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Meet Attest: the British startup bringing SaaS to the market research industry
Market research is the latest multi-billion dollar industry that is ripe for disruption. British startup Attest thinks it has the formula to knock the incumbent players off of their perch.

Nine best uses of chatbots in business in the UK

London Technology Week: What is it, when is it and our tips for the best events
All you need to know about London Technology Week, set to run from 20 June until 26 June 2016.

CoinCorner: the cryptocurrency exchange battling to make bitcoins simple
Ever bought a bitcoin? Most people haven’t. CoinCorner is a startup that would like to change that

Seven amazing examples of high-tech innovation in China

Facebook flops: 19 failed Facebook products

Quiz: Who said what?
Test your knowledge of famous tech quotes! Think you can spot an Elon Musk or Bill Gates quote? Take our big Friday quiz to find out!

6 days to register to vote in the EU referendum – how the tech sector is helping
Tuesday 8 June is the deadline to register to vote in the EU referendum on 23 June – make sure you don’t miss it.

Credits: the startup building blockchain-as-a-service one customer at a time
The first generation of blockchain platforms is taking shape on the Isle of Man

We went to the launch of the £9,500 Solarin smartphone, and it was really weird
The international startup Sirin Labs launched its first product yesterday in London, the £9,500 Solarin smartphone, which it calls the most secure ever made

Robots could save jobs, claims CEO
Fetch Robotics makes service robots for businesses, which differ from industrial robots as they directly work with people, assisting them with tasks such as moving goods around distribution centres.

How Manchester’s tech scene can succeed beyond the UK and into Europe
Manchester’s digital sector indirectly employs about 85,000 people, setting it up to compete and succeed against some of the biggest tech cities in Europe.

The Isle of Man: how a tax haven reinvented itself as a startup paradise
Tax havens are doomed. Luckily, the Isle of Man has a backup plan.

10 technologies that could revolutionise retail

Hacking the human: 3D printed living cells, editing genes and meat grown in labs
A new breed of startups have started focusing on an area they believe to be ripe for disruption: biology.

General Electric CDO says automation will create “winners and losers”
The Chief Digital Officer of General Electric – the fourth largest business in the world – has claimed there will be “winners and losers” in the oncoming seismic shift pushed forward by technology like automation, AI, and the internet of things. Read on for the insider’s take on how all this emerging tech will impact the world.

Meet Shpock: The boot sale app taking on Ebay and Gumtree
Austrian startup Shpock hopes to expand its ‘classified adverts for the smartphone generation’ mobile app in the UK. But how does it work, what’s the company like and who’s backing it?

The 8 coolest startups we met in Singapore last week

Entrepreneur First takes its London blueprint for building startups to Singapore
London’s unique startup cohort Entrepreneur First announced it was expanding overseas late last year, and as the first group of budding entrepreneurs nears graduation we went to find out how Singapore compares to London as a tech city

How open access to artificial intelligence changes everything
Using these toolkits anyone will be able to use AI or machine learning platforms – which are as sophisticated as anything currently on the market, offering the potential to unleash vast innovation.

Britain’s first sub-orbital spaceport: who will use it and where will it be?
The Government’s Modern Transport Bill conformed the spaceport – vanity project or inspired planning?

Meet the MIT grads building autonomous cars in Singapore – nuTonomy
A group of MIT grads set out to build autonomous driving technology that can deal with busy urban road environments, so they decamped to Singapore to get the project on the road.

Digital Shadows – new tool helps organisations peer inside data breaches
“We may be approaching a breach singularity where all PII is known.”

Singapore will pay for your startup to solve its problems
During a wide ranging keynote, the foreign minister for Singapore spoke about VR porn, innovation and the city state’s unique approach to funding startups

Ripjar – the UK data intelligence startup that wants to beat Palantir and IBM
Reputation management, customer intelligence, cybersecurity – the data knows it all

11 UK internet of things startups to watch out for in 2016

10 ways to stay motivated as a developer

10 HTML desktop editors web developers should try this month

Google I/O 2016 live: What it is, where it is, & what we predict for the keynote
How to watch the Google I/O 2016 keynote live. Google I/O 2016 live blog, Google I/O 2016 live stream. Google I/O 2016 live for developers, architects and other tech pros – everything you need to know.

Quiz: Can you answer these five questions about driverless cars?
Driverless cars are predicted to be on our streets by 2020, but how much do you know about them? Take our quiz to find out!

The great driverless car race: Where will the UK place?
Driverless cars in the UK have no legal barriers – a unique position against the rest of the world.

Driverless cars: 11 questions the insurance industry must answer

10 tips and tricks for corporates engaging with startups
RWE New Ventures main mission is to engage startups to try to inject some much-needed innovation into their parent company, German energy giant RWE. Here is what they have learned since launch last January.

The top 12 marketing tech (MarTech) startups in the UK

Quiz: Can you answer these five questions about IoT?
How much do you know about IoT? Find out here

Internet of things courses you can apply for in 2016

Casting 6 tech founders and CEOs in their very own movie

Data breach trends 2016 – what Verizon’s analysis of real breaches reveals
Data breaches just keep coming. We review Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report covering 2015 incidents

Quiz: Can you answer these six questions about dating apps?
Think you know a lot about dating apps? Why not put your knowledge to the test with our dating apps quiz?

10 worst technology takeovers in history – Autonomy, Compaq, Nokia, Veritas

Eight tech startups cashing in on cannabis

Seven TED Talks all developers should watch

10 top crowdfunding websites 2016

HackTrain helps startups to solve the UK rail industry’s problems
Overcrowding, ticketing and staffing are just some of the major issues that the UK rail industry is trying to solve. The startup accelerator HackTrain thinks it has some answers.

Five platforms for developers to build chatbots

Opera VPN up close – is this browser now the world’s best free privacy tool?
Opera might have stolen a march on Chrome and Firefox

Here’s how Ravn Systems is harnessing the power of AI
Techworld spoke to Ravn System’s CEO Peter Wallqvist about Ravn ACE, its data crunching robot.

Here’s how to make your website more accessible for blind people
Making sites accessible tends to make them better for all users. Let’s see more businesses start to make their tech user-friendly for the blind and partially sighted.

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