiple destinations in a particular span of time, make sure you have a SIM card which supports different networks, with reliable connectivity and which provides maximum billing transparency. Forbesfone provides the user with great coverage in over 220 countries, with low data roaming rates and the flexibility of a Pay-to-Go tariff. Pay only for the services you use, eliminating cost wastage and bill shocks at the end of the month. You don’t have to go on WiFi hunts anymore, or change SIMs at borders. Travel in peace of mind: you’re in total control of how much you spend and on which services. (Plus, you get points to redeem on your travels with our Loyalty Programme! #win) 5.      Use apps for texting rather than using SMS Use Whatsapp, Viber or Tango to send text messages as this usually costs less than paying for an SMS. 6.      Sniff out Free Wifi Networks – but beware, they might not be 100% safe If you’re going to innocently update your social media status or wish to text someone back home and you happen to be in a Free WiFi zone, then by all means, make good use of it. However, it’s important to know that most of the times, these public areas are not big on security and you risk exposing sensitive data. So better hold that Document you wished to share till you’re connected with a safer network. 7.      Get your own WiFi Hotspot with the Forbesfone Pebble! The MiFi is another alternative you might want to look into, especially if you would like to connect more than one device to the network, simultaneously. It’s really just a portable WiFi Hotspot which you connect to like any other WiFi. Forbesfone offers the “Pebble”, a sleek device with a secure password protection feature, making sure that the connection you’re using is safe (You can send that Document now). You can slide the “Pebble” into your bag or pocket and you can connect multiple devices to it. We’re sure your friends will be very grateful. Slip in the Forbesfone SIM and get all the great worldwide roaming rates!

A Humbling Portrayal Of Humanity: Meet the Humans of Bombay
What began as a project inspired by the popularly known Facebook photography page, Humans of New York, Karishma Mehta’s Humans of Bombay has grown into something in stark contrast – a supremely humbling portrayal of humanity, with a typically Indian twist in the plot.

The Argument Against Lowering Student Loan Interest Rates
According to a new report from Brookings, lowering the interest rates on student loans might not have the effect on the student debt crisis that everyone hopes it would.

Why Khan Academy Won’t Disrupt The Test Prep Business
Roger Federer, the Swiss tennis great, has won 17 Grand Slam titles in his stellar career. There is nothing about the game of tennis that Roger Federer does not know. Yet Federer, like all his competitors, has a tennis coach. A good coach, Federer has concluded, is invaluable. This is why Khan Academy won’t disrupt the test prep business.

10 Tips For Giving A Great Speech

This Former PhD Student From China Turned A Tutoring Chain Into A Billion Dollar Fortune
Zhang Bangxin capitalized on a leading preoccupation of Chinese parents–giving their one child the finest education possible-by building a tutoring empire.

Do We Need A Speaker’s Bill Of Rights – Or An Audience’s?
A speaker’s bill of rights would include respecting the audience.

Luncheon Meats: A Review of Jeff Selingo’s There Is Life After College
The stories in After College are a reminder that the decisions we make – or changes we fail to make – have a dramatic impact on the lives of millions of students each year.

3 Tips To Wipe Out Medical School Debt
Med school debt can be a burden for years, and it can feel like you’ll never get on top of it. But you can — it just takes a little discipline.

Time To Decide: Making A College Decision
Across the country, thousands of students are in the process of making an important decision: where to go to college. This decision is the culmination of their high school journey and the first step in their college career. Many of these students have had the College Board accompany them on that journey, whether they connected to scholarships with the PSAT/NMSQT, practiced for the SAT with our mobile app, earned college credit with AP, or used BigFuture to explore colleges.

The 25 Law Schools Whose Grads Earn The Most

What High School Juniors Should Do Now For College
It’s time to think about what your high school junior needs to consider as college comes over the horizon. See some tips and resources here.

10 Worst Body Language Mistakes

Does Your Posture Matter In Public Speaking?
Good posture can increase your confidence — and other people’s perception of your confidence.

Higher Education in Review: April 4-10
Michael DeBow recaps the past week in higher education news.

5 Questions To Answer Before You Put Down Your College Deposit
Even if the desire to move out is deep and real, it can be worth considering where a teenager who is ostensibly eager for adult freedom will be able to collapse, have someone else do the laundry, and get some home cooking from time to time.

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