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Here is the latest Political News from ABC News.

Five Things To Watch On Obama’s Trip To Asia
The president will spend five days in Vietnam and Japan

Watch: NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President
The presumptive Republican nominee addressed the gun group at its convention today.

How Donald Trump Is Making More Money During His Presidential Bid
Trump raked in more money with his hotels and golf courses in 2015 than in 2014.

NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President
The presumptive Republican nominee is going to address the gun group.

Trump Considered Blacks vs. Whites Version of ‘The Apprentice’
The presumptive GOP nominee once discussed pitting races each other on his show.

Trump Camp Enlists Ex-Romney Aide in Transition Talks
Former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt is returning a four-year-old favor.

Trump Paid No Federal Taxes for 2 Years in Late ’70s
In the late 1970s, Trump paid nothing to the IRS

How Scalia’s Empty Supreme Court Seat Is Impacting Major Decisions
The vacancy has led to countless hours of wasted energy, one legal expert said.

Sunday on ‘This Week’: Sen. Bernie Sanders
Sanders will appear on “This Week” Sunday.

Guns Aren’t Allowed on Many Trump Properties, Staff Says
Donald Trump, who was endorsed by the NRA, said he is against “gun-free zones.”

Obama Signs Legislation to Remove ‘Oriental’ and ‘Negro’ From Federal Code
The law is an effort to “modernize terms relating to minorities.”

Watch: Trump: Missing EgyptAir Aircraft ‘Blown out of the Sky’
At a fundraiser, he told the crowd “you are 100% wrong” if you doubt his claim.

The Note: Trump and the NRA
NOTABLES HAPPENING TODAY — AHEAD OF TRUMP’S ADDRESS TO THE NRA, READ HOW HIS VIEWS ON GUNS HAS SHIFTED OVER TIME: Donald Trump’s stance on guns has been consistent during his presidential campaign, but it has shifted over the past two decades. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee is expected to talk about his history with firearms and stance on gun control Friday when he addresses the National Rifle Association this afternoon. ABC’s MEGHAN KENEALLY notes how his view shifted over time, based in part on two of his policy-oriented books. http://abcn.ws/1YI07gk HOW DONALD TRUMP MAY BE IMPERILING GOP’S PLAN TO REACH MINORITY VOTERS: As Donald Trump glided down the gilded escalators in his eponymous Tower to announce his candidacy for president, he sought to make one thing clear; undocumented Mexican immigrants aren’t like the rest of America. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you,” he said. “They’re sending people that have…

How Donald Trump’s Views on Guns Shifted Over Time
He’s slated to address the NRA today.

Top Trump Ally Offers Glowing Review of Libertarian Candidates
Roger Stone may be a Trump ally, but he’s giving high marks to the Libertarian ticket.

How Trump May Imperil GOP’s Plans to Reach Minority Voters
The GOP had a plan in place to win over minority voters; their nominee may have ruined it.

Trump: Missing EgyptAir Aircraft ‘Blown out of the Sky’
At a fundraiser, he told the crowd “you are 100% wrong” if you doubt his claim.

Late GOP Senator Wanted to Apologize to Muslims for Trump: Family
Robert Bennett died on May 4 at the age of 82.

Maryland Trump Delegate Indicted for Child Porn
Caleb Bailey was a delegate in the state’s 5th congressional district.

Clinton: ‘No Way I Won’t Be’ Democratic Nominee
The candidate compares this election with her 2008 run.

Former Governor Deval Patrick Seems Uninterested in Being Clinton’s VP
List of running mates for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton dwindling

#BernieLostMe Hashtag Trends on Twitter Following Violence in Nevada
A group of Sanders supporters became violent at the state convention Saturday.

Clinton Campaign Slams Trump’s Rape Claim Against Bill Clinton
Accusation came up during a conversation about Trump’s history with women.

Trump Campaign Announces Expanded Role For Paul Manafort
Donald Trump will change the role for one of his campaign’s top advisors, ABC News has learned. Sources within the campaign said that Trump will name Paul Manafort to the new role of Campaign Chairman and Chief Strategist. Manafort, who was brought on board early last month as a convention manager, was originally tasked with trying to secure Trump the necessary delegates to avoid a fight at the Republican convention. With Trump now the likely presumptive nominee for the GOP, Manafort’s new role is a natural growth of the campaign as they begin to build a team ready for the general election, according to the sources. The role is an obvious promotion for Manafort, but sources stressed it should not be seen as a demotion for campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks confirmed the move, adding that Lewandowski will, “continue overseeing day to day operations and will work with Manafort on political strategy and communications, among other things,…

Top Female House Republican Endorses Trump, With Caution
She says he must demonstrate “temperament for the job.”

