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German Chancellor Angela Merkel stands with President Barack Obama as he tries the virtual reality device PMD during the opening tour of the Hannover Messe in Hanover, Germany April 25, 2016. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

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Zscaler wants to eliminate VPNs with cloud-based Private Access tool
Zscaler recently announced its new Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) tool, which ups security by separating data and network access for users.

How to decipher error codes in Apple Hardware Test or Apple Diagnostics
Apple’s Diagnostics utility is great at testing for hardware trouble. However, what do the cryptic codes mean when a piece of hardware has failed the scan? Follow the guide below to figure it out.

BetterCloud survey: Adoption of Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 continues to grow
According to a recent survey, an increasingly mobile enterprise workforce is starting to realize the benefits of SaaS in Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365.

Don’t overlook these two hidden risks to your corporate data
Securing corporate data requires more than implementing hardware and software packages. Here are two less obvious risks that should be on your radar.

Altimeter report outlines 6 stages necessary for digital transformation in business
A new report from Altimeter explains the six stages that companies go through on their journey to digital transformation.

How to prepare your business to benefit from AI
AI is on the verge of becoming a critical part of business infrastructure. TechRepublic spoke to the CEO of a data science company to understand how to best integrate AI into business plans.

How one e-commerce giant uses microservices and open source to scale like crazy
Zalando’s “Radical Agility” is becoming a mainstream way for businesses to scale.

Windows 10: Here’s Microsoft’s new look Start menu
Redmond revamps the Start menu in early builds of Windows 10 as it begins getting ready for the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition this summer.

How having fun at work can make employees more productive
All work and no play can lead to anxiety, burnout, and absenteeism. Here’s how to stave off the dullness.

What HoloLens means for Microsoft and for the future of augmented reality
Many details are still unknown, but these days, Microsoft’s HoloLens speaks to the undefined potential of augmented reality.

Stop asking the CIO for her cloud priorities
We keep asking CIOs about the cloud, but at least half of all cloud spending isn’t controlled by the CIO.

How to clear the Recent items list in Windows 10
The Windows 10 Recent list offers fast access to your latest work. But sometimes, it’s a good idea to clear the list and start fresh.

Podcast: Business Technology Weekly – Pilot Episode
Business Technology Weekly from TechRepublic is a news podcast featuring essential headlines, top technology trends, and thoughtful stories.

At VEX Worlds 2016, students use robotics to tackle future problems of business and society
Over 15,000 nascent robotics experts from around the world overcame technical and language barriers to compete in the world’s largest robotics tournament for students.

An insider’s look at iOS security
Apple’s battle with the FBI portrays them as a security hero going to great lengths to protect user privacy, but our beloved iPhones may not be as secure as many believe.

New storage technologies allow for denser, faster data storage
Faster, denser SSDs with new connector types are being released this summer, while traditional platter drives are becoming more dense. Learn more about new and upcoming storage options.

Google Drive grows more powerful, feature by feature
In recent months, the Google Drive team improved these four features to make Drive better support how people work today.

5 best practices for managing a hybrid cloud environment
For a growing number of organizations considering public or private cloud, the answer is both. Here are five considerations that address the unique challenges of a hybrid cloud deployment.

This open source tool from MIT Data Lab will change how you see big data
Data USA is an atlas that helps business, government agencies, and schools make better, faster decisions by visualizing big data in fresh ways.

Exponential growth of R’s open source community threatens commercial competitors
With more than 2 million users and developers, how can proprietary vendors stand against the R programming language and software environment’s open source community?

10 human factors that are critical to your app testing
A feature-rich app isn’t necessarily what your users want or need – not if it hasn’t been thoroughly tested to deliver a positive user experience.

How to use WhatsApp to send encrypted messages
If you have not tried WhatsApp Messenger, you’re missing out on encrypted, unlimited messages with images, video, and audio. Get up to speed on installing and using the app.

How to install Office 365 in OS X El Capitan
Mac users seeking to migrate to Office 365 must make several decisions. Here’s how to navigate the process from selection to download to installation.

Microsoft touts free stuff to lure server-leaning IT pros to its cloud
Microsoft is offering a host of freebies to encourage IT pros to familiarize themselves with its cloud products.

Why 3D printing is to manufacturing as computers were to the workplace: A conversation with Bob McCutcheon
A new survey of US manufacturers by PricewaterhouseCoopers shows a radical shift in conceptions and use of 3D printing over the last two years. TechRepublic spoke with PwC about what the results mean.

Alert fatigue: Lessons from the delivery room
Pat Gray recently welcomed a new baby. He also witnessed the burden of alert fatigue first hand at the hospital. Here’s what he learned.

Patent shows Apple could be working on MacBook without a keyboard
This patent describes a reconfigurable touchpad-type surface that may put an end to the keyboard as we know it.

Customer feedback drives improvements to OneDrive for Business
OneDrive for Business is a useful Office 365 app, but it is not perfect. Microsoft listened to its customers and updated many of the features they’ve been asking for.

Election Tech: Big data election trends from the social media capital of the world
The social web is powerful. It’s also noisy. See how big data tools help both campaigns and companies communicate with influencers, identify relevant trends in real-time, and filter out distraction.

How to create a strategic analytics culture in your organization
At the 2016 SAS Global Forum, Kellogg’s Rick Davis and SAS’s Jill Dyche explained how you can build a company culture that values analytics.

The pocket radar: Get ready for phones that can look through walls
How the $149 Walabot is already sparking the interest of developers, who plan to use it for everything from collision detection in cars to honing their martial arts skills.

How Signpost’s new AI tool Mia could help businesses better understand and target customers
Mia, an AI software tool launched on Wednesday by Google-backed startup Signpost, offers a way for businesses to tailor messages to local customers.

Election Tech: Leadership is more powerful than technology
Harper Reed-entrepreneur, programmer, and Obama’s former CTO-says winning organizations treat technology as a ‘first class citizen’ by empowering people and small teams to make smart decisions.

Five affordable Android apps to simplify business collaboration
If you’re looking for the easiest and cheapest way to collaborate with other Android users, one of these five apps might be just what you need.

Report: Almost half of enterprises have no one in charge of database security
A recent research report published by Osterman Research detailed its findings on data and database security. Here’s what you can learn from the findings.

Diamanti thinks it has a way to make open source containers pay
By marrying hardware and software in container appliances, stealth-mode startup Diamanti has a chance to make containers mainstream.

SAS bets on cloud and machine learning with new Viya analytics architecture
At the 2016 SAS Global Forum, the company unveiled its new, high performance analytics architecture and updated support for IoT analytics.

How Pepper the robot will become newest crew member of Costa Cruise Line
Learn what the 4-foot humanoid robot powered by IBM Watson will be doing to help customers on the cruise ship.

Crowdsourcing analytics: How to find the wisdom in the crowd
Crowdsourcing platforms use machine learning and advanced algorithms to identify who are the wise voices amongst the online crowd, and then turn that input into insights.

Constellation Research VP: Tech and culture pointless without purpose
Alan Lepofsky, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, explains how purpose and reasoning are critical to the future of the digital workplace.

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