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Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives to speak during her California primary night rally held in Brooklyn, New York, June 7, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Here is the latest Political News from the USA Today.

For the Record: Pack your bags, we’re taking this thing to Philly
This is the campaign that never ends. It just goes on and on, my friends.


Primary takeaways: In the end, California was not the news
Donald Trump was competing not against any other candidate Tuesday, but against a number: 1237.


Sanders says ‘the struggle continues’ even as Clinton declares victory
Sen. Bernie Sanders isn’t giving up, at least for now, though the end appears to be coming near.


Trump defends comments on judge despite criticism from GOP leaders
Trump promises to make GOP proud though elected officials fret about comments on judge.


Trump holds court at his golf course in New York
Trump, a real estate magnate who became a reality television celebrity, has deep financial ties to Westchester going back decades.


Clinton makes history, declares win in Democratic race
Hillary Clinton marked her place in American history Tuesday night, declaring victory in the Democratic presidential race.


Trump: Clintons Sold Access, ‘Govt. Contracts’
During his victory speech Tuesday night, presumptive nominee Donald Trump targeted Hillary and Bill Clinton saying they sold \u0022access\u0022 and \u0022government contracts\u0022 to enrich themselves. (June 7)


Clinton touts historic nomination with special video
The Clinton campaign released a video called “History Made” in celebration of her becoming the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate. The video features women’s rights activists through the years mixed with Clinton speaking.


Twitter celebrates Clinton’s historic moment
On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton declared victory in the Democratic primary, securing enough delegates to win the nomination.


Clinton makes history in final Super Tuesday
Hillary Clinton declared victory in the race for the Democratic presidential race and Donald Trump just kept on winning.


New York Daily News planned front page had Paul Ryan saying ‘I’m with racist’
The New York Daily News wasn’t mincing words with the front page it had planned for Wednesday. The message: Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are in this together. (The outlet later swapped covers to focus on Hillary Clinton.)


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: 6 weeks, 3 tasks to be the next pres
After years of debates, primaries and caucuses, the race for the White House is finally set: Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. Washington Bureau chief Susan Page takes a look at what each canidate needs to do to earn the public’s vote.


New York Daily News cover has Paul Ryan saying ‘I’m with racist’
The New York Daily News isn’t mincing words with Wednesday’s cover. The message: Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are in this together.


Clinton wins N.J., chips away at Sanders’ credibility
But the Sanders campaign doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.Video provided by Newsy


Trump-backed Rep. Ellmers becomes first GOP incumbent to lose primary
North Carolina Rep. Renee Ellmers became the first Republican incumbent to lose a primary on Tuesday just days after Donald Trump endorsed her.


Trump says judge comments ‘misconstrued’ amid GOP uprising
GOP officials offended by Trump’s comments about a judge, won’t endorse him.


New Jersey voters talk about their votes
Voters in Rutherford, New Jersey were out early to vote in the state’s presidential primaries. (June 7)


Raw: New Jersey primary voting begins
Polls have opened in New Jersey, which is holding its Presidential Primary on Tuesday. Primaries are also being held in California, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota. (June 7)


Clinton won the nomination, but Sanders isn’t giving up yet
Six states are voting in the Democratic primaries Tuesday. Video provided by Newsy


Pentagon reassigns official for parking caper
WASHINGTON — A top Defense Department official who admitted stealing license plates in a fit of pique over parking spot has been reassigned to duties outside the building, according to the Pentagon.


Clinton touts historic nomination with ‘History Made’ video
When the former secretary of State speaks on Tuesday night, she’ll be ready to embrace her position in history.


Polls open for California primary
The last major primaries of the 2016 White House race kick off in New Jersey and California, hours after US delegate counts shows Hillary Clinton clinching the Democratic nomination. Video provided by AFP


Paul Ryan: Trump’s comment on judge is racist
House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday that Donald Trump made the “textbook definition of a racist comment” in saying an American-born judge isn’t qualified to preside over a case because of his Mexican heritage. (June 7)


Clinton shatters ceiling as presumptive nominee
Eight years to the day after conceding to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton is finally shattering what she called the \u0022highest, hardest glass ceiling,\u0022 embracing her place in history as the first female nominee of a major U.S. political party.