The Note: The Dilemma Of the Democrats
NOTABLES DEMOCRATIC BACKLASH AFTER SANDERS’ SUPPORTERS VIOLENCE IN NEVADA: Democratic leaders are speaking out and calling for action from Sen. Bernie Sanders after a group of his supporters became violent at a Nevada political event this weekend. Sanders has condemned the violence and the leaders chose their words carefully to make it clear that they don’t hold Sanders responsible, but their outspokenness suggests that there could be a backlash. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said that he spoke to Sanders Wednesday and is “confident” that Sanders condemns the violence. But he was clear to give him a nudge. “This is a test of leadership as we all know and I’m hopeful and very confident that Sen. Sanders will do the right thing,” said Reid, who is a Nevada Democrat himself. ABC’s MEGHAN KENEALLY has more. http://abcn.ws/27BwG5J ANALYSIS — ABC’s RICK KLEIN: For a few days, at least, the Democrats have become the Republicans, and the Republicans have become the Democrats. Donald…

Biden: I’m ‘Confident’ Sanders Would Support a Clinton Win
The VP said Wednesday, “There’s no fundamental split in the Democratic party.”

Security Concerns Raised for Democratic National Convention
Cleveland was initially thought to be the potential problem city.

Biden Rips Trump for Suggesting US Wages Too High
“Where the hell does he live?” the vice president exclaimed.

Democratic Backlash After Sanders’ Supporters Violence in Nevada
Leaders of the party are speaking out about the violence.

Watch: Josh Earnest Says White House Unconcerned About Potential Convention Unrest
Josh Earnest Says White House Unconcerned About Potential Convention Unrest

Trump Releases Names of Potential Supreme Court Picks
Trump floated 11 possible jurists should he be elected.

Trump Still Claims Golf Course Worth Over $50M
New disclosure forms repeat evaluation, 5x higher than Trump’s attorneys claim.

What We Learned From Donald Trump’s Personal Financial Disclosure Form
Donald Trump just filed a 104-page personal finance disclosure report.

Watch: Senate Approves Bill to Let 9/11 Families Sue Saudi Arabia
The bill passed unanimously on Tuesday despite opposition from the White House.

Watch: New Jersey Residents Oppose Chris Christie as Potential Trump VP Pick
According to a new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday, 72 percent of New Jersey voters oppose the idea of Christie as Trump’s vice president pick, while 18 percent are in favor.

The Note: Regrets, He Had a Few
NOTABLES –TRUMP SAYS HE’S HAD REGRETS SINCE FIRST EXCHANGE WITH MEGYN KELLY: Nine months after the feud between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly first erupted, the hatchet, it seems, has been buried. The presumptive Republican nominee sat down with the Fox News anchor during a primetime special of “Megyn Kelly Presents” last night. For all the incendiary comments that have been emitted from Trump’s twitter feed, he begrudgingly admitted that he had some regrets, ABC’s CANDACE SMITH notes. “Absolutely I have regrets. I don’t think I want to discuss what the regrets are, but absolutely. I, I could have done certain things differently…I could have maybe used different language, uh, in a couple of instances,” Trump said. But he added, “Overall, you know, I have to be very happy with the outcome… And I think if I didn’t conduct myself in the way I’ve done it, I don’t think I would have been successful actually.” http://abcn.ws/1OyHu90 –OTHER MOMENTS OF CONTRITION: Kelly also asked…

New Jersey Voters Oppose Chris Christie as Potential Trump VP Pick
New Jersey voters don’t share Trump’s enthusiasm for their governor.

Mark Zuckerberg to Hold Meeting With Conservatives Amid Criticism
One conservative website called the meeting a “text book conjob.”

Threat of Lower Turnout Looms for Both Parties
It’s not just anti-Trump Republicans who could stay home come November.

Road to the White House: Campaigns Map Out Transition Strategies
The Trump, Clinton and Sanders campaigns are already mapping out the “transition of power” into the White House.

Intelligence Chief Says Presidential Campaigns Are Cyber Targets
Intel chief James Clapper says there is evidence campaigns have been hacked.

Hillary and Henry: Clinton’s Relationship With Kissinger
Trump is the one meeting him today, but Clinton is the one with stronger ties

The Risks of Using Ebola Funds to Fight the Zika Virus
Separate bills plans to redirect funds, but is it enough and what are the risks?

Watch: Bernie Sanders Wins Oregon Democratic Primary, Clinton Declares Victory in Kentucky
Voters in Kentucky and Oregon headed to the polls to vote in the two states’ Democratic presidential primaries.

