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Whether You Book Early or Late, Save on Your Next Car Rental
If you’re planning (or procrastinating planning) a trip that will require some driving, take solace in the fact that there are more options than ever before to book the right rental car for you: Zipcar offers membership and easy access to cars while lumping the costs of gas and  insurance  into an hourly or daily

How Nice of a Car Can You Afford?
Cars, like homes, are one of those big-ticket items that many of us don’t completely pay down the day we sign our paperwork. Sticker prices are as high as ever, as the average new car costs $33,453, according to Kelley Blue Book. And as loan terms lengthen – more than half of buyers have five plus years to pay it

How to Quit Your Job and Travel for Two Years
Years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, I sat across from my wife Gayl in a taco stand and told her that I thought we should sell our house, quit our jobs and sail to Tahiti. “Terry, we don’t know how to sail,” she said. She had a point, but I was much more worried about the financials of how we would bail out of society

23 Reasons You Will Always Be Poor
Many Americans face a slew of financial burdens , from high costs of living and healthcare expenses to taxes and college tuition. And for some people, these countless burdens can make it seem like they’ll always be poor — or at least “poor” by their standards. Whatever your definition of “poor” is, there are

Planning on Driving for Uber or Lyft? You'll Need Insurance For That
Driving for Uber, Lyft or any other ridesharing service has become a popular source of main or secondary income. There are over 150,000 drivers for just Uber, and that number is poised to grow as these companies grow. What many drivers overlook however is their car insurance. Companies grow faster than policies can

Traffic Ticket? How Worried Should You Be About Your Car Insurance Rates
You’re speeding down the highway, next thing you hear is sirens go off, and your heart sinks. You calm down after the initial shock of being pulled over; only to then realize your auto insurance is about to get more expensive. Before you get too panicked however, there are some factors you should consider first.

13 Ways to Save Money for Vacation
Despite the overwhelming evidence that vacations make people happier and healthier, American workers are taking fewer and fewer days off. Some feel pressure to be at work 24/7, some don’t have the time and some simply can’t afford it. It’s probably because of these reasons that 42 percent of Americans didn’t take

Game-Changer: NuTonomy Wants To Be Brains Behind Self-Driving Cars
By Jim Probasco You will likely not see a NuTonomy automobile anytime soon any more than you will run across an Intel computer. Intel provides the brains (processors) that go inside computers. NuTonomy seeks to do the same for self-driving cars. Benzinga spoke with NuTonomy co-founder and CEO, Karl

How to Use Credit Cards to Save On Travel
Despite falling oil prices, the price of airfare is not getting any cheaper. One way consumers can alleviate the cost is to take advantage of benefits that come bundled with credit cards provide. Travel hackers use these perks to, in some cases, fly the world for free. Even if one isn’t interested in sitting in

10 Cities Where Your Paycheck Goes the Furthest
If you’re planning on moving cities in the near future, make sure you get a realistic view of how far your current paycheck will take you. set out to find out where your dollar stretches the furthest in the U.S. The study looked at the nation’s 50 largest cities and compared the cost of living —

The Connected Car: The Good and the Bad
The “connected car” is the best example of how the conventional automobile industry is undergoing a shift and becoming increasingly twinned with technology. The concept of embedded in-vehicle connectivity is changing the way people are using cars, making connected cars a fast growing element of the Internet of Things

The Weirdest Thing I Did to Save Money
When it comes to saving money, personal finance bloggers are the experts. After all, they’re the ones who really understand how important every single dime, penny and nickel can be when it comes to building savings. In fact, some of these experts take saving money so seriously that they’re willing to go through

How to Save $1,378 in 52 Weeks
Saving more than $1,000 throughout the year is hard, but it’s not impossible. By making small adjustments and changing up your daily routine, you can easily save a significant amount of money in just one year. And the 52-week savings challenge can help. In this challenge, you will save the dollar value of the week

40 Mindless Ways You're Burning Through Your Paycheck
Getting your paycheck is always exciting, but seeing it disappear right before your eyes is downright heartbreaking. “I never blow my paycheck on big-ticket items, like designer bags or flat-screen TVs,” you say. That might be true. But it’s also true that you might be slowly burning through your paycheck every day

Don't Wait for Retirement – Live the Life of Your Dreams Now
By  Laura Scharr-Bykowsky Learn more about Laura on NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor Many people view retirement as a 30-year vacation, full of leisure and travel. But new retirees often find that  retirement  isn’t the carefree life they expected. They miss having social interactions, a sense of achievement and

The 5 Best Savings Tips in 2016
By Autumn Rose It’s the start of the new year, and many people are recovering from post-holiday shopping debt  and putting together a list of resolutions for 2016. If saving money is on your list of goals for this year, you’re not alone. Money goals came in third on the list of resolutions, according to a report

Ford: Getting Drivers in SYNC With New Features
Ford’s consumers may be behind the wheel, but the car manufacturer ensures that they stay ahead when it comes to technology and innovation. Ford has begun 2016 with some interesting and much-awaited announcements for technology-lovers. Ford Motor Company ( F ) is expanding its SYNC system to enhance the connectivity

Auto Insurance for the Rich Often Covers and Costs More
It may be surprising, but your level of wealth can impact your car insurance coverage

Warren Buffett's 5 Reasons to Never Retire
By Morgan Quinn Many people dream of the day when they can finally quit working and enjoy retirement. But to Warren Buffett, retirement “is not my idea of living,” he has said. He might be on to something. At 85 years young, when many of his contemporaries have long since retired, Buffett remains at the helm of

8 Strategies for Managing Your Teen's 'Gap Year' Experience
By Jeff Matheson Learn more about Jeff on NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor An increasing number of U.S. students are participating in a “gap year,” in which they take a break from their studies to explore the world, often right after graduating from high school. The benefits for students can include personal

The Hottest Travel Destinations for 2016
By Charlene Oldham When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, Americans are most concerned with their health, according to the social media monitoring company Digimind. However, with 12,224 mentions on social media, travel is the second most popular topic of discussion, logging 12,224 mentions in the waning days of

Driverless Cars On the Road To Reality
The idea of a “driverless” vehicle, which sounded crazy until a few years ago, is getting closer to reality. Although many car manufacturing and technology supplier companies have been working and conducting tests of ‘partially’ and ‘fully’ automated versions of vehicles on road, the whole idea was incomplete without

Redefining Success for Yourself
Are you

20 Tricks to Retiring Rich
By Cameron Huddleston When you envision your retirement, what do you see yourself doing: Traveling to faraway places? Indulging in hobbies you didn’t have time to enjoy while you were working? Or pinching pennies just to cover the bills? The latter is probably not your ideal retirement , but it will likely be

30 Important Things to Do Before You Retire
By Alaina Tweddale There are plenty of must-do tasks in the year or two before retirement to make sure you’ve considered all the angles and created the most comprehensive of plans. Here’s a roundup of the 30 most important must-do items that experts say any pre-retiree needs to do to get ready for the golden

Star Wars VII: The Audience Awakens
While I do not see EconMatters as a movie critic like Roger Ebert, sometimes it feels almost like civil duty to let people know not to waste money on a bad movie.  I missed the Start War VII when it opened during Christmas last year and at the same time endured  a horrible experience with Fandango .  In retrospect, I

15 Tips and Tricks to Retire Early
By Jaime Catmull Numerous people have retired in their 30s, 40s and 50s, taking time to relax, travel or pursue their dreams. If you envy them, you don’t have to. With proper planning, a little discipline and a few smart moves, you, too, can retire early . Here are 15 tips that, if you put them into action now,

Creating Maps That Tell Stories: How Earliest Humans Inspired Social Media's Latest Innovation
By Jim Probasco Citymaps is a social mapping platform where the word “map” means much more than location, directions and transit. In Citymaps world, created by entrepreneurs, Elliot Cohen and Aaron Rudenstine, a map is an experience – better yet, a story. Cohen and Rudenstine spoke with Benzinga about the

10 Things That Will Be Cheaper for You Because of Falling Oil Prices
By Chuck Epstein While oil prices on global markets have fallen about 60 percent since June 2014, according to the BBC, the drop has created major losses for the oil industry and its workers. But because oil is one of the economy’s most important commodities, it has produced price benefits for consumers in many

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