Clinton poised to make history, declare win in Democratic race
Hillary Clinton was poised Tuesday night to mark her place in American history and declare victory in the Democratic presidential race, becoming the first woman to lead a major-party ticket.


Activists question Cleveland’s readiness for GOP convention
Civil rights advocates expressed ominous concerns Tuesday about Cleveland’s readiness for the looming Republican National Convention.


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: 6 weeks, 3 tasks to be the next president
Each has serious electoral flaws, but both are boosted by the other’s vulnerabilities.


India moves ahead on climate change pact as Obama, Modi meet at White House
The Indian prime minister’s visit Tuesday is the seventh time he and Obama have met since 2014


Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk says he won’t support Trump
Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk announced Tuesday he would not be voting for Donald Trump.


What are we going to call Bill Clinton if Hillary is elected president?
It’s tricky – and amusing – to think about what we might call Bill Clinton if his wife wins the presidency in November. But it’s time to get serious.


Paul Ryan rips Trump comments as ‘textbook definition of racist’
He disavowed Trump’s suggestions that a judge may be biased because of his Mexican Heritage.


GOP leaders dump on Trump judge comments, reconsider endorsements
Republicans are pressured to withdraw support from Trump


President Obama has fun with the Broncos
President Obama cracked some jokes on Monday when the Denver Broncos came to the White House to commemorate their Super Bowl 50 victory.


Hillary Clinton’s memorable moments from campaign trail
From Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch to her prolonged battle with Bernie Sanders to her increased focus on Donald Trump, here are five quotable moments from her primary campaign.


With race all but over, Sanders still hopes superdelegates will come his way
News that Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee could hurt Sanders in Tuesday’s contests.


Paul Ryan calls for ‘a better way’
In the Weekly Republican Address, House Speaker Paul Ryan previewed his plan for “a more inclusive, a more inspiring, a more confident America.”


Obama, Modi test their ‘special wavelength’ in White House meeting
The Indian prime minister’s visit Tuesday is the seventh time he and Obama have met since 2014


Hillary Clinton v. Donald Trump: 6 weeks, 3 tasks to be the next president
Each has serious electoral flaws, but both are boosted by the vulnerabilities of the other.


Clinton backers claim victory, call for unity with Sanders
Associated Press reports that Clinton already has enough delegates to win nomination


For the Record: Math ruins Bernie Sanders’s day
The largest delegate haul since March is awarded today, if only that mattered.


Anti-climax Tuesday: After Clinton clinches, a guide to today’s primaries
Tuesday will be a big day for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, even if it’s now less climactic than once thought.


AP count: Clinton has delegates to win nomination
Striding into history, Hillary Clinton will become the first woman to top the presidential ticket of a major U.S. political party, capturing commitments Monday from the number of delegates needed to become the Democrats’ presumptive nominee. (June 6)


Paul Ryan starts unveiling plan for ‘better GOP’
The House Speaker releases Republican recommendations to combat poverty and aid upward mobility.


Hillary Clinton clinches nomination: Here’s how she did it
The anchor that grounded her through an unexpectedly stormy primary was her grass-roots network of volunteers.


12 quotable moments from Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign
From her campaign launch to her battle with Bernie Sanders to her increased focus on Donald Trump, here’s a look at quotable moments from Clinton’s primary campaign.


AP: Clinton is presumptive Democratic presidential nominee
On the eve of the final round of state primaries, Clinton hits threshold to win Democratic nod.


Mitch McConnell’s recent remarks on Trump
In a recent interview with USA TODAY’s Susan Page, senior senator Mitch McConnell expressed his views on Donald Trump. (May 30)


Hillary Clinton looks to clinch nomination: Here’s how she did it
The anchor that grounded her through an unexpectedly stormy primary was her grass-roots network of volunteers.