Watch: Obama to Finalize Overhaul of Overtime Rule
The Obama administration is moving to finalize changes to double the salary threshold of workers entitled to overtime wages.

Clintons Made $6.7 Million from Speeches in 2015
Hillary Clinton released a personal financial disclosure form on Tuesday night.

Donald Trump Wins Oregon GOP Primary, AP Reports
Trump is still short of the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the nomination.

Sanders Wins Oregon Primary, Clinton Declares Victory in KY
The polls close for the Oregon Democratic primary at 11 p.m. EST.

Obama to Finalize Overhaul of Overtime Rule
The new overtime rules take effect on Dec. 1, 2016.

Trump Says He Has Regrets Since Megyn Kelly Feud Began
Trump and Kelly have been feuding since last August.

Watch: How Will Women Vote in 2016?
ABC News’ Cokie Roberts meets with New York women to discuss the direction of the country as the 2016 election nears. Here are the highlights.

Why Bill Clinton Is Becoming a Bigger Target for Trump
“When they attack me, I’m going to attack them,” Donald Trump says.

Former Republican President Candidates Re-emerge With Hints and Regrets
Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Marco Rubio have all spoken out this week.

John McCain Calls for Hearing on Pro Sports and Prescription Drug Abuse
McCain wants the Senate Commerce Committee to convene hearings on drug abuse.

Republicans Want Obama to Fire Top Adviser Ben Rhodes
The fallout over a controversial New York Times profile on presidential adviser.

Man Drives Truck Onto National Mall Claiming Anthrax Possession
Authorities are interviewing the man.

Senate Advances $1.1B Zika Proposal Amid Clash With House Over Funding
The chambers are divided on how much should be allocated to combat the virus.

Ugly Scenes at Nevada Convention Spark Concern Among DNC Officials
Some of Sanders’ supporters became rowdy at the Nevada state convention.

Florida Senate Candidate Doesn’t Apologize for Calling Obama an ‘Animal’
Carlos Beruff and his campaign say the comments were taken out of context.

Watch: Hillary Clinton Looks for Victory in Kentucky, Oregon Primaries
The former secretary of state hopes to strengthen her lead by defeating her democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, in the latest primary contests.

Clinton Looks to Widen Lead With Wins in Kentucky, Oregon
Wins for Clinton tonight would not be enough for her to secure the nomination.

Meeting of Minds: Donald Trump to Meet With Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger, 92, was secretary of state to Presidents Nixon and Ford.

Conservatives Split Over ‘Bias’ Meeting With Facebook’s Zuckerberg
The split is likely indicative of a wider rift among conservatives.

Where Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC Is Spending Its Money
Priorities USA Action has announced a $96 million television ad buy.

What’s in a Name? Hillary Clinton Has Lost the Vote in 8 ‘Clinton’ Counties
She has another shot to win a “Clinton” County tonight.

The Note: The Anti-Trump Playbook
NOTABLES –TRUMP OPPONENTS RAMPING UP AD SPENDING: Opponents are ramping up their efforts to use Donald Trump’s words about women, race and other topics against him. The real estate mogul’s at-times controversial statements about women have already been featured in digital and television ads by candidates and outside groups, but now the money behind the efforts is being increased. ABC’s MEGHAN KENEALLY and LIZ KREUTZ have more. One such group, Priorities USA, announced Monday it plans to spend additional millions of dollars in ad buys ahead of the next big multi-state primary day on June 7. http://abcn.ws/1Tdf8bP –WHAT PRIORITIES IS SAYING: “Donald Trump is a con-man: a divisive, dangerous, know-nothing who should never be President of the United States. His offensive, ignorant views of millions of Americans, especially women, would only further divide our country. His temperament and lack of judgment would put American lives at risk. Ultimately, Donald Trump is a cheat and a…

The History of the Trump-Megyn Kelly Feud
GOP front-runner talks about his feud with Kelly in an interview airing tonight.

Watch: Supreme Court Sends Health Law Contraception Case Back to Lower Courts
The high court vacated the judgments of the high-profile case Zubik v. Burwell.

Watch: Trump’s Ex Defends Him After Story on His Relationships with Women
One of Donald Trump’s ex-girlfriends has been actively speaking out against a New York Times story that featured her talking about her relationship with the real estate mogul in the early 1990s.

Watch: Why This House Republican Is Advocating for Transgender Rights
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, along with her husband and transgender son, Rodrigo, have filmed a series of public service announcements with a Florida advocacy group to share their own experience.

Sanders Takes His Anti-Wall Street Message to Puerto Rico
The Democratic presidential hopeful campaigned on the island.

Donald Trump’s Ex Defends Him After New York Times Story
The presumptive Republican nominee slammed The New York Times article.

