Will Brexit turn London offices into a ghost town?


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Will Brexit turn London offices into a ghost town?
London’s office buildings may become a lot less crowded if the U.K. votes to exit the EU in its referendum Thursday, a survey found.

The Brexit ballot wording wasn’t always so simple
Here’s why the Brexit ballot wording went through a variation aiming to eliminate any language bias.

Porsche to back of VW’s former management despite diesel debacle
Porsche, Volkswagen’s controlling stakeholder, will endorse the carmaker’s former top management at a shareholder meeting on Wednesday.

Report: Russian hackers attempt to breach Clinton Foundation
Russian hackers are suspected of attempting to hack the Clinton Foundation ahead of the November presidential elections, reported Bloomberg News.

As EU fights over migrants, African Union takes steps to free movement of people
Africa is taking steps to establish the freedom of movement of people, goods and services on its own continent.

We decided to remain. Here’s why the UK should do the same: Ex-Greek PM
Despite the pain and sacrifices, despite some ill-designed policies, the Greeks have chosen, again and again, to stick with the EU.

Brexit vote looms—Here’s what could happen to UK markets in either scenario
With the UK’s referendum on its EU membership already roiling global markets, analysts have given their views on how assets could trade after results.

SoftBank’s shopping binge could come to a halt after Arora departure
SoftBank could instead focus on fixing Sprint following the departure of its president, according to a fund manager.

What has the UK ever done for the EU anyway?
Breaking up is hard to do – and the European Union has been treating the U.K. like it’s a spouse on the verge of leaving a long, discordant marriage.

Diesel cars are more polluting below 18C: Report
Pollution from many popular diesel cars is much worse when it is colder than 18 degrees Celsius, according to new research reported by the BBC.

The world’s most expensive city is…
The list of the world’s most expensive cities may surprise you.

British MP Jo Cox was killed because of her political views, husband says
Lawmaker Jo Cox died because of her political views and had been deeply troubled by the tone of the campaign, her husband said on Tuesday.

Brexit: Scottish National Party slammed for scare-mongering
The SNP’s arguments are deceptive and amount to scare-mongering, former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars tells CNBC.

Mitsubishi Motors sees annual net loss of $1.4 billion on mileage scandal
Mitsubishi Motors forecast a net loss of 145 billion yen ($1.4 billion) for this business year as it faces hefty compensation costs and falling sales.

Live: Markets cautious as investors eye Brexit vote
Our live blog is tracking reactions as markets around the world remained cautious a day before the EU referendum vote in the UK.

As Asians grow richer, wills catch on
Planning for inheritance appears to be picking up in Asia, but multi-national assets can cause complications, experts say.

Fed’s Yellen: Not taking sides on Brexit, but vote is ‘relevant’ to US
Global risks and a hiring slowdown warrant a cautious approach to raising interest rates, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said.

SolarCity stock soars 15% on $2.8 billion Tesla bid; TSLA plunges
Tesla Motors said Tuesday it would bid to buy SolarCity, sending the solar energy company’s shares higher.

North Korea files second missile, after first launch fails
North Korea fired a second missile on Wednesday, after South Korean and U.S. officials said an earlier launch had failed.

Robot workers could become ‘electronic persons’ with rights under draft EU plan
Robots’ growing intelligence and autonomy requires rethinking everything from taxation to legal liability, the motion suggests.

Asia markets mixed as investors count down to Brexit referendum
Asia markets traded mixed on Wednesday as investors counted down to the upcoming British vote to decide whether to remain in the EU.

Europe M&A is at a Brexit standstill, pushing capital to US, says top lawyer
Businesses may be deploying deal capital to the U.S. as Brexit uncertainty hangs over Europe, Hogan Lovells CEO says.

McDonald’s could sell China, Hong Kong stores for $3 billion : Sources
McDonald’s has received more than half a dozen bids for its planned sale of China and Hong Kong stores, people familiar with the matter said.

Elon buying Elon: Sounds a lot like the premise of a video game
Tesla buying SolarCity sounds nuts, unless you believe that games and life are indistinguishable.

Breaking the bloodline: What to do when there’s no heir
There are three main options for family business owners who lack a successor, according to the experts.

Watch risk in relying on London Interbank Offer Rate, Fed Gov Powell warns
Federal Reserve Governor said financial markets need to consider the risks of relying on the London Interbank Offer Rate.

10 ways to play this week’s big Brexit vote
Using Kensho, we screened for the ETFs that performed the best after events which suggested the U.K. stay in or leave the EU.

Investors won’t dump Britain because it’ll be back in charge: Farage
Leader of UKIP dismisses the arguments that a vote to quit the EU would hit market sentiment towards the U.K.

New trade terms will have a negative impact if UK votes Brexit: WTO’s Azevêdo
If it votes to leave, the U.K. will have “no way of escaping” a long series of trade negotiations, the WTO’s director-general said.

Brexit would hit UK construction hard: Northacre CEO
A Brexit would cause building costs to spike, exacerbate the industry’s skills shortage and slow down the delivery of affordable housing, CEO warns.

How will Brexit hit my vacation?
With uncertainty looming over Brexit, holidaymakers may be pondering over when is the best time to buy currency for their vacations.

Britain needs to jump from EU’s ‘sinking ship’: UK lawmaker
The European Union’s economy is a “sinking ship” and Britain would be better off “detaching itself” from the bloc, Michael Gove told CNBC.

China has cut back on its cyber-spying activity against US firms: Study
China has scaled back its cyber-espionage activities against the U.S. and its theft of stealing company secrets, a new study suggests.

A start-up bank backed by Peter Thiel, Li Ka-shing, raises $40 million
Number26, a German start-up app-only bank, has raised $40 million, led by the venture fund founded by billionaire Li Ka-shing.

SoftBank says President Arora to resign on Wednesday
SoftBank said President Nikesh Arora would resign as of Wednesday’s shareholders meeting.

Roubini: Brexit risks ‘significant damage’ to UK
Nouriel Roubini has added his voice to the many leading economists warning of the dangers around a U.K. exit from the EU.

These ‘bots’ could sway the Brexit vote
Experts fear that a sudden surge in social “bot” activity could influence the U.K.’s referendum.

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