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Here is the latest Political News from ABC News.

Sanders Cites Biden’s New York Times Interview to Attack Clinton
The democratic presidential hopeful pointed out the VP’s kind words.

How Presidential Campaigns Are Wooing Top Republican Delegates in Florida
Party leaders are in Florida for their spring meeting.

Watch: Bernie Sanders Talks New York Primary Loss While Campaigning in Pennsylvania
Two days after losing to Hillary Clinton by nearly 20 points, Bernie Sanders took a moment to reflect on his campaign.

Sanders on New York Primary: ‘I Don’t Mind Losing’
Sanders spent the day campaigning in Pennsylvania.

‘Wal-Mart Moms’ Echo Trump’s Suspicion of Nominating Process
Some voters are still confused about the nominating process.

US Virgin Islands Delegate Fight Could Spill Over to GOP Convention
The USVI GOP has been thrust into the political spotlight.

How the Candidates Are Doing in April 26 Primary States
Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware vote next.

President Obama Mourns Death of ‘Creative Icon’ Prince
The music legend died today at his Minnesota home.

After Complaints by Trump, GOP Agrees to Leave Rules Alone – For Now
The RNC does not vote on any proposed changes to rules.

Confederate Imagery Taken Down in US Capitol
State flags will be replaced by prints from each state’s official coin.

Clinton Holds Emotional Town Hall With Family Members of Sandy Hook Victims
Clinton said there’s a “concerted effort” to undermine victims of gun violence.

Hillary Clinton’s Bartender Character May Return on ‘Saturday Night Live’
The Democratic presidential candidate has been played by six cast members.

Democratic Campaigns Spending Up to Four Times Some GOP Counterparts
The latest campaign finance filings tell all.

Watch: Hillary Clinton ‘GMA’ Town Hall ‘In A Minute’
The winner of this week’s New York Democratic Party primary answered questions on “Good Morning America.”

Clinton Hopes Sanders Will Deliver His Supporters If She Wins
She cited what she did for Barack Obama in 2008 as an example.

Throwback Thursday: Hillary Clinton’s First Appearance on ‘Good Morning America’
She was interviewed about sexism in the legal field.

Hillary Clinton Reveals Bill’s Most Annoying Habit
She also talked about something she’s been doing “religiously” since 1992.

Hillary Clinton Opens Up on ‘GMA’
The Democratic presidential hopeful is in New York this morning.

The Note: Hillary Clinton Comes to ‘GMA’
NOTABLES –SHOULD BERNIE DROP OUT? During a “Good Morning America” town hall today, Hillary Clinton said that she would “never” tell anybody what to do, but if rival Bernie Sanders does drop out, she hinted that she wants him to help her win the support of his fans, according to ABC’s MEGHAN KENEALLY. She cited her work on behalf of Obama in the lead up to the 2008 convention as an example.  “When I withdrew in June of 2008, polls were showing that at least 40 percent of my supporters weren’t going to support President Obama,” Clinton said. She went on to say how she campaigned for her delegates to support Obama, going “from group to group, even as late as the convention.” “I’m hoping that the same thing will happen this time,” she said. http://abcn.ws/1MKeCiX –MORE CLINTON: On releasing transcripts of her Wall Street speeches: http://abcn.ws/1YICoMV On concerns about her trustworthiness: http://abcn.ws/1VDYQt5 On her greatest regret: http://abcn.ws/1T1f20L On legalizing…

Senator Fears $20 Tubman Bill Diminishes Jackson
Sen. Lamar Alexander not happy about his being displaced by Harriet Tubman.

Trump OK With Caitlyn Jenner Using Any Bathroom in His Tower
The Republican frontrunner says that the former Olympian could use any bathroom she wanted in his tower.

Donald Trump Wants Harriet Tubman on $2 Bill
The Republican frontrunner does not want to see Andrew Jackson removed from the $20 bill.

Live Updates: Hillary Clinton on ‘GMA’
The Democratic presidential candidate joined GMA for a town hall.

Watch: Cokie Roberts Hosts Roundtable on Voter issues
Cokie Roberts talks with New York voters about big issues in the 2016 election.

Inside the Shadow Campaigns to Win Pennsylvania’s GOP Delegates
Winning Pennsylvania’s popular vote isn’t enough to win its GOP delegates.

Cruz Calls for Another GOP Debate
Ted Cruz thinks “there ought to be a debate before the vote next Tuesday.”

Trump Reminds Crowd That He Could Buy Elections
The Republican frontrunner reminds an Indiana crowd just how rich he is.

Defamation Suit Against Donald Trump Likely Faces Hurdles
GOP strategist Cheryl Jacobus is seeking $2 million from Trump and his campaign.

Watch: Congressional Candidate Says He Will Help Build Donald Trump’s Wall in Ad
Mike Pape is running for Kentucky’s 1st congressional district seat.

Trump Campaign Shake-up Highlights Change of Staff, and the Candidate
As all eyes look towards a contested conventions, things are changing within Trump’s campaign…even Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders’ Aides Pledge to Stay Course After NY Loss
“We have a path toward victory.”

Trump Campaign Confident He Will Secure 1,400 Delegates
The memo was circulated within the Trump campaign late Tuesday night.

In Ad, Congressional Candidate Says He Will Help Build Trump’s Wall
One Congressional candidate is trying to align himself with the business mogul.

Watch: Two NY Bernie Sanders Supporters Head to Polls and Talk party Unity
ABC News’ Josh Haskell checks out a Manhattan polling location.

Watch: Bernie Sanders National Press Secretary Talks New York Primary
ABC News’ Josh Haskell interviews Symone Sanders at Brooklyn watch party.

Magic Number Trump Needs Is Likely Lower Than 1,237 Delegates
Experts weigh in on the delegate count needed for the GOP nomination.

Cruz Now Says ‘We Are Headed to a Contested Convention’
Ted Cruz concedes he can’t beat Donald Trump at the ballot box.

Purged Registrations Cost This NY Primary Voter 5 Hours
At least 126,000 people’s votes could have been affected in the city.

The Note: Last Night in New York
NOTABLES –HOW TRUMP AND CLINTON WON: Hillary Clinton’s resume, her position on gun policy, her support from women and New York Democrats’ racial and ethnic diversity all boosted her to victory in the state’s presidential primary, while Donald Trump’s home-state advantage gave him record margins overall and across a range of Republican voter groups. Yet challenges remain for both, ABC’s GARY LANGER and GREGORY HOLYK note. Clinton won the state despite continued comparatively weak ratings for honesty, and she lost a variety of key groups to Bernie Sanders, including white men, young voters, strong liberals and those especially worried about the economy, perceived Wall Street excesses and free trade. Trump, for his part, continued to do poorly among voters focused on a candidate who shares their values. And underscoring the party’s deep rifts, a remarkable 57 percent of his opponents’ backers said they wouldn’t support him as their party’s nominee in November….

Manhattan Is the One County to Elude Trump in New York Primary
Donald Trump lost to John Kasich in the county he calls home.

Watch: Caricature Artist Draws Voters With Their Preferred Presidential Candidates
ABC’s Charli James checks in with our caricature artist who is sketching people in Times Square with their preferred presidential candidate.

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