Watch: Food and Politics at Billy Goat Tavern
ABC News’ Josh Haskell heads to Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago to talk food and the 2016 election.

Trump Opponents Ramping Up Ad Spending Using Controversial Comments
Outside groups and candidates using his words against him.

Oregon State Results Election 2016
Oregon State Results Election 2016

Kentucky State Results Election 2016
Kentucky State Results Election 2016

Hillary Clinton Acts out a Mock Debate with Donald Trump
Clinton said she looks forward to debating the Donald.

Trump Team Revises Golf Course Value Amid Tax Controversy
Trump said course was worth $50M, but only $1.35M when it came tax time.

Watch: Hillary Clinton Mimics Donald Trump Debating the Economy
Clinton says Trump will fail to provide specifics in hypothetical general election debate.

Watch: Hillary Clinton Spars With Heckler Over Kentucky’s GOP Governor
“It’s time people stop listening to Republican propaganda,” Clinton says at a Kentcuky rally.

COLUMN: Uniting at the Presidential Level May Not Help the Entire Ticket
The establishment should encourage third-party candidates to run.

John Kasich Rules Out Third-Party Run
“I just think running a third party doesn’t feel right,” he said today.

Poll Says Majority of Americans Prefer ‘Medicare For All’ Health Care
Surveyed people preferred Sanders’ healthcare plan, of three candidates

Why This House Republican Is Advocating for Transgender Rights
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Flordia is breaking ranks with her House colleagues.

Watch: Bernie Sanders Discusses Vision for Better Relations With Native Americans
The democratic presidential candidate addressed poverty in Native American communities during a campaign rally at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Watch: Hillary Clinton Evokes Bill’s Legacy, Hints He Won’t Serve in Her Cabinet
On the campaign trailer the former secretary of state shook her head no when asked if Bill would join her administration.

Benghazi Investigation Produces More Infighting and Few Results
The Special House Benghazi committee is still squabbling over its investigation.

Why Sanders Is Going All Out for Native Americans
Sanders is spending a lot of time with one of the most marginalized groups.

Supreme Court Sends Health Law Contraception Case Back to Lower Courts
SCOTUS has sent back to the lower courts the challenges brought by religious non-profits who object to participate in contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act

5 Other Foreign Leaders Who Have Slammed Donald Trump
David Cameron isn’t the only one slamming Trump.

Trump Adviser to Attend Facebook Meeting on Alleged News Bias
A recent report highlighted Facebook’s handling of conservative news stories.

Hillary Clinton Says Bill Won’t Serve in Her Cabinet
Clinton hinted at what Bill’s role in her administration would be.

The Note: More Troubles for Trump
NOTABLES –PRIEBUS — TRUMP HAS ‘REWRITTEN THE PLAYBOOK’: While presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump faced more scrutiny this week for not releasing his tax returns, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said Trump has “rewritten the playbook” on what will matter in the general election, ABC’s MOLLY NAGLE notes. “Donald Trump represents such a massive change to how things are done in Washington that people don’t look at Donald Trump as to whether or not he releases his taxes,” Priebus told ABC’s JONATHAN KARL Sunday on “This Week.” “Here’s a guy that’s never run for office,” Priebus added. “I don’t think the traditional playbook applies, Jon. We’ve been down this road for a year. And it doesn’t apply. He’s rewritten the playbook.” http://abcn.ws/1R2IFNJ –MEGYN KELLY SAYS TRUMP NEEDS TO DO BETTER WITH WOMEN: Republican women have “warmed a little” to Donald Trump, but he will need to do better with them in the general election than Mitt Romney did four years ago, journalist Megyn…

Trump Son-in-Law Emerges as Quiet Campaign Force
Meet Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband.

Watch: Obama Targets Trump Campaign Proposals in Highly Political Commencement Speech
While not directly naming the candidate, President Obama made it clear just what he thinks about Donald Trump’s campaign and policy proposals in a highly political commencement speech Sunday at Rutgers University.

The Only Time Donald Trump Undersells: Tax Time
Going back decades, Trump accused of “extraordinary flim-flammery.”

Megyn Kelly Says Trump Needs to Do Better With Women
Republican women are “warming up” to Donald Trump, but he will need to do better with them in the general election than Mitt Romney did four years ago, journalist Megyn Kelly said today on “Good Morning America.”

Woman’s Obituary Says Instead of Flowers, Don’t Vote for Trump
A recently deceased woman tells mourners not to vote for Donald Trump.

Clinton Compares Trump to a Kentucky ‘Show Horse’
Clinton made the joke at a campaign event not far from Churchill Downs.

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