Bill would help families recover artwork looted by Nazis
The legislation would reset the statute of limitations to start when a looted artwork is found.


Reid blasts McConnell’s refusal to call Trump comments ‘racist’
Trump said a U.S. judge can’t be fair to him because the judge’s parents are from Mexico.


Reid blasts McConnell’s refusal to call Trump comments about judge ‘racist’
Trump said a U.S. judge can’t be fair to him because the judge’s parents are from Mexico.


Ben Sasse, the Senate GOP’s ‘Never Trumper,’ irks some voters at home
Republicans in Ben Sasse’s hometown are torn between Trump, who promises to secure their borders, and the favorite son conservative who follows his conscience.


June 7 Democratic Primary: What you need to know
After Tuesday, Washington, D.C. will be the only primary contest left. Here are important things to know about the Democratic Primary contests on June 7.


Obama endorsement of Clinton may be coming soon
President is scheduled to be in New York — Clinton’s home base — on Wednesday.


Political conventions race to close fundraising gaps
Top Democratic fundraiser blames his party’s shortfall on Donald Trump’s rise.


Donald Trump gets middle-class tax relief, again
A new round of property-tax bills shows Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump again received a school-tax exemption reserved for those making $500,000 or less a year.


Schwarzenegger votes for Kasich, not Trump, in California
Donald Trump didn’t get the support of “The Terminator” in California.


Presidential brother Roger Clinton faces DUI charge
Hillary Clinton’s brother-in-law is in trouble again


Trump criticizes Gingrich for slamming him over judge comments
Donald Trump isn’t taking Newt Gingrich’s criticism lightly.


Trump’s campaign is mostly white, mostly male and pays women less
By analyzing both party’s front-runner’s April payrolls, the Boston Globe found that Donald Trump paid women staffers less than men.Video provided by Newsy


Clinton camp: Reporters don’t ask questions voters want
A Hillary Clinton advisor rebutted criticism that the likely Democratic nominee on Monday for being inaccessible to the media by saying reporters just don’t ask the right questions.


Supreme Court will hear death penalty case on intellectual disability
Can Texas use a decades-old definition of disability?


David French passes on becoming a ‘Never Trump’ alternative
David French wrote that he believed Mitt Romney could get the job done.Video provided by Newsy


Trump’s ‘African-American’ says he isn’t a supporter
Republican candidate singled out a black man during a recent rally in California


For the Record: Not the contested convention we were expecting
Hillary swept on Sunday and should clinch the nomination tomorrow, but Bernie still leads the delegate count since St. Patrick’s Day. Good luck, superdelegates!


David French decides not to run as conservative alternative to Trump
The anti-Trump folks are still without a candidate.


Clinton wins Puerto Rico’s Democratic primary
While Puerto Rican residents cannot vote in the general election, the island’s politics could reverberate into the fall campaign.


Why are you yelling? The questions female candidates still face
Hillary Clinton breaks historic ground but women continue to traverse a different political landscape


Obama will be uniquely busy president on the campaign trail
It would be unusual for a sitting president to campaign as much as Obama plans to


Congress faces leadership test, tight timeframe
Lawmakers are under pressure to provide money to fight Zika and to simply fund the government.


Trump says Muslim judges might be unfair to him too
Other Republicans hit Trump comments about a judge’s Mexican heritage


Clinton seeks to unify Democrats (though Sanders won’t concede)
Democratic candidates ponder life after primaries end on Tuesday


Trump changes tune on Libya
Republican candidate backed taking action against Gadhafi


Voices: Sanders forces could become Dems’ Tea Party
Bernie Sanders may never be president, but he may make Congress more unmanageable.


Trump claims he has ‘thick skin’
Republican candidate and Hillary Clinton clash over foreign affairs


Battle over Bernie in Brown-Schultz household?
WASHINGTON — The Democratic presidential race has been a hot topic in Sen. Sherrod Brown’s household — and not because the Ohio Democrat is rumored to be on front-runner Hillary Clinton’s short list for vice president.


Potential VP nominee Sen. Sherrod Brown a staunch advocate for workers
With his unabashed progressive politics suddenly in vogue and his home state of Ohio a pivotal presidential battleground, Sherrod Brown is among Democrats being touted for the No. 2 slot on a Clinton ticket.


Trump VP-vetter Culvahouse very unlike the candidate himself
The attorney and Tennessee native is known for traveling in Washington’s power circles but avoiding attention.


White House protesters seek change, receive little
Some protesters outside the White House have been regularly protesting for years


For the Record’s Week in Review: Clinton, Trump battle
Happy weekend! Rest up because we have a big primary night on Tuesday. Looks like California will be a nail-biter between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


African-American singled out by Trump says no offense
A man at a Donald Trump rally here Friday says he took no offense when the candidate singled him out and said, “Look at my African-American over here.”


Survey: Trump gets big impact from small ad buys
Clinton’s huge advantage in ad spending is not reflected in viewers’ recollections


Fight over Russian-made rocket engine heats up in Congress
Sen. John McCain has proposed banning further purchases of the Russia-made RD-180 engine.


Obama commutes 42 drug-related prison sentences
President has issued a total of 348 commutations, more than 7 predecessors combined


Trump on Judge Curiel: He’s ‘very pro-Mexico’
Donald Trump isn’t backing down on his criticism of the judge involved in his Trump University court case despite pleas from leaders in his own party.


Paul Ryan questions Trump following endorsement
Just one day after endorsing Trump, Ryan criticized the presumptive GOP nominee’s comments about a federal judge.Video provided by Newsy


Vets to Obama: Don’t lecture us
The Veterans of Foreign Wars criticized President Obama after the commander-in-chief referenced the group during a speech in Elkhart, Indiana.Video provided by Newsy


Clinton says trump dangerous, unfit to be commander in chief
US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton tears into her likely election rival Donald Trump as never before, saying his foreign policy is dangerously incoherent and labeling him unfit for office.Video provided by AFP


Who Is David French?
TV news is talking about the might-be third-party candidate — a lawyer, writer, and an Iraq War veteran who’s being recruited to challenge Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


Paul Ryan hopes Trump endorsement a turning point in race
House Speaker criticizes Trump for his comments on ‘Mexican’ judge.


Howard Dean says Elizabeth Warren is too old to be Clinton’s running mate
Howard Dean said Friday he thinks Elizabeth Warren has the right ideas to be vice president, but she and and Hillary Clinton together would be too old a ticket.


San Diego newspaper endorses Ronald Reagan over Trump in Calif. primary
The San Diego Union Tribune is so unhappy with the prospect of Donald Trump as president, the editorial board on Thursday encouraged its readers to write in Ronald Reagan — yes, the former president who is no longer alive.


Reagan 2016: newspaper endorses ‘The Great Communicator’ over trump
The San Diego Union-Tribune says it can’t back presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, so it wants you to vote for Ronald Reagan instead.Video provided by Newsy


Trump on Martinez: ‘I have always liked her’
Donald Trump might not think Gov. Susana Martinez is actually that bad. In fact, he’d really like her endorsement.


Will ‘tea party’ use McCain re-election race to avenge 2014 loss?
The Arizona senator campaigned for Thad Cochran in Mississippi against tea party candidate.


For the Record: The blurred line between Jerry Springer and Donald Trump
“Jerry Springer Show” segment or thing Donald Trump said?


Clinton, Sanders making last push in California
With Hillary Clinton edging closer to clinching the Democratic nomination for president, some Bernie Sanders supporters are digging in saying they won’t support Clinton. Both candidates are barnstorming California ahead of Tuesday’s primary.


Trump hits back, says Clinton ‘has to go to jail’
Donald Trump came out swinging after Hillary Clinton said he didn’t have the temperament to be president.


Bill Clinton caters to rural voters in Calif. on campaign stop
Former president campaigns in Redding for wife Hillary Clinton ahead of Calif. vote.


Protesters attack Trump supporters outside San Jose rally
Trump supporters were attacked and one officer was assaulted during the protest.


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