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Republican U.S. presidential candidate Ted Cruz (L) listens to rival John Kasich during the Republican U.S. presidential candidates debate sponsored by CNN at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida in this March 10, 2016 file photo. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Here is the latest Political News from CBS News.

Delaware activists weigh in: Can Donald Trump be presidential?
Local Delaware politicians spoke with CBS News about the Trump campaign’s promises that the billionaire will take a more “presidential” tone

Trump attacks new cooperation between Cruz and Kasich
Republican front-runner assails coordination between his rivals as “desperation,” calls it collusion

President Obama pushes for trans-Atlantic trade deal
Protesters fear the so-called trans-Atlantic partnership would weaken environmental standards and consumer protections, but President Obama defends the pact that would create the world’s largest free trade zone

Trump expected to have solid Tuesday in five states
Donald Trump is leading in the polls in delegate rich Pennsylvania, one of five states where voters will go to the polls Tuesday

Five states up for grabs on Tuesday
The Democrats and Republicans will hold key primaries in five east coast states this week

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Donald Trump is going to change a lot in the coming weeks
Donald Trump will act a lot differently in the coming weeks as the general election approaches

Ex-Pa. senator, 90, announces same-sex marriage in op-ed
Former Pennsylvania Sen. Harris Wofford was left a widower when his wife died 20 years ago; man he’s marrying is 50 years younger

Maine gov.: Cruz campaign “stabbed us in the back”
Gov. LePage, who supports Trump, blasted Cruz’s campaign for “lying” about a so-called “unity ticket” of delegates in the state

4/24: Sanders, Kasich, Salvanto
With five primary contests Tuesday, the race the for White House is heating up. “Face the Nation” brings you the latest

Obama says Merkel “is on the right side of history”
Visiting Germany, the American president lavished praise on the German chancellor and defended international trade deals

Sanders: We lost primaries because “poor people don’t vote”
The Vermont senator talks about why he thinks Hillary Clinton clobbered him in 16 of the 17 poorest states in the primary race so far

John Kasich: I’m vetting vice presidential candidates
It’s “always possible” that a running mate will be part of his pitch to delegates in Cleveland, Kasich tells “Face the Nation”

Sanders: “We are the future of the Democratic Party”
Vermont senator tells “Face the Nation” what parts of his agenda he expects to stick no matter what happens in 2016 race

Party front-runners lead in Pennsylvania, Indiana
Trump’s lead keeps him on track for nomination; Clinton looks to build on her delegate lead

Obama faces LGBT rights questions in U.K.
During a town hall that was part of President Obama’s trip to the U.K., a person announced they were “non-binary,” not identifying as male or female

GOP congressman urges focus on opioid epidemic
Rep. Evan Jenkins, R-West Virginia, is pushing Congress to support new legislation that would address the effects of the growing opioid epidemic on newborn babies

Obama pushes Congress to pass bipartisan criminal justice reform
The president previewed new criminal justice reforms on prisoner re-entry in his weekly address. He also urged Congress to act on criminal justice reform measures

John Kasich: “Justice will be delivered” in Ohio shootings
In “Face the Nation” interview, Ohio governor and GOP presidential candidate discusses the grisly series of execution-style murders that shocked his state on Friday

Sanders adviser: Campaign may “re-evaluate” tone after Tuesday
Five states vote Tuesday, making it a crucial turning point for the Sanders campaign

Obama previews new DOJ actions on prisoner re-entry
The Justice Department will focus on showing “how strong re-entry programs can make communities safer”

After promises of change, Trump attacks Cruz, Kasich
Return of heated rhetoric comes after GOP front-runner’s campaign told the RNC that he would tone it down

Ex-congressmen send letters in support of Hastert
Letters made public from several former congressmen that asked for leniency for ex-U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert

At London youth town hall, Obama urges diplomacy over force
“Security is not just a matter of military actions,” the president said at an event in Lindley Hall

What to expect as candidates gear up for five-state fight
It stands to be a busy weekend for all five presidential candidates as they set their sights on Tuesday’s five upcoming northeastern primaries and beyond

Trump aide promises front-runner “is going to change”
Donald Trump’s new campaign manager is promising Republican Party leaders to get ready for a softer

President Obama dives into U.K. leaving EU controversy
President Obama took the side of British Prime Minister David Cameron and said the U.K. should remain in the European Union during a visit to London Friday

Trump campaign chief promises new, improved Trump
Donald Trump’s new campaign chief told members of the Republican National Committee Friday that Trump has been putting on an act

Trump: “If I was totally presidential … you’d be falling asleep”
The evolving candidate will show more “depth,” says campaign manager, in shift designed to ease the fears of Republican delegates

President Obama weighs in on the E.U. “Brexit” debate
President takes Prime Minister David Cameron’s side in angry debate on whether Britain should leave the European Union

Obama urges Britain to remain part of EU
But the president said Friday that it was ultimately a “decision for the United Kingdom to make”

Ted Cruz looks to Indiana to stop Trump
Cruz promised to “barnstorm” Indiana ahead of its May primary in an effort to deny Trump its 57 delegates

Prince once wrote a song called “Donald Trump (Black Version)”
It was performed by The Time, an R&B/funk group Prince helped start

Virginia governor restores voting rights to 200,000 felons
Maine and Vermont are the only states that don’t restrict the voting rights of convicted felons

Obama disagrees with transgender bathroom law
The president weighed in on the North Carolina law, the president said Friday, and he talked about the death of rock star Prince

Clinton talks about taking on bullies, and Trump
At a women’s roundtable, Clinton calls online bullying culture “horrible”

Quiz: Have you been following the news this week? April 22 edition
Between some important developments on the campaign trail and the president’s trip to Europe and the Middle East, it’s been a busy week

Obama disagrees with transgender bathroom law
“I loved Prince because he put out great music and he was a great performer,” the president told reporters Friday in London

U.S. acknowledges more civilian deaths from airstrikes in Syria, Iraq
Airstrikes on ISIS targets killed 20 civilians in six months, military says

RNC won’t rewrite its convention rules
The party’s rules committee rejected a bid to change its presidential nominating rules

Trump changes stance on N.C. transgender bathroom law
GOP front-runner makes new statement after voicing opposition to controversial legislation

Trump campaign chief: Trump is playing “a part”
Paul Manafort promises anxious GOP leaders that voters will see “a real different guy” during a general election

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