Ex-US Marine Is Prime Suspect in Murder of Okinawa Woman

People gather at the site of car bomb attack in Baghdad al-Jadeeda, an eastern district of the Iraqi capital, June 9, 2016. REUTERS/Khalid al Mousily

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Watch: Massive 4-Lane Sinkhole in Ottawa Swallows Car, Forces Evacuations
A city spokesperson said the cause of sinkhole is undetermined at this time.

Ex-US Marine Is Prime Suspect in Murder of Okinawa Woman
Japanese police say a U.S. military contractor arrested on suspicion of abandoning the body of a young woman on Okinawa is now officially the prime suspect in her murder and rape, in a high-profile case that has sparked outrage on the southern island

US Ambassador to Qatar Apologizes Online Over Flag Video
The U.S. ambassador to Qatar is apologizing online to those offended by a video of American troops in front of a Qatari flag

China Warship off Disputed Islands, Japan Protests to China
Japan has summoned China’s ambassador to deliver a protest after spotting a Chinese warship for the first time near disputed islands in the East China Sea

Jordan Sets Sept. 20 as Date for Parliament Elections
Jordan’s Independent Elections Commission has set Sept. 20 as the date for parliamentary elections

US Backed Fighters Almost Surround IS Stronghold in Syria
U.S.-backed fighters have closed all major roads leading to the northern Syrian town of Manbij, a stronghold of the Islamic State group

Palestinian President Condemns the Killing of Civilians, a Day After a Tel Aviv Shooting Killed 4 Israelis
Palestinian president condemns the killing of civilians, a day after a Tel Aviv shooting killed 4 Israelis

Make ‘Em Laugh: Humorists See Funny Side of UK’s EU Debate
Mary Poppins supports the EU, but Basil Fawlty is backing Brexit

Image of Asia: Trying to Catch a Duck at Dragon Boat Fest
Image of Asia: A man tries to catch a duck during the Dragon Boat Festival on the Cisadane River in Indonesia

Election Campaign Begins in Spain for June 26 Early Vote
Spain’s political parties are launching a two-week campaign leading up to a June 26 election aimed at breaking six months of political paralysis after a December vote shattered the nation’s two traditional two-party system

Islamic State Suspect Faces Terrorism Charges in Germany
German prosecutors say they’ve charged a 30-year-old man with membership in the Islamic State group, alleging that he fought with the group in Syria in 2013

Israeli Military Says It Will Deploy 2 Additional Battalions to West Bank in Response to Tel Aviv Shooting
Israeli military says it will deploy 2 additional battalions to West Bank in response to Tel Aviv shooting

Broadcaster: Wrong Man Arrested in Migrant Smuggling Case
An Eritrean broadcaster based in Sweden is raising questions about whether Italian authorities have arrested the wrong man in a major people-smuggling investigation

Permits for Killing Indian Wildlife Spark Government Row
An Indian Cabinet minister says her colleagues in the Environment Ministry are failing to protect the country’s wildlife by allowing states to cull populations of monkeys, elephants, wild boars and antelopes

Thai Temple Denies Abbot Involved in Trafficking of Tigers
A Buddhist temple denied that its abbot was involved in illegal trafficking of tigers at a news conference Thursday that was its first detailed response since Thailand’s wildlife authority removed scores of big cats from the popular tourist attraction

The Latest: Israel to Boost Troops in West Bank After Attack
The Israeli military says it will deploy two additional battalions in the West Bank in response to Wednesday’s deadly shooting in Tel Aviv

UK Lawmaker Swaps Sides in EU Vote, Says ‘Leave’ Side Lying
A respected Conservative lawmaker says she’s switched sides in Britain’s EU debate and now supports remaining because the “leave” side has been lying about how much money Britain pays the bloc

The Latest: France Confirms It Has Special Forces in Syria
The Latest: A French official has confirmed that French special forces are offering training and advice to fighters in northern Syria

Eurozone’s Top Banker: Governments Must Act to Help Economy
European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi says governments must do more to make their economies more competitive and create more jobs as Europe’s aging population weighs on labor markets

Scandal-Prone Brazil Government Casts Doubt on Impeachment
Brazil’s scandal-plagued interim government is casting doubts over the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff

Peru’s Presidential Election Wait Enters 4th Day
Peru’s presidential election went down to the wire, with the final ballots trickling in from abroad and frayed nerves reaching the breaking point as the wait entered its fourth day Thursday

China Warship off Disputed Islands, Japan Protests to China
Japan has protested to China after spotting a Chinese warship near disputed islands in the East China Sea

Police Say They Wounded 4 People in Sydney Mall Shooting
Police officers opened fire on a man armed with a carving knife in a Sydney shopping mall, wounding the man and three women aged between 60 and 80, police said

Uber Faces Big Fine; Execs Face Job Loss in French Trial
Uber could face millions of euros in damages and fines and two of its top European executives could lose their jobs in a French court ruling expected Thursday

Israel Revokes Ramadan Permits for Palestinians After Attack
The Israeli military says it has revoked all permits for Palestinians to visit Israel and travel abroad during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, after two Palestinian gunmen killed four Israelis and wounded nine others in Tel Aviv

Africans in India Face Constant Battles With Racism
For hundreds of thousands of Africans drawn to India by better education and work opportunities, rampant racism is a daily battle

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North Korea to Convene Its Parliament This Month
North Korea will hold a meeting of its national parliament later this month, following up on the first congress of its ruling party in 36 years

Australian Parties Remain Neck and Neck as Election Looms
Midway through a national election campaign in Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s honeymoon with voters continues to wane, raising the prospect of the country having its fifth leader in just over three years

South Korea Cuts Rate Sooner Than Expected as Growth Slows
In a surprise move, Bank of Korea lowered its key interest rate to a record low of 1.25 percent for the month of June as policymakers were worried that corporate restructuring and sluggish global trade would further drag the recovery

Strike Shuts Down Schools, Markets and Transport in Nepal
A general strike called by a small communist party demanding government release their detained supporters shut down schools, markets and transportation in Nepal

Watch: Benjamin Netanyahu Condemns Deadly Tel Aviv Terror Attack
Israel’s prime minister called the attack a “savage crime.”

‘Hobbit’ Fossils Offer New Insight Into Obscure Branch of Human-Like Species
These small hominins lived 700,000 years ago.

Tel Aviv Shooting Leaves 4 Dead, Deemed Terror Attack
A shooting in Tel Aviv left three people dead and six wounded.

Watch: Tel Aviv Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, Deemed Terror Attack
An investigation into the shooting is underway.

The Latest: Israeli Police Say Tel Aviv Shooters Palestinian
The Tel Aviv district police commander says the shooting that killed three people was a “harsh terror attack” carried out by two Palestinian gunmen from the West Bank

Catalonia’s Pro-Secession Parliament to Face Confidence Vote
The leader of Spain’s Catalonia region has announced that his pro-independence government will face a confidence vote in September after a party backing his coalition decided not to support the regional spending plan

Russia Proposes Mechanism to Prevent US Sea Confrontations
Russia’s Defense Ministry says it has presented a proposal to the United States on developing a mechanism for preventing confrontations on the open sea and airspace above it

Mexico Gets First Non-Pemex Gas Station in Almost 8 Decades
Mexico’s ubiquitous Pemex gas stations now have competition along the country’s highways and city streets for the first time in nearly eight decades

UN: Setbacks Haven’t Weakened Islamic State Strategically
The UN political chief says the Islamic State extremist group hasn’t been weakened strategically or irreversibly despite military setbacks in Iraq and Syria

Palestinian Gunmen Kill 3 Israelis in Tel Aviv, 5 Wounded
Israeli police say two Palestinian gunmen opened fire near a popular open-air market in central Tel Aviv, killing three Israelis and wounding at least five others before being detained

Euroskepticism Again on the Rise Across Europe
Euroskepticism is on the rise again in Europe, a new survey shows, ahead of the UK’s vote on whether to stay in the EU or leave. A median of 47 percent of people in 10 EU countries have unfavorable views of the EU, according to the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Survey, which was conducted this spring. In six out of 10 surveyed EU countries, more people said they want to bring power back to their nations rather than give it to Brussels. This shows that the skepticism of the EU that led to the decision to have a vote in the UK on June 23 on whether to leave the union or not will continue to be an issue no matter the result of the vote, Bruce Stokes, director of global economic attitudes at the Pew Research Center, told ABC News. “Euroskepticism seemed to have bottomed out in 2012 and 2013 and then favorability started recovering in 2014 and 2015 and now it is going back down in 2016 in five of the six countries where we have long-term data. That seems to me as one of the…

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Watch: ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Ex-CIA Officer Says ‘We Broke the Law’
NOV. 4, 2009: Sabrina de Sousa, along with more than 20 other Americans, is convicted in Italian kidnapping case in 2009.

Watch: India Honors Americans Who Sacrificed Their Lives in the ‘Service of Mankind’
During a joint session of Congress, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed visiting Arlington National Cemetery on the 72nd anniversary of D-Day.

Watch: On Board the USS Harry S. Truman
The Truman, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, has played a crucial role in the campaign against ISIS in both Syria and Iraq.

Ukraine Releases Recording of Alleged French Terror Plot
Ukraine’s national security service has released an audio recording of what it says is a Frenchman discussing planned terror strikes connected to the European soccer championships

Taiwan Study Group Baffled Over Blocked Geneva Visit to UN
A Taiwanese delegation is protesting after it was refused entry to a Geneva meeting of the U.N.’s International Labor Organization

Reporter’s Notebook: On Board the USS Harry S. Truman
This is a ship at war, in the thick of battle.

Egypt Rights Group Says 754 Extrajudicial Killings in 2016
An Egyptian rights group that treats victims of torture says extrajudicial killings by security forces have surged, with 754 people killed so far this year

Mall and Buildings Evacuated Near Ottawa Sinkhole
A mall and buildings around a major intersection near Parliament in Ottawa have been evacuated because of a sinkhole

Court Fines Nigeria $3.25 Million in Extrajudicial Killings
Court fines Nigeria $3.25 million in extrajudicial killings of 11; victims were squatters

Syrians Flee IS-Held Town as US-Backed Group Approaches
Thousands of civilians have fled a northern Syrian town in anticipation of a final push by U.S.-backed forces to liberate it from Islamic State rule, as airstrikes pounded rebel-held districts in Aleppo, killing 15 civilians and damaging 3 hospitals

Watch: Siri Called an Ambulance for Baby Girl Who Stopped Breathing
When an Australian mother discovered that her 1-year-old daughter, Giana, had stopped breathing, she reportedly turned to her iPhone’s Siri for help.

Watch: Fish Trapped in Jellyfish Struggles to Break Free in Amazing Photos
Photos of a living fish trapped inside a jellyfish have gone viral after they were posted on Instagram by an Australian marine photographer.

The Latest: 4 E. European Heads Urge Britain to Stay in EU
The prime ministers of four Central European countries say they have a “common, strong and sincere” interest in the United Kingdom staying inside the European Union after the forthcoming referendum

Philippine Official: Abu Sayyaf Frees 4 Malaysian Captives
An official says Abu Sayyaf militants in the Philippines have freed four Malaysian sailors more than two months after they were abducted off Borneo island

Kenya: President Says Parliament to Discuss Electoral Body
Kenya: President says parliament to discuss electoral body after protests turn deadly

Law Forces Supermarkets to Sell 51pct Romanian Fruit and Veg
Romanian lawmakers adopt legislation obliging supermarkets to sell at least 51 percent Romanian meat, fruit, eggs and vegetables in a move to support Romanian farmers

Limited ‘Russian Activity’ Reported at NATO Baltic Sea Drill
The commander of the U.S. Sixth Fleet says NATO ships are conducting a major naval drill in the Baltic Sea without interference from Russia

Big Brussels Neighbors, Once Wary, Stepping up Cooperation
For decades the NATO defense alliance and the European Union economic bloc have been wary neighbors, but that’s about to change

Iraq’s Forces Push Deeper Into Islamic State-Held Fallujah
Iraq’s elite counterterrorism forces say they have pushed deeper into Islamic State-held Fallujah, more than two weeks after the operation to retake the city began

United, Iberia Airlines Pull out of Nigeria; Funds Blocked
United, Iberia airlines pull out of Nigeria amid country’s foreign currency shortage

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Watch: Pilot Makes Jaw-Dropping Landing on Glacier
The 81-year-old pilot and his passengers were later found after he set his crippled plane on a glacier in Canada.

Watch: Siri Called an Ambulance for Baby Girl Who’d Stopped Breathing
When an Australian mother discovered that her 1-year-old daughter, Giana, had stopped breathing, she reportedly turned to her iPhone’s Siri for help.

Estonia Says Russian Plane Violated Airspace, Russia Denies
Estonia says a Russian military plane has violated its airspace near the island of Vaindloo in the Gulf of Finland

EgyptAir Plane Resumes Flight to China After Bomb Threat
Egyptian officials say an EgyptAir aircraft that made an emergency landing in Uzbekistan following a bomb threat has resumed its flight to Beijing

Afghan Security Forces Deploy to Prevent Illegal Mining
An Afghan official says authorities are deploying security forces to ensure that insurgents fighting to overthrow the government do not benefit from illegal mining

Send Eritrea to International Criminal Court, UN Group Says
A U.N. commission of inquiry says Eritrea’s bleak human rights record should be referred to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity that include enslavement and torture

What the Result of Britain’s EU Vote Could Mean for Scotland
The British referendum this month will determine not only whether the country remains part of the European Union but could also shape the future of the older union between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Iran Bans Goalie for Infractions Including ‘SpongeBob’ Pants
A semi-official news agency in Iran is reporting that the country’s football federation has suspended a goalkeeper for six months for a series of offenses, including wearing yellow pants reminiscent of “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

Germany: Family Reunification Could Double Number of Syrians
German officials say the country’s migration agency calculated that each Syrian who has arrived in the country could eventually be joined by one more Syrian on average under rules allowing family reunification

1st Strikes, Then Floods, Now Trash: Paris in Ordure Fight
After a rough couple of months which have included protests, fuel shortages, rail strikes and once-in-a-generation floods, France’s capital is facing a new challenge: Piles of uncollected ordure

Siri Called Ambulance for Baby Who’d Stopped Breathing
Desperate mom shouted to her dropped iPhone for help.

French Cardinal Questioned in Priest Sex Abuse Cases
Police are questioning a prominent French cardinal about alleged failure to report pedophile priests under his watch

At Least 2 Dead, 20 Injured in Thailand Tour Boat Collision
Police say two speedboats carrying 62 tourists have collided off the coast of southern Thailand, leaving at least two dead and 20 injured

Ex-CIA Agent Loses Court Battle, Will Be Extradited to Italy Over US Rendition Case
Ex-CIA agent loses court battle, will be extradited to Italy over US rendition case

Car Bomb Targets Turkish Police Station; Several Injured
Turkey’s state-run news agency says a police station at a town near the border with Syria has been hit by a car bomb

Ex-CIA Agent Loses Fight Against Extradition to Italy
A former CIA agent says she will be extradited to Italy to serve a prison sentence for her part in the U.S. extraordinary renditions program after Portugal’s Constitutional Court rejected her final appeal

Abandoned Boy Reflects Japan’s Attitude on Discipline, Abuse
Public criticism of a Japanese man who made his 7-year-old son get out of the car to punish him for misbehavior has faded, and police reportedly won’t pursue charges. Here are some possible explanations why

Syrian Opposition Activists: Scores Killed in Airstrikes on Aleppo Districts, Including an Attack That Struck a Hospital
Syrian opposition activists: Scores killed in airstrikes on Aleppo districts, including an attack that struck a hospital

Eritrean Migrant Smuggling Suspect Extradited to Italy
Italian police say Sudan has extradited a man suspected of being one of the masterminds of a migrant-smuggling network bringing people from sub-Saharan Africa via Libya to Europe

Greek State Hospital Workers, Teachers on Strike
Greek state hospital workers and teachers have walked off the job to demand back pay and protest staffing shortages they say are the result of government policies imposed as part of the country’s third international bailout

Pakistani Woman Burns Daughter Alive for Marrying for Love
Pakistani police say a woman has been arrested after dousing her daughter with kerosene and burning her alive, allegedly because the girl had defied her family to marry a man she was in love with

Presidential Vote Count Drags on, Leaving Peruvians on Edge
Economist Pedro Pablo Kuczynski clings to a thin lead as the count from Peru’s presidential election drags on

Venezuelans Pick Through Trash for Food to Eat or Sell
At a produce market in Caracas, even once middle class Venezuelans made desperate by the country’s economic collapse have taken to sifting through the trash to resell or feed themselves on discarded fruits and vegetables

Kenya Power Company Say Monkey Caused Nationwide Blackout
Kenya’s power generation company says a monkey caused a three-hour nationwide blackout

Police, Students Clash in Papua New Guinea; Deaths Reported
Police in Papua New Guinea fired gunshots to quell a student protest demanding the prime minister’s resignation, the government said

Japan Revises Upward Growth Estimate for Jan-Mar, to 1.9 Pct
Japan has revised upward its estimate of growth in the first quarter of this year, thanks to smaller drop in business investment than reported earlier

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Surveillance Video Shows Alleged Kidnapping at Mall; David Muir Reports: Win for New York Silverware Company.

China Says 4 Killed in Crash of Marine Surveillance Plane
China says four officers were killed when a marine surveillance plane crashed into a mountain along the country’s east coast

Things To Know: Judge Trump Slammed as ‘Mexican’ Born in US
The federal judge criticized by presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for a ruling in a lawsuit involving Trump University is not a “Mexican” as Trump once suggested, but a native-born American whose immigrant father worked in a steel mill

Chinese Fighter Conducts ‘Unsafe’ Intercept of US Plane
The fighter jet came within 100 feet of American plane, U.S. officials say.

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New Details on Muhammad Ali’s Battle with Parkinson’s Disease; Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber Visits ‘GMA’

UN Whistleblower in CAR Sex Abuse Case Resigns
A whistleblower in the United Nations’ human rights office has resigned, two years after leaking information about a U.N. investigation of accusations that French soldiers sexually abused children in Central African Republic

Mexican Human Rights Groups Report Crimes Against Humanity
Human rights groups in Mexico say the government has committed crimes against humanity in its war against drug cartels

Guatemala: 6 Ex-Military Figures to Face Trial Over Killings
At least six former members of Guatemala’s military will go on trial on charges of forced disappearances and crimes against humanity dating to killings in the country’s 36-year civil war

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