Wireless winners: The best Bluetooth earbuds


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Wireless winners: The best Bluetooth earbuds
We tested the top-selling wireless headphones to find the best of the best.


Face off: The best smartwatches
Reviewed.com’s top picks for Android and iOS


Tested: Tech gifts for dad
From fish finders to smartwatches, we’ve got what dads want.


How to make nonstick cookware last longer
Here’s the right way to care for your pots and pans.


Stay frosty: These are the best beer fridges
Whether you value size or affordability, we’ve got you covered.


Laundry startups do the dirty work for you
Here are 9 services that will deliver clean clothes to your door


Roku’s new Streaming Stick is already 20% off
Achieve binge-watching nirvana for just $39


Need a laptop? These are the best ultrabooks
These lightweight laptops prove the MacBook Air isn’t the gold standard


Gas or electric: Which cooks best?
How your oven or cooktop heats can have a surprising impact on your cooking


9 great gifts for gadget-loving dads
Whether he loves to cook, hike, or golf, we’ve got the perfect gift.


Deal alert: This 55-inch 4K TV is just $599
More pixels, less money


This is the best iPhone wallet case
Keep your cards close, and your phone closer


Why don’t new home appliances last?
It’s true: They don’t make ’em like they used to.


These are the best Android phones you can buy
HTC and Sony give Samsung a run for its money


4 fun DIY projects for Father’s Day
Build a bond, and a Bluetooth speaker


This $700 machine will fold laundry for you
But will it only make us lazier?


Samsung takes on MacBook Air with Notebook 9
This ultrabook wins on storage, falls short on battery life


New Roomba is just a tap away on your phone
It’s the first robot we recommend for multi-room cleaning


Why more bass doesn’t make headphones better
Beats aren’t the only game in town.


Why do microwaves only open right to left?
The fate of your kitchen hinges on the answer.


Don’t make these rookie grilling mistakes
Learn to avoid these common pitfalls and level up your grilling skills.


Let there be light: Amazon Echo + Philips Hue
Turning on the lights with your voice is a superpower.


LG’s robovac: a killer cleaner with a few flaws
Tests show the new LG Hom-Bot is a great performer, but it’s missing some key features.


The best gas grills
Gas is more convenient than charcoal, but choosing the right grill is hard. We can help.


The best portable grills
Whether you want gas or charcoal for portable grilling, we’ve got you covered.


The best charcoal grills
Value taste over convenience? Charcoal grills are the way to go. We’ll help you pick one.


What you need to know before buying a grill
Four tips for getting a great grill


Sears shopping secrets from a former employee
Learn how to score a deal from our anonymous tipster


New LG TV packs the best tech for a lot less
OLED TVs keep getting cheaper


Are Amazon’s best-selling headphones any good?
We lay out the good, the bad, and the meh


New LG OLED65E6P 4K OLED TV packs the best tech for a lot less
OLED TVs keep getting cheaper


Fitbit hides inaccurate tracking in plain sight
No, that’s not your heart skipping a beat—it’s your fitness tracker


Deal alert: Wireless earbuds at an all-time low
Run, don’t walk, for these $99 Jaybird X2s.


This robot suitcase will follow you anywhere
It can roam over 12 miles in a single charge


I Spy: These are the best superzoom cameras
Zoom zoom; these cameras make our hearts go boom boom


The best robot vacuums you can buy right now
We’ve tested them all and these are the best of the best


Get a rock-solid smartwatch for $80
The Pebble Time drops to an all-time low price at Groupon


Canon SX720 is big on zoom, short on value
Your $400 buys you a lot of old ideas.


This is the best washer-dryer pair you can buy
Electrolux’s new LuxCare washer and dryer with SmartBoost set a new standard for laundry.


Why your washing machine smells, and how to clean it
Your washer stinks, but it doesn’t have to.


Startup aims to create by the minute parking – for your dog
Can’t bring your dog inside a store? No problem. Or so says Dog Parker, whose startup aims to provide a pay by the minute solution for, well, parking your dog.


Solar Impulse 2: Around the world on solar power

Best right now: Top-loading washers under $1,000
Top-loading washers continue to be popular. We run down the best affordable ones around.


Lost in the lot? Apps locate your parked car
The tech solution to a low-tech problem: Can’t remember where the car’s parked.


This mattress will tell you if your partner is cheating
A company in Spain has created a mattress that will keep your mind just as comfortable as your body. Using sensors, it can detect motion and send you notifications any time there’s action going on without you around. Keleigh Nealon (@keleighnealon)


Here are all the 2016 Samsung TVs
Curved is so last year—these TVs impress from any angle.


Get a peek inside the F8 Conference in San Francisco

Don’t make these tech travel mistakes
Use these tips and tricks to make your trip worry-free.


First look: HTC Vive
Ed Baig tries out the new HTC Vive, another player in the world of virtual reality gaming.


Far out: The art and science of space photography
Now’s the perfect time to expand what you know about space photography.


Smartphone assistant now offers help if you say ‘I was raped’
After a new study was released showing smartphone assistants weren’t really assisting people with real-life sexual assault and mental health questions, Apple responded with an update to Siri. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.


First look: Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad Pro
Ed Baig checks out the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, with a screen size similar to the original iPad. The prices, however, can quickly get into laptop territory.


Amazon Echo turns into a sleeper hit, offsetting Fire’s failure
Some are comparing the voice-activated speaker to the iPod, which changed the industry


First look: Ed Baig tries Oculus Rift VR
Oculus Rift is pricey and requires a robust PC, but it was a big hit in the Baig household – especially with his son.


Apple Releases Small New iPhone, iPad
Apple unveiled a small new iPhone, a new iPad tablet for business use and price cuts for its Apple Watch at a product event Monday. (March 21)


Expect more silly faces in your News Feed with the MSQRD app
Facebook has acquired Masquerade in a move to take on Snapchat’s popular face-swapping feature. How does MSQRD compare to Snapchat’s silly face features? Jefferson Graham reports.


Thumbs down on the “Yelp for Humans” app, Peeple
‘Peeple’, an app described as “Yelp for humans” launched this week on Apple’s App Store and is being roasted. How bad is it? Jefferson Graham reports.


New car tech speeds into the future
Jennifer Jolly looks at how new cars are becoming safer, greener and smarter.


Waterproof? We put Samsung’s Galaxy S7 to the test
The new Samsung Galaxy S7 claims to be waterproof, but is it? We put it to the test. Ed Baig for USA TODAY.


These are the best top-load washers under $1,000
Top-loading washers are trusty old standbys, and we help you pick the best ones under $1K.


Warning: Avoid smartphone shame at work. Keep them out of sight
I was an addict until my boss held an “intervention.” What I learned.


Think twice before you like: like farming on Facebook
Kim Komando reports for USA TODAY on the dangers involved with ‘liking’ something on Facebook.


New Samsung phones may have best screens ever made
The Galaxy’s OLED display is brighter and more adaptive.


Attack of the Drones at CES 2016

These are the best fridges under $1,000
If you want a new fridge but don’t want to spend over a grand, we’ve got you covered.


The ultimate guide to IKEA kitchen appliances
Looking for a Swede deal? Ikea may not be your best choice.


How do vacuum cleaners actually work?
It’s all about the roller brush and the fan.


Samsung may invest billions to make OLED TVs
Reports state the Korean firm may invest billions in OLED panel production.


Low light is no problem for Nikon’s new cameras
We’re gonna need a bigger sensor.


Pay with your face: MasterCard’s ‘selfie pay’
Watch out — that selfie habit might help you jack up your credit card bill.


When will OLED TV prices become more reasonable?
The best TVs are still very pricy, but the costs are coming down.


Insider spills secrets to scoring Best Buy bargains
Tips from a person who spent time inside the blue polo.


Is GE’s massive wall oven a big deal?
It blends features and performance—and blends in, too.


New Thermador Emerald dishwasher is a free gem
Form and function without sacrifice.


What is an OLED TV?
This new display technology offers unparalleled picture quality.


A virtual tour of 2016’s best VR headsets
A virtual tour of the future of gaming and entertainment


These are the best affordable top-loading washers
Top-loading washers continue to be popular. We run down the best affordable ones around.


Apple’s showdown with the FBI is about more than just iPhones
A judge ordered Apple to unlock a San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. So what are the privacy implications? Video provided by Newsy


New album proves your washer is a musical instrument
Doing the laundry has never sounded this cool.


New Canon DSLR is sharper, better, faster, stronger
At long last: a headphone jack!


Virtual insanity: 2016’s hottest VR headsets
A virtual tour of the future of gaming and entertainment


This Kickstarter phone never runs out of space
The NextBit Robin makes clever use of cloud storage.


Secure iPhone alternatives aren’t catching on
“Hack-proof” phones may not be the solution we’re hoping for.


This site only sells products that last forever
Every product is built to last, or has a lifetime guarantee.


Bracelet may change how we get caffeinated
Caffeine without worrying about teeth stains? Sign us up!


Is Whirlpool’s smart washer a smart buy?
This washer works smarter—but it could stand to work harder.


These are the best quiet dishwashers you can buy
Today’s dishwashers are quieter than ever, but not all clean well.


PSA: Your dishwasher can clean more than dishes
It’s more versatile than you think.


Is IKEA’s budget dishwasher a Swede deal?
This affordable panel-ready Ikea lets you camouflage your dishwasher with a cabinet door.


Apple to launch new iPhone, iPad
Sources say, Apple is on target to introduce its next iPhone and iPad models on March 15, and aims to start selling the devices in the same week.


Sequel to popular Sony camera is no mere refresh
Sony did more than just refresh its popular A6000 camera for the A6300.


Microsoft wants Office apps on all Android phones
74 handset manufacturers are now packaging Office apps by default.


Samsung says its smart TVs won’t spy on users
But be careful what you say, and when you say it.


Check out these cool features on Windows 10
Microsoft’s Windows 10 is now installed on more than 200 million gadgets worldwide.


What it’s like to use Samsung’s ActiveWash
In some cases, shallowness can be a virtue.


This magical disc tells you when dishes are dirty
A magnet that just might save your marriage


The best gas and electric ranges under $800
If you want a great range without spending a grand, look no further.


The best big-screen TVs for the big game
Get ready for game day with the biggest, baddest TVs around.


These magnetic headphones may revolutionize audio
Fancy planar magnetic drivers in a portable package.


LG cuts prices on flagship TVs for the big game
No matter what team you root for, we can all enjoy cheaper OLEDs.


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