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Donald Trump smiles as he arrives to speak to supporters during his five state primary night rally held at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, April 26, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Here is the latest Top News from Forbes Magazine.

EBay Shows Signs Of Life With Sales Growth In First Quarter
After a disappointing end to 2015, eBay reported 2016 first quarter earnings on Tuesday that exceeded analysts’ expectations.

Russia’s Housing Sector Is Slowing Down Sharply
Despite the evident slowdown of the Russian economy and the significant pain inflicted on Russian consumers by quickened inflation, a weakened currency, Western sanctions, and plunging oil prices, until quite recently theRussian housing sector was proceeding as if nothing had happened. According to official data from Rosstat, Russian housing output set […]

Apple’s Beautiful Disaster: Where Do Tim Cook And The iPhone Go Next?
Apple’s quarterly profit decline is being reported as a harbinger of doom, but this was still one of the largest profits posted by any company ever. Apple still relies on iPhone, which has few unsolvable problems. And though Cook and company can’t get complacent, Apple’s patient long game is likely to pay off in the years ahead.

Can Success Be Dangerous? This Woman Found The Answer On A Starbucks Cup
She was getting very good at what she was doing. So why did her dream job feel like drudgery? Her answer was on a Starbucks cup.

Billionaire CEO Paychecks 2015
What does a pay cut look like when you’re earning $20 million a year? Ask one of the billionaires at the helm of the country’s corporate behemoths–nearly every one of them took one in 2015.

An Open Letter To FDA Regarding Eteplirsen
Dear FDA, I am writing to you about the forthcoming meeting to consider the marketing application for eteplirsen, a morpholino-oligo that induces exon-skipping to generate functional dystrophin protein and therefore, it is hoped, improved outcomes for patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). I should, before continuing, declare my conflict of interest. […]

Five Good Reasons To Quit Without Having Another Job
Since we were kids we’ve heard “Don’t quit your job until you have a new one!” We’veheard it a million times. We learned that you can’t just walk off the job one day because you’re sick of it or because something unpleasant happens at work. When you can manage a stealth […]

Big Data: Will We Soon No Longer Need Data Scientists?
The job of data scientist — the quintessential big data job, and the job that was just voted the best job in America for 2016 — is at risk. Data scientists have been called “unicorns” because finding the right person with the right set of skills — including coding, statistics, machine […]

The Carbon Footprint Of Tesla Manufacturing
What is the carbon foot print of manufacturing a Tesla? This question was originally answered on Quora by Mike Barnard.

Nintendo’s Weird New Patent Might Have Nothing to Do With The NX
image credit: neogaf/WIPO Nintendo’s got a new patent out there, and it’s sort of weird. It’s a horseshoe, basically, with some buttons it to augment an accelerometer, gyrometer, temperature sensor and load sensor. First noticed by NeoGAF user Rosti (via IGN), the natural assumption would be that this has something to […]

AMD Just Launched Its Most Powerful Graphics Card Ever, And It Has A Dual Personality
AMD just launched the Radeon Pro Duo, allegedly the fastest graphics card in the world. More importantly, it has a dual personality that hopes to appeal to both content creators and content consumers.

Why I Dread Getting Paid For Overtime
Dear Liz, I’m one of the people who is about to start getting paid for overtime, and for me it’s not good news. I’m pretty sure I’m going to either quit my job or get fired once my company ison the hook topay me time and a half for overtime. I took this […]

10 Things That Squeeze The Life Out Of Startups In The First 5 Years
If you are unwilling or too slow in pivoting accordingly when your market’s trends change, your days as a business are numbered.

12-inch MacBook (2016) Vs. Dell XPS 13 (2016): First-Look Review And Smackdown
I’ve been using 2016 versions of Apple’s 12-inch MacBook and the Dell XPS 13. Both are awesome ultraportables but for different users.

California’s $15 An Hour Isn’t The Right Minimum Wage For California
One of the more vexing points made by those who support a higher minimum wage is their insistence that anyone who works full time simply should not be in poverty. Thus the minimum wage must be high enough to ensure that if you work 2080 hours a year then you […]

Will The Truth About Chernobyl Ever Come Out?
Yes, it already has, but the truth is so much more boring than the assertions of megadeath, that it generally gets ignored. Today, April 26th, marks the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, and it is well-known that only about a hundred, not thousands, of people died as a result of radiation, and mostly those were emergency workers, not the public.

Why Are We Growing Corn To Fuel Our Cars? Three Reasons Why Ethanol Is A Bad Idea
Congress requires us to use ethanol, most of which is made from corn, to fuel our cars. This was supposed to reduce carbon emissions, but instead it lowers fuel economy and raises costs to everyone except corn farmers. It’s time to get rid of this ill-conceived government mandate.

How To Spot Lies (And Great Work) In A Resume
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: It’s a tough job market out there. In every industry around the globe, we speak to hiring managers trying to recruit the best and brightest in the midst of the current talent crisis. And pretty often, the conversation turns to the […]

WWE’s Most Overpaid And Underpaid Superstars Featuring John Cena, Brock Lesnar, And More
Forbes recently released its list of the ten highest-paid superstars in WWE. House Money Studios’ Alfred Konuwa breaks down which superstars are being overpaid and which ones are underpaid.

How Many Job Interviews Are Too Many?
Viola is wondering “How many job interviews do these people want me to attend?” What’s reasonable, in your view?

The 5 Best Money Books For Entrepreneurs
When it comes to books on business, marketing and management, entrepreneurs are overrun with choices.

Please God, Can We Stop Talking About ‘Core Values’?
It is time to stop talking about Core Values and simply make our workplaces human places

7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Logo for Your Brand
Your brand’s logo is the sort of thing that can have a bigger effect on your business than you first think. The wrong logo can make your brand come off as unprofessional, assuming anyone notices you at all. A good logo will create instant recognition within the minds of your […]

Why We Suffer From Anxiety And How To Fix It
Anxiety is a normal physiological response related to perceived threat. When we sense that we are danger, we enter “fight/flight/freeze” mode – an adaptive reaction to danger. Our bodies respond accordingly: breathing speeds up, digestion slows down, blood pressure increases. All of these things happen to protect us and get us out of harm’s way.

5 Essential Tips To Reinvent Your Career
Career coach Julie Jansen offers advice for finding gratifying work when you reinvent your career.

iPhone 7 Leak Reports A Major Change Is Coming To The Home Button
iPhone 7 design concept / Eduardo Guerrero Several rumors have been surfacingabout the nextiPhone — which is expected to be called iPhone 7 — such as a dual-lens camera on the larger version, the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, the addition of a second speaker at the bottom of the […]

The Hillary Speech Issue No One Is Talking About
Neither Hillary Clinton nor the Clinton Foundation has turned over her speech transcripts. Yet, even without the speech contents, the dollars at stake were large. If there was a lack of formality in reporting the payments, we should know.

9 Signs That You’re An Ambivert
A new personality type has emerged that puts the old Introvert vs. Extrovert debate to rest. Find out if you’re an Ambivert.

New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ TV Spot Spills Spectacular Spider-Man Scene
They almost made it to the opening day with no Spider-Man footage aside from the closing bit in the last trailer.

Tesla Model X Is Bedeviled By Problems That Were Predicted By Experts
Tesla has hired experienced designers and production chiefs. Did they advise Elon Musk that the gull-wing doors and other novel features, pretty and interesting as they are, might not be worth doing given that they are known to cause the kinds of problems that buyers are now reporting?

I Hope You Had A Good Tax Season, Because Next Year Is Going To Be A Nightmare
Busy season is over. Last Tuesday, tens of thousands of tax preparers simultaneously emerged from their months-long social cocoon in desperate need of a nap, a tan, and a treadmill. Soon enough, the long hours, the bad food, and the untenable stress imposed by clients, coworkers, and deadlines — both real […]

The 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Should Disappear
BY EDWARD PINTO – The government is making housing more unaffordable rather than less.

The NHS Is Not Under Threat From TTIP: It’s Nonsense To Say It Is
One of the more puzzling pieces of fear, uncertainty and doubt being spread around about the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is that it somehow puts the National Health Service in the UK under threat. This simply isn’t true: there’s not a scrap, smidgeon or tad of truth to the […]

Why Social Media Is Everyone’s Business — Yours Included
A decade ago, it was Google that was shaping much of the business world. Today, it’s social media.

30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2016
Meet 30 of Africa’s most promising and inspiring young entrepreneurs in 2016

Negotiating The Nonnegotiable: How To Understand Conflict And Resolve Yours Successfully
Renowned conflict resolution expert Dr. Daniel Shapiro shares insider secrets to resolving even the most emotionally-charged conflicts.

Cold Email Outreach: 8 Tips To Improve Your Email Campaign Results
One of the most effective forms of lead generation is cold email outreach. Learn how to improve the results of your sales emails by following these guidelines.

The Modern Concert, Pt. 3: Goodbye Risk, Hello Crowdsourcing
This is the third in a series of posts on innovations around the live concert experience. Part 1explored live-streamingmicrocosms;Part 2discussed untapped opportunities inbrand partnerships.   Long before the word “crowdfunding” entered the mainstream, Swedish indie pop band Miike Snow was doubtful about whether to play a show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. […]

3 Reasons Facebook Chatbots Are Good For Customer Service
VideoToday on Blake’s Take we talk about why the use of chatbots on Facebook are great for customer service. Facebook will now allow businesses to deliver automated customer support, ecommerce guidance, content and interactive experiences through chatbots. Three reasons why FB chatbots are exciting for customer service: 1. Brands are already thinking […